A complete Info to Airline's Check-in Policy:

There are certain types of check-ins offered by airlines that are as follows

  • Airport check-in
  • Online check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Premium check-in and lounge access 
  • In-town check-in

Is it better to check-in online or at the airport?

As far as airline check-in policies are concerned, it is always recommended to check-in online if you have a flight. Online check-ins are hassle-free and it also saves you from a situation where you may not reach in time as far as airport check-ins are concerned. Once you have checked-in online there is nothing that could prevent you from getting your boarding pass.

How early should I get to the airport for an International flight?

As far as the international flights are concerned, the passengers are advised to reach the airport well in time. The recommended time is three hours and hence the passengers must reach the airport three hours prior to the departure time to get done with all the formalities that are associated with international flights.

How early should I get to the airport for a domestic flight?

In the case of domestic flights, all the passengers are advised to be at the airport for the check-in procedure at least 2 hours prior. It is also suggested to reach well in time so that any last-minute changes could be tackled easily and without any hassle. Therefore it is recommended to reach the airport two hours before the actual departure if you are flying domestically. 

What do I need to check-in at the airport?

If you are wondering regarding what one needs in order to check-in the airport or for the airline's check-in policy then you have come to the right place as we are going to unfold the details as to what one needs as far as Airport check-ins are concerned. 

As far as your flight is concerned, the passengers need to find the appropriate check-in gate (point). For documents, the passengers need to have the following:

  • Passport or national ID.
  • Online booking number or code
  • A copy of your ticket, if you have one.

These are the things that one needs to make sure that they have with them if they are going for a check-in.

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