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Founded in 1931 as American Airways, American Airlines (AA) is the world's largest airline when measured by revenue and fleet size. A founding member of the Oneworld alliance, AA operates a primary hub at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and has eight secondary hubs at airports across the United States. The airline flies to about 345 destinations in North America, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, and Europe. It has codeshare agreements with 15 other carriers, as well as joint ventures with British Airways, Japan Airlines, Iberia, Finnair and Qantas on certain routes. Its fleet consists of 963 aircraft.

Book Tickets on American Airlines

You can book tickets on American Airline flights on the official website of American Airlines or on a third-party website like flycoair. The process is simple and easy to booking online on both portals. You need to enter your journey details and then based on this you can see a list of flights appearing with all the details like price, schedule, luggage and etc. Now you can choose the flight, make payment and book American Airline flights.

American Airlines Booking &  Online Flight Reservation: reservations Process

In case you plan to travel by air then it is better that you know how to make online flight booking and American Airlines Reservations. So every time you are looking to making a reservation online for the flights of American Airlines then it is better if you know that the process is easy on the official website of American Airline which is You will be aware that before you make a reservation.

  • You need to book flights also and when you look for flights tickets then it is available here on the
  • So you can go to the official website of American Airline and search for flights and for this you need to enter details of your journey.
  • Based on this information which you entered it takes your journey details and shows you search results showing on the next page of the website which appears there with flight lists and then based on search results you can choose your flight & tickets.
  • Make payment and after that very easily you can book American Airlines flights. Once you have booked your flights and ticket you can make a reserve of your seat in the American Airlines flight through the website only.

>For Manage Booking: Click on "American Airlines Manage Booking"

Book American Airlines Flights – Compare Cheap Flight Deals with Flycoair

You can book American airline flights on the basis of your journey data on flycoair. Flycoair gives you several flight deals along with a list of flights which also include flights of American Airline and other airlines. Here you can compare American Airlines flight deals with flights of other airlines and then accordingly book your ticket.

Find Discounted American Airlines Flights at Flycoair

If you are looking for American Airlines Discounted flights then you should go to flycoair. Flycoair offers you the discounted American Airlines flights based on your travel plans. You should look for such a discounted flight and choose among them to get the best-priced flights.

American Airlines Ticket Confirmation – Search American Airlines Ticket Confirmation

There is an option to make your American Airlines ticket confirmation on official websites where you can enter Booking reference and departure airport on the official website of American Airlines. Now you can click on View Booking and then check for American Airlines ticket confirmation. If you want to manage your booking then click on Manage your booking.

American Airlines Direct Flights & Last Minute Flight on Flycoair

Are you looking for an American flight direct or last-minute flight? If yes then you must visit flycoair and here you will get the American Airline direct or last-minute flight deals quite easily.

Things that you need to know before traveling with American Airlines

Are you planning to book your reservations with American Airlines and have no clue about the destinations served by the airlines? Then, don’t fret out as you will be provided with the complete details about the airline that you need to know before confirming your flight ticket with the airline.

American Airlines Cheap Flights to Different Destination:

>>> American Airlines Flight from Phoenix PHX to Dallas DFW

>>> American Airlines Cheap Flight to Dallas

What is the American Airlines Baggage Policy?

Know about the baggage policy of a particular airlines carrier is one of the best things before traveling and if you have booked your flight ticket with the American airlines, then you should also need to know about the American Airlines' baggage allowance which is very affordable and straightforward as per given below:

  • Carry-on Baggage: One personal item and one carry-on item like a briefcase, purse, briefcase, and laptop are allowed to travel without any fee. The maximum dimension of each bag would be 22 x 14 x 9 inches. If any bag exceeds the size or weight, then extra charges are applicable.
  • Checked Baggage: Two bags per passenger are permitted with a maximum 62-inch dimension.  The maximum weight of the bag is 50 lbs. Every bag must fit into the overhead bin or in front of your seat.
  • Musical Instruments: You can take musical instruments during the travel that should be placed in carry-on baggage and checked baggage.

What is the American Airlines Frequent Flyer Program?

