Lufthansa Flight Booking- Get Tickets Online

Lufthansa is Germany's prevailing flag carrier and the second-largest Airline in Europe. They mainly aim at the comfort and safety of passengers across the globe. They fly to more than 205 destinations from their hubs, Munich and Frankfurt. This will make them the second airline to serve most of the world. Their hub Munich is used to cover multiple.  

Ways to Buy Lufthansa Flight Tickets:

You can make the flight reservation with Lufthansa Airlines online or through other necessary modes. Following are the ways to get the Lufthansa flight booking for your destination accordingly. 

Book online:

  • Firstly, you are required to get the Lufthansa Airlines official web portal. 
  • After this, you can select the book option from the top of the website. 
  • You need to choose the trip type, travel class, travel dates, and the number of passengers. 
  • You can add the departure and arrival destination to get the journey.
  • When you choose the search button, you will get the available flights.
  • From that, you need to choose the preferred flight and proceed further. 
  • You can select the appropriate seats and make the payment for the booking. 
  • Lufthansa will fetch the details and give you the confirmation information. 

Book with customer service:

Lufthansa Airlines provide the customer service team to talk to the representative about the reservation. You can dial the toll-free number at 1800 102 5838 and listen to the automated voice commands. When you follow the appropriate command, your phone will be transferred to the experts. They will help you book the tickets for your destination.

Book through the mobile app:

Lufthansa also has a mobile app for easy and convenient services worldwide. You need to download the mobile app from the website/app store/Play Store. When you get the details, you can log in to your account for the flight booking and other services. 

What types of Classes are available at Lufthansa? 

Travelers will get the perfect service for each travel occasion at any travel class. You can find out the multiple travel classes available with them to choose your journey. 

Economy class:

You will be entitled to comfortable seats, an entertainment program, internet access, beverages, and food. 

Premium economy class:

This is a slight upgrade from the economy class, such as the enhanced seat comfort, new service, and something extra. 

Business class:

You can experience the maximum level of privacy and comfort to reach your destination feeling more relaxed. 


Some little things will turn into exceptional moments through the personal space in the first-class cabins. Lufthansa will shape your needs and provide a personal assistant on the board. 

Types of Plane Use by Lufthansa:

Lufