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Founded in 1989, EVA Air (BR) is a Taiwanese airline that operates from a hub at Taipei's Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). It is a member of the Star Alliance. EVA Air has scheduled passenger flights to about 65 destinations. This includes four domestic cities, as well as destinations in Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Europe, and North America. A regional subsidiary, Uni Air (B7), flies to a more substantial number of domestic destinations. EVA Air was one of the first carriers to introduce a Premium Economy Cabin (branded as Elite Class) and about half of the 55 planes in its passenger fleet are configured with Business Class, Elite Class, and Economy Class cabins. The remainder have just Business Class and Economy Class.

EVA Air Cheap Flights Reservations:

EVA air provides a flight of different routes which makes it very convenient for the passengers to travel and make it easy for them to reach the place where they want. It provides outstanding services to the passengers which makes it very convenient for them to travel and provides a great experience to them when they are in the flight. The flight has many facilities for the passengers and makes it very convenient for them to travel with comfort. The EVA air flights: Book EVA air reservations on flycoair.c make it very convenient for the passengers to travel and provide exciting facilities to them during their travel.

It is advised to the passengers to book the ticket and get the best deals and offers and make the booking on flycoair as there they will get the best deals and discounts and easy to book the ticket.

  • Go to the flycoair website
  • Enter the place of travel
  • Select the airlines from the given list
  • Provide the passengers details in the given space
  • Choose the payment mode from the given option
  • Make the payment to confirm the booking

Once the ticket has been booked, a message will send on the phone number and on the provided email address. Users can use the ticket for planning the further journey.

EVA Air Reservations- Book Cheap Flights & Tickets

The EVA air reservations- Book cheap flights & tickets option makes it very exciting for the passengers to make the booking and get their work done. It is very easy for the passengers to get the ticket for the airlines as they will get the best deals and offers on the flycoair.com. They will get the cheap EVA air flights- low-cost airline tickets which will make it very easy for the passengers to make the booking and save money for their trip.

The booking process is very easy as it makes it very convenient for the passengers to get the seat in the flight of their choice.

EVA Flight Cancellation Policy:

If you booked your flight tickets with Eva Air well in advance but somehow will not be able to board the flight then you do not have to worry as the airline is there to help you. Eva air is the Taiwanese airlines which are known for outstanding customer service. Hence, if the passengers think that they will miss the flight then they can opt to cancel the flight with Eva Air. But before canceling the flight the passengers must be aware of all the important points. So, let us make you aware of all the important points and conditions of Eva Air Cancellation Policy.

The officials at Eva air is aware that situations can occur at any time and that it may directly affect the travel. Hence, to make the journey comfortable for the passengers, Eva air came up with Eva Air Refund Policy. So, let us make you aware of all the important points related to it. 

  1. To start with if the passengers cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking or departure of flight then he is eligible for a full refund. 

  2. If the passenger has crossed the 24 hours timing then he can still cancel the tickets but will be asked to pay for cancellation fees. 

  3. This cancellation fees may differ from one another depending upon various factors like the type of booking, destination, etc.  

  4. The passengers may find the option to cancel the flight from Eva Air manage booking option on the official website of Eva Air. 

Therefore with the help of the above information, the passengers may act accordingly while canceling the flight. Further, the airline is also known for its ability to manage the passengers' reservations.  

EVA Air Reservation Phone Number

If there happens to be any issue in the booking of the airlines or they need to make any cancellation in the booked ticket then they can also get the assistance of the support experts. In order to get connected to the support experts, users need to simply call the experts who will provide them with the best solution. The passengers can call on the EVA air reservation phone number and interact with the experts to get the solution for their booking queries.

EVA Air: Direct or Last Minute Flight at Flycoair

Another important benefit of the EVA air is that the passengers can also get the benefit of booking the last minute flight. The EVA air: Direct and last-minute flight at flycoair.com will make it easy for the passengers to get the tickets easily.

Eva Air Phone Number

You can get bets to support for Eva air by calling the Eva air phone number. Customers can visit the official website of Eva air for booking ticket. They can also book a ticket from third-party travel websites by paying online. Alternatively, customers can directly dial the Eva air phone number and get the booking done over the phone. They need to share the travel details with the customer support team for finding and booking the best Eva air flight option. This is a toll-free support number exclusively for Eva air customers and available round the clock. You can get access to the professional team member with this support number. The customer support team is well trained and always ready to help callers. It does not matter where you are, you can call the Eva air phone number and seek support.

Benefits of Contacting Eva Air Phone Number:

Customers can use this phone number for flight ticket booking and booking management. With many airlines, reservation is a tedious task but with Eva air, you can do instant reservation by calling the Eva air phone number anytime. Apart from customers can use this phone number for service like flight ticket date change, flight schedule status, travel insurance, flight cancellation, baggage policy, booking change, etc. There are different teams for handling different travel queries with Eva air. So you get the best support in time bound manner every time you dial the Eva air phone number. Travelers find it difficult to get emergency services like last-minute ticket booking or flight cancellation. However, with Eva air support phone number, you can get emergency services anytime and from anywhere in the world. The support team is well trained and capable to tackle any airline related problems in real time. Eva air support team member is well behaved and really keen to help the callers in the best possible way.

Traveling plays a crucial part in today’s world and we all want to travel comfortably. Therefore choose Eva air and get world-class service by connecting with this Eva air phone number.

What is Eva Air Baggage Policy?

If you are traveling by Eva Air for the first time, then make sure that you know about the baggage policy that will help to pack your bags in a reliable manner. You can go through the Eva Air baggage policy which is given below:

Carry-on Baggage: Passengers traveling to/from the US and Canada in Royal Laurel/Business Class passengers are allowed to carry 2 pieces of hand-carry baggage whose maximum weight limit would be 7 kg. The dimension of each bag may not exceed the limit of 115 cm. Every item must fit into the overhead bin and in front of your seat.

If you are traveling to other destinations, then the maximum weight is 20 kg for the Premium Economy class and Economy class passengers. For business class, it is 30 kg and 40 kg for the first class passengers.

Checked Baggage: Passengers are allowed to carry 2 bags whose maximum weight for Business Class/Premium Laurel class should 32 kg whereas 23 kg for the Economy Class passengers. If any bag exceeds the limit, then additional charges are applicable as per the Eva Air baggage policy.

Musical Instruments: Passengers can carry small musical instruments such as violins, guitar and other into the cabin as a free carry-on baggage item. Make sure that these items should fit into the overhead bin or in front of your seat. If there is not enough storage space, then these musical instruments will have to check-in.

What is Eva Air Check-in Policy?

Check-in is one of the most important things needed to follow before boarding to your booked flight. So make sure that you know about the Eva Air check-in policy that would help to check-In for your booked flight as given below:

Online Check-in: Passengers can check-in for their Eva Air flights on their computer and also download the Eva Air mobile app for check-in. One can check-in 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Mobile Check-in: Passengers can also download the EVA Air applications on their mobile and check-in very easily for their preferred flights. They can also get a boarding pass on their mobile and check-in without facing too much of crowd.

Airport Check-in: Check-in facility is also available at the airport where passengers can easily check-in for their flights 4 hours before the scheduled departure. Make sure that you arrive at the airport at least the 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

What is Eva Air in-flight entertainment?

Eva Air is very curious about the services provided to the passengers and in-flight entertainment is one among those. You would never get bored when traveling via Eva Air and avail the below facilities under the in-flight entertainment:

Eva Air TV: You can stream your favorite TV shows, a sports channel, and others very easily with Eva Air TV where you can enjoy your favorite program in plenty of languages.

Eva Air Movies: Eva Air keep update their movie section each month and you will taste the latest movies every time whenever you fly with the Eva Air. You can watch the movies in your favorite languages in multiple sections whether its adventure or comedy.

In case you have any other query regarding the Eva Air, then you can straightforwardly contact with the customer service team and avail the instant help to resolve your queries.

Now Manage Your Booking With Eva Air

Eva air also gives a chance to the passengers to manage their bookings and does not get apprehensive during any emergencies. This option of the airline helps in 

  1. Easily cancellations 

  2. Hassle-free upgrades 

  3. Chance to edit, change or cancel the reservation 

And there are many other things which can be easily managed by Eva air to make the passengers' journey convenient. One such program is the Eva Air Frequent Flyer Program. This program benefits the passengers who travel by Eva air frequently in many ways. This program helps the passengers in terms of fare charges and many other services. 

Getting Help From Eva Air Helpline:

The passengers may further get in touch with Eva Air Customer Service to get any assistance regarding the issue.  This customer service is 24/7 active.


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Flights from/to Taipei

  • Eva Air San Francisco to Taipei SFO – TPE
  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Taipei LAX – TPE
  • Eva Air New York to Taipei JFK – TPE
  • Eva Air Manila to Taipei MNL – TPE
  • Eva Air Seattle to Taipei SEA – TPE
  • Eva Air Chicago to Taipei ORD – TPE

Flights from/to Ho Chi Minh City

  • Eva Air San Francisco to Ho Chi Minh City SFO – SGN
  • Eva Air Houston to Ho Chi Minh City  IAH – SGN
  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Ho Chi Minh City LAX – SGN
  • Eva Air Houston to Ho Chi Minh City IAH – SGN
  • Eva Air San Francisco to Ho Chi Minh City SFO – SGN
  • Eva Air Seattle to Ho Chi Minh City SEA – SGN
  • Eva Air New York to Ho Chi Minh City  JFK – SGN
  • Eva Air Chicago to Ho Chi Minh City ORD – SGN