Like other airlines carrier, American airlines provide frequent flyer programs under the AAdvantage program where you can easily earn the miles and redeem them for multiple purposes such as flight booking, hotel booking, and others. You can also earn miles with partner airlines and also redeem them with other airlines carrier.

What is the American Airlines Check-in Policy?

If you have booked your flight with American Airlines, then it’s very mandatory for you to know about the check-in policy which is very simple and easy. American airlines provide numerous alternates for check-in and if you don’t know about the American airline's check-in policy, then go through the below instructions:

  • Online Check-in: Online check-in begins 24 hours before the flight that can be done up to 45 minutes from the scheduled departure. Check-in time for an international flight is 90 minutes.
  • Airport Check-in: You may check-in at the airport 45 minutes before the departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes prior if you have booked any international route’s flight.

What is American Airlines In-Flight Entertainment?

You can’t bore during the journey if you are traveling on American Airlines flight because it offers Live TV and other entertainment services that make your journey smooth and luxurious. You can obtain multiple entertainment facilities when you sit back on your flight.

  • Live TV: American airlines provide Live TV facility that allows the passengers to watch live TV from any of their personal devices on selected domestic and international routes. All the entertainment is almost free and you can access it everywhere without Wi-Fi.
  • Wireless Entertainment: In most of the American airline's flights, you can very easily stream the movies and TV shows to your phone, tablet, and laptop without paying any cost for Wi-Fi. You only need to have the American Airlines app on your device and then very easily access the entertainment wherever you fly.

In case you have any sort of question regarding the baggage policy or check-in policy, then you can directly communicate with the  American Airlines Customer Service team For American airlines and avail reliable assistance.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy: Important Notes about American Flight Cancellation

Further, to help out the passengers during unforeseen situations, the airline introduced American Airlines Flight Cancellation policy which allows the passengers to cancel their reservation and get a refund for the same.

  • As stated in the policy, the passenger can easily cancel their reservations within 24 hours of purchase and claim a full refund.

  • However, the above condition is only applicable to reservations booked online or by the service center of the airline.

  • Besides, for the cancellation made after 24 hours of purchase, passengers will be required to pay cancellation fees.  

American Airlines Flight Change Policy: Things to be Remember about Flight Change

Further, if the passengers wish to make certain changes to their itinerary then, it is required that they have complete knowledge about American Airlines Flight Change policy.

Fortunately, those who have booked reservations with American Airlines can easily make changes to their reservation but they need to keep a few pointers in mind discussed below:

  • Reservation should be booked online or through the service center of the airline.

  • The origin of the flight is within the United States.

  • Further, the booked reservation is not an award ticket or booked under any promotional code.

  • In addition, the changes should be made at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

Hence, this was the complete details that one should know before traveling with American Airlines. Further, in the case of issues, one can feel free to contact the reservation center of the airline.

American Airlines Senior Citizen Discounts Process:

Airfare discounts for seniors were common in earlier times but nowadays very few airlines offer this service. There are different airlines that show varying discounts according to age and travel distance.

If a passenger is a senior citizen and flying with American airlines, they can avail of the senior citizen discount. Before booking a flight ticket, the passenger should check the senior prices on the website. American airlines senior citizen discount is usually offered for the passengers with an age of 65 years or older. To avail the discount, a passenger can choose any of the following ways:

  • A passenger can contact the customer service by dialing a phone number. American Airlines Customer Service is used to reach out to the support and ask for the senior citizen discount fares.

  • Other than this, if a passenger wants, an email can be sent to American airline reservations regarding the info about senior citizen discounts. A revert will be sent by the airline within a given frame of time.

By using any of these methods, a passenger can get the info about discounts or discuss any query. To get in touch with the customer support representatives, a passenger can use the contact details mentioned on the official American airline's website.

How to Check American Airlines Flight Status Online?

American Airlines is one of the most famous travel services in terms of providing flight booking procedures via online and offline mode. When a passenger books his flight ticket, he can view his status before boarding the flight. It is very easy to check status via online and offline mode. If you are going to check your status online you must visit the booking website.

However, if you want instant help and required steps to check out the flight status you are required to follow the below methods easily.

