Aegean airlines check-in Information & Timings

The check-in service permits the travelers to finish their Aegean Airlines booking and the pre-flight formalities on the web. Prior, It was seen consistently that travelers needed to stand by in lengthy and time-taking lines for their chance at the check-in counter. What is more obviously, to forestall such time-taking circumstances, the Aegean airlines check-in facilitates the check-in processes for their customer with the variety of check-in choices we will discuss. 

You can check in with Aegean Airlines in numerous ways. See the options below for more information. Aegean Airlines' check-in policy allows travelers to check-in for airport flights. 

List of check-in offers by Aegean Airlines

  • Online check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Airport Check-in

Aegean Airlines' online check-in 

To involve an online check-in service, you can essentially visit the Aegean Airlines site, which you can get to either with Pc or with your cell phone. You will be diverted to get tickets when you complete the online check-in. It depends on you to save advanced access to your Email ID or print it on paper.

Aegean online check-in can be used by travelers from 48 hours to 30 minutes before the flight takeoff. While checking in online, you can pick your seat and get your ticket printed or in the mechanical design.

Steps to check-in online for Aegean Airlines

  • For Aegean airlines check-in, visit or the Aegean App and start the check-in process. The Online Check-in is accessible from 48 hours as long as 30 minutes before the takeoff of your flight and pick your ideal seat, and get your ticket effortlessly.
  • In the wake of visiting the airline website, you need to find and click on the option Aegean online check-in, and afterward, you should enter your last name and your flight ticket number or the booking reference number. 
  • Then, you need to confirm the seat you are consequently allotted or add more cores as per your partners in crime or individuals in a group.
  • Access your ticket and save it to your cell phone or print it out on paper. One more method for getting the key is to gather your ticket from a self-administration Kiosk or registration counter.
  • Go to the committed "Drop-off" counters or work areas for gear check-in at the airport. You can undoubtedly continue to your door if you are going without gear.

Term and conditions: Special cases are

Travelers who are minors and traveling solo or with another minor can not involve online registration administration by Aegean Airlines.

  • If you are going to fly with an additional seat, you can never again involve Aegean Airlines online registration.
  • If another airline's initial segment of your schedule is worked, the check-in option isn't so much for you.
  • If you expect to pay an extra payment for the ticket, you would certainly not use the web to register your choice.

Aegean Airlines mobile check-in 

Mobile check-in is open from 48 hours and as long as 30 minutes before the planned takeoff season of your flight. With Aegean Airlines' mobile check-in, travelers can choose their seats and access the ticket before the flight. A versatile ticket can be used in all things considered airports served by Aegean Airlines.

Terms and Conditions

For International Routes: it will be starting 1 hour to 24 hours before the scheduled time. 

  • It would be best if you had check-in your luggage an hour before the scheduled takeoff. 
  • You should have shown your printed ticket except if you have mobile access. 

Domestic Routes: Domestic flight check-in starts From 24 hours to 45 before the takeoff. 

  • It would be best if you had handled your luggage somewhere around 45 minutes before your flight's takeoff.
  • You should convey your printed flight ticket except if you have mobile access.

How can you check in? 

The mobile check-in process is very similar to an online check, and you need to open the app on your mobile phone and enter your details into the required field, such as your name, registration number, and destination. Afterward, print the boarding pass, and you are good to go. 

Restriction for Aegean Airlines mobile check-in 

  • Travelers who are going with their pets or creatures can not use mobile check-in. 
  • Travelers who are minors and traveling solo or with another minor can not involve online check-in services by Aegean Airlines.
  • If you are going to fly with an additional seat, you can never again use the Aegean Airlines mobile check-in. 
  • If another airline's initial segment of your schedule is worked, the mobile check-in choice isn't really for you.
  • Travelers who need any extraordinary support or something like medical assistance.

Aegean Airlines Airport check-in 

You can likewise use the airport check-in choice, which for the most part, begins from 24 hours and as long as 30 minutes preceding the booked takeoff of your flight. Nonetheless, this help isn't available at all airports, so Aegean airlines check-in with the airline or more explicit and additional information regarding this registration.

Aegean Airlines self-service kiosk check-in

Self-service Kiosk check-in can be done within 24 hours or 30 minutes before the booked takeoff time of the trip at the airport by using the Kiosks check-in machine.

Steps for self-service kiosk check-in 

  • In the initial phase, travelers need to choose their dialects.
  • Confirm and Validate your details and information regarding the booking
  • To confirm your details, you will be going through to given advances.
  • Confirm and filter your charge card, which you used to buy your ticket for the Aegean flight.
  • Travelers will be expected to filter their Aegean Miles+Bonus regular customer card or the Lufthansa Miles &More card for check-in handling.
  • Confirming and filtering visas will likewise be required.
  • By entering in, the number of people is flying off your e-ticket.
  • When you finish all the registration conventions, from submitting the details to filtering required archives, the framework will give you a seat on your flight.

When can you check-in with Aegean Airlines?

Most recent Aegean airlines check-in times change via airport between 30 minutes to an hour before your flight. Contact the airline for the most explicit details. Here is a list of some famous airports with their check-in timing. 

List of the airport with check-in times 

  • ALEXANDRIA (HBE)- 60 minutes
  • ALEXANDROUPOLIS (AXD)- 30 minutes
  • AMSTERDAM (AMS)- 50 minutes
  • ATHENS (ATH)- 40 minutes
  • BARCELONA (BCN)- 40 minutes

Or on the other hand, flying, you should go to the airport gate somewhere around 25-30 minutes before the booked takeoff season of your flight, without visiting the check-in airport counter or work areas. To show up at the airport gate, you will be expected to show your ID or visa alongside the boarding pass(which you printed after the fruition of the electronic or online check-in services. 

Bottom line 

Check-in starts between 30 minutes to an hour before your flight departure, so to stay away from the last-minute flight delays, you can do check-in online at the airport or choose any other way. If you still have some doubts while making a flight check-in, kindly contact the customer service team.

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