Flights from/to Manila

  • Eva Air Manila to Los Angeles MNL – LAX
  • Eva Air Chicago to Manila ORD – MNL
  • Eva Air Manila to San Francisco MNL – SFO
  • Eva Air Manila to Vancouver MNL – YVR
  • Eva Air Seattle to Bangkok SEA – BKK
  • Eva Air Manila to Chicago MNL – ORD
  • Eva Air Manila to Hong Kong MNL – HKG
  • Eva Air Manila to New York MNL – JFK
  • Eva Air Manila to Tokyo MNL – HND
  • Eva Air Manila to Dallas MNL – DFW

Flights from/to San Francisco

  • Eva Air San Francisco to Bali SFO – DPS
  • Eva Air San Francisco to Tokyo SFO – NRT
  • Eva Air San Francisco to Phnom Penh SFO – PNH
  • Eva Air San Francisco To Siem Reap SFO – REP

Flights from/to Seattle

  • Eva Air Seattle to Bali SEA – DPS
  • Eva Air Seattle to Tokyo SEA – NRT
  • Eva Air Seattle to Singapore SEA – SIN
  • Eva Air Seattle to Phnom Penh SEA – PNH
  • Eva Air Seattle to Hong Kong SEA – HKG
  • Eva Air Seattle to Bali SEA – DPS
  • Eva Air Seattle to Jakarta SEA – CGK

Flights from/to Houston

  • Eva Air Houston to Shanghai IAH – SHA
  • Eva Air Houston to Shanghai IAH – PVG
  • Eva Air Houston to Kuala Lumpur IAH – KUL
  • Eva Air Houston to Manila IAH – MNL
  • Eva Air Houston to Taipei IAH – TPE
  • Eva Air Houston to Bangkok IAH – BKK
  • Eva Air Houston to Chiang Mai IAH – CNX
  • Eva Air Houston to Hanoi IAH – HAN
  • Eva Air Houston to Da Nang IAH - DAD
  • Eva Air Houston to Chiang Mai IAH – CNX

Flights from/to Los Angeles

  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Jakarta  LAX – CGK
  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Chiang Mai LAX – CNX
  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Shenzhen LAX – SZX
  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Phnom Penh LAX – PNH
  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Bali (Denpasar) LAX – DPS
  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Jakarta LAX – CGK
  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Hong Kong LAX – HKG
  • Eva Air Los Angeles to Osaka LAX – KIX

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Frequently asked questions related to the Eva Air:

If you are facing issues in your flight bookings of Eva Air, then you can check the below-given FAQs. 

Q1.How far in advance can you book flights with the Eva Air? 

If you are willing to book flights in the Eva Air, then you can book tickets in advance. You can book flights maximum one year before to three hours before the flight departs. However, if you wish to book your desirable flights at a low cost then prefer booking in advance so that you don’t have to panic last minute

Q2.How to add infant ticket in the existing booking? 

If you are flying by air and want to carry a baby along with you in the Eva Air flight then all you have to do is inform the airline in advance. You can call on the helpline number of Eva Air and inform them about the infant at least 24 hours before. All you have to do is attach the flight details such as the name and age of the baby.

Q3.How many people can book flights on one reservation?

If a lot of people are traveling together, then at least nine people can book flights on one reservation. The flight should not include any infant booking but if you want to then you can inform the airline.

Q4. What do you mean by Keep your Fare?

‘Keep your fare’ is a common term that is used while booking flights. This means if you have picked one flight and feel like paying for that fare, but need more time to decide before you confirm the Eva Air Reservations. This way you keep one flight on hold and book later up to 72 hours before departure.

Q5. Can you make changes in ‘Keep your fare’ bookings?

If you have shortlisted any flight and have kept on hold then you can’t change it later. You can either book the same flight or cancel it to issue another.  




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    • I booked my Flight by myself using your site and I selected the wrong month by mistake. I was worried about that what will happen now when I contact Eva Air customer service of yours they solved this issue very smoothly and assured me. So Thanks a ton !!
    • Rick D. Alvarado
    • 2019-08-07 06:35:10
    • I have a booking with Eva Air Reservations,the thing is Due to some Family Reason I am unable to travel.Instead of me my Brother want to travel.So, How can i change Name on Eva Air Tickets.Please Suggest Me a Way.
    • Tracy C. Thomas
    • 2019-08-05 06:20:09
    • Hello Eva Air, I got a Message Regarding EVA Air Cancelled My Flight. and I do not even ask for cancellation, what should I do now. My Eva Air Reservations date was on the 3rd of March. Please Help Me Out.

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