  • First of all, visit the booking website and click on the login button and enter the correct email address and password.
  • Now you have to click on the booking tab where you have booked your flight and see the flight’s information.
  • Enter the booking ID number and move to the flight schedule where you have to enter the correct date and time.
  • Enter the airport name and check out the flight status as per the routes and destinations.
  • Having done the task you can select your travel date and time in order to be sure to start your journey.

If you are going to check your American Airlines Flight Status via offline you can make a call at customer representative without facing any trouble.

Details about policy and fee for unaccompanied minors in American airlines:

American airlines facilitate their passengers with various services. One of the best services is assistance for unaccompanied minors traveling in American airlines. For this, they have introduced Unaccompanied minor policy, so that minors can have a safe and positive trip. 

Services of unaccompanied minor policy:

To avail the services offered to an unaccompanied minor, a ticket should be booked for them with American airlines. Below mentioned are the services:

  • The unaccompanied minors are provided with early boarding so that they can have extra time to get settled and meet the attendants of flight.

  • In American Airlines’ hub cities, kids-only lounges are available for connecting flights.

  • The unaccompanied minor is provided with airport escort to help the child for boarding gate in connecting flights.

  • When the child lands on the destination airport, they are escorted to authorized adult picking them up.

  • If the child has age 15-17, their traveling as an unaccompanied minor is optional.

Fee for unaccompanied minors:

  • The service fee for unaccompanied minors is $150 for one-way. 

  • If more than one siblings are traveling as unaccompanied minors, they will also pay $150.

To know more about American airlines unaccompanied minor policies, the customer support of the airline is contacted. For more details, a passenger can contact the representatives through the details provided on the official website of American airlines.

American Airlines Phone Number for USA\CANADA in Different Languages:

American Airlines Reservations Number (English) 800-433-7300( USA\CANADA)
American Airlines Booking Number (Spanish) 800-633-3711 ( USA\CANADA)
American Airlines Phone Number (French) 800-756-8613 ( USA\CANADA)
American Airlines Contact Number (Portuguese) 866-824-8717 ( USA\CANADA)
American Airlines Phone Number (Creole) 800-833-5767 ( USA\CANADA)
American Airlines Reservation (Japanese) 800-237-0027 ( USA\CANADA)
American Airlines Booking (Mandarin Chinese) 800-492-8095 ( USA\CANADA)
American Airlines Reservations Number (For Hearing & speech impaired) Dial 711 to be connected through the National Relay Service ( USA\CANADA)

What is the American Airlines Advantage Program?

American airlines facilitate their passengers with the best services so that they can travel comfortably without spending less money. The airline has introduced an Advantage Program for the passengers, in which various facilities are offered.

Benefits of American Airlines Advantage Program:

Best loyalty program:

If a passenger is a member of the AAdvantage program, they can earn miles while flying American Airlines and many other partner airlines. The miles can  be used for:

  • Booking flights to more than 1000 destinations worldwide

  • Upgrades

  • Hotels and car rentals

  • Other retail products

Earn and use miles:

A passenger can earn miles with American airline flights, car rentals, hotel stays or credit cards. The miles can either be transferred or gifted to other passengers. 

  • The miles collected by a passenger can be used as flight awards in which the flight is free if there are enough miles. A passenger can use miles to upgrade the seat to a higher cabin class. To book accommodation, car rentals or other retail products, the miles can be redeemed.
  • By traveling more, a passenger can earn more miles which can be used for upgrades, airport privileges and qualify for elite status.

Oneworld :

With Oneworld alliance, the passenger will be eligible for elite status in which the below-mentioned facilities can be availed:

  • Easy and smooth transfers between partner airlines

  • Earning and redeeming miles in the Oneworld alliance

  • Recognition as an AAdvantage elite status in all partner airlines.

For more info about American airlines advantages, a passenger can contact the reservations department. The contact details to reach the support is available on the official website of American airlines.

Tips to get American airline cheap flights:

  • Book early for cheap flights: You should search for the flights before your travel. Booking the flight ticket as soon as possible is best way to get cheap flights.
  • Decide your price limit: You should set a price limit if the price goes up and down, it will notify you.
  • Book a connecting flight: If you don’t have any hurry to your destination, then you must book connecting flights which have low fares. It will save you money.
  • Best Flight booking sites:  If you use the best flight websites, you can easily book your flight tickets at cheaper rates. There are many websites like Expedia, Travelocity, Sky scanner, one travel and much more.
  • Earn Award or reward points: Some airlines offer points or bonus by which you can book your free flight or cheap flight. Southwest airlines also offer rapid rewards to its passengers.
  • Discounted airlines: There are many airlines that offer discounts like Southwest, Alaska, Norwegian, and Southwest airlines.
  • American Airlines military discounts: It offers military discounts to people who military personnel and to their families also. The only thing you have to show is your military ID.
  • Book your flights well in advance: If you have fixed your destination, then you should book your tickets in advance.
  • Book on the cheapest day: Some days are reserved for a low fare. If you book your flight tickets at midnight, you will get cheaper and economical deals on your booking.
  • Use your travel card credits: Please use a platinum card for the travel so that you can decrease your airfare.

Flexibility and booking are the two best steps to book cheap flights. We can easily book our flights using American airline reservations but please consider the above points to get cheap flights.

Make Your Travel Hassle-Free with American Airlines Special Assistance Service

Stuck into any sudden problem during the travel or at the airport? And need special assistance? Then American Airlines always proffer the best in class services to their passengers whether it’s special assistance or other. You can get the below special assistance as per your preference:

Get Hearing Assistance

If you need hearing assistance regarding the necessary flight updates, then you can contact the gate agent or a flight attendant and let them know about that. You can also follow the captioning videos which are available for this category.

Ask for Vision Assistance

Need help on checking in to your boarding gate? Then you let it know to a ticket counter agent and they will also help the passengers. You can also request for arm assistance or directions.

Request for the Special Seating

American Airlines always provide the best and comfortable seats based on your travel requirements. You select seats while you book or call reservations for help on seat selection. You can select the best seat in the below conditions:

  • If you are planning to travel with a safety assistant.
  • Need extra seating space.
  • If you are traveling with pets.
  • Need more legroom.

Ask for Extra Space While Travelling

American Airlines always care about the safety and comforts of its passengers. In case a passenger’s body extends more than 1 inch from the armrest and another seat is mandatory, then it is mandatory to address below things when booking:

  • Make sure that you obtain 2 adjacent seats at the same cost when you call reservations or book.
  • In case you didn’t reserve an extra seat in advance, then you may ask the agents at the airport to find if there is any 2 adjacent seats are present.
  • You may also get a seat with more space in an upper class and in these situations; you will be responsible for the fare difference.

You can get American Airlines Special Assistance on the above-given concerns or problems while traveling with American airlines. In case you have any other queries regarding the special assistance, then contact the American airlines reservations team.

Some Important FAQ related to American Airlines Booking:

How can I make changes to my American Airlines reservations?

You can go to the website of American Airlines, using the My Trips section, you will be able to make changes to your flight bookings. Also, you may contact the reservation support number to get assistance.

Where do I find my ticket number on American Airlines?

  • The confirmation email or text that you have received on making the flight reservation online.
  • Also, on the receipt from the airport or city ticket office at the bottom of the ticket.
  • And on the Credit Card Statement.

How long can I hold an American Airlines reservation?

In some cases, you can hold your flight tickets up to 24 hours if the reservation is made 7 days prior to the scheduled departure.

Can I hold multiple reservations?

No, you can't hold multiple reservations for one or multiple destinations on the same date or time.

Do I make changes to my itinerary during the extended hold period?

Once the itinerary has been held utilizing the extended hold feature, the changes are not available. However, if you have to make changes, you can cancel the reservation and make another.

Which forms of payment American Airlines accepts?

The payment can be done through debit or credit cards also many other payment modes are there to pay on American Airlines.

How do I talk to a real person on American Airlines?

Calling the helpline number for customer service:

The passengers of American Airlines can call on the American Airlines phone number and can seek their help. In this, they will have to input the keys, and that will be according to the issues they will be encountering in the airline. You can call on the number and can discuss your issues with the executives or the real person of American Airlines. They will help you out to get the issue resolved.

  • Dial Toll-free Number: 1-800-433-7300

  • Either say"Service representative" or customer service"

  • Now " I need something else"

  • IVR will connect you to the American airlines customer service live person

Chatting with the agents:

You can go to the official website of American Airlines and can write your query in the chatbox. After that, you will get the response from the American airlines live person, and they will provide you with the assistance you need on any issue. This method generally opts if the persons are not able to reach on-call or they want the quickest solution to their issue. 

What is the 800 number for American Airlines?

This is also another step taken by American Airlines to provide assistance to the passengers. You can call on number 800 if there is a language barrier, and you want help in the Spanish language. By calling on this number, the executives will transfer the call to the live person who will provide them with the resolution in the Spanish language. Well, this is a perfect example to show how much this airline care about their passengers. 

How do I file a complaint with American Airlines?

The passengers can write a letter to 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85034, if they have to file a complaint for any issue in American Airlines. They can also write an email by filling in the online form. 

American Airlines Destinations:

American  Airlines Flights  From Costa Rica

San Jose (SJO) - New York (JFK)
Liberia (LIR) - New York (JFK)
San Jose (SJO) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
Liberia (LIR) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

American  Airlines From Mexico

Chihuahua (CUU) - Phoenix (PHX)
Huatulco (HUX) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

Flights  From Guyana

Georgetown (GEO) - New York (JFK)

American  Airlines  From Brazil

Rio de Janeiro (GIG) – New York (JFK)

American  Airlines  From Ecuador

Quito (UIO) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
Guayaquil (GYE) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

Flights  From the Caribbean

St. Thomas (STT) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
St. Thomas (STT) - Chicago (ORD) – Seasonal
Granada (GND) - Charlotte (CLT)
Bermuda (BDA) - New York (LGA)
St. Lucia (UVF) - Chicago (ORD)

American  Flights Reservations From Argentina

Buenos Aires (EZE) – Los Angeles (LAX)
Cordoba (COR) – Miami (MIA)

American  Airlines Flights  From Honduras:

Tegucigalpa (TGU) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
San Pedro Sula (SAP) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

American  Reservations From Mexico

Oaxaca (OAX) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
Durango (DGO) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

American  Flights  From Guyana

Georgetown (GEO) - Miami (MIA)

List of American Airlines  United States Airports:

  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (Ohio) Cincinnati  
  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (Ohio) the Cleveland                 
  • John Glenn Columbus International Airport (Ohio) the Columbus              
  • Dayton International Airport (Ohio) the Dayton                      
  • Toledo Express Airport  (Ohio) the Toledo                             
  • Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport (Oklahoma) the Lawton           
  • Will Rogers World Airport (Oklahoma)Oklahoma City
  • Stillwater Regional Airport (Oklahoma) the Stillwater            
  • Tulsa International Airport  (Oklahoma) the Tulsa                    
  • Eugene Airport (Oregon) Eugene the           
  • Rogue Valley International–Medford Airport (Oregon) the Medford                   
  • Portland International Airport (Oregon) the Portland                 
  • Redmond Municipal Airport (Oregon) the Redmond      
  • Harrisburg International Airport  (Pennsylvania) the Harrisburg   
  • Philadelphia International Airport  (Pennsylvania) the Philadelphia     
  • Pittsburgh International Airport  (Pennsylvania) the Pittsburgh  
  • T. F. Green Airport (Rhode Island) the Providence   
  • McGhee Tyson Airport (Tennessee) the Knoxville               
  • Memphis International Airport  (Tennessee) the Memphis   
  • Nashville International Airport  (Tennessee) the Nashville        
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (Texas) the Austin     
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Texas) Dallas             
  • El Paso International Airport (Texas) El Paso                   
  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Texas) the Houston                       
  • William P. Hobby Airport (Texas) the Houston           
  • San Antonio International Airport (Texas) San Antonio              
  • Salt Lake City International Airport  (Utah) Salt Lake City 
  • Norfolk International Airport (Virginia) the Norfolk                
  • Richmond International Airport (Virginia) the Richmond 
  • Washington Dulles International Airport (Virginia) Washington, D.C.     
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (Virginia) Washington, D.C.         
  • Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (Washington) Seattle               
  • Spokane International Airport (Washington) the Spokane     
  • Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (Wisconsin) the Milwaukee    
  • Jackson Hole Airport (Wyoming) the Jackson                   
  • Saint Croix Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (Virgin Islands)             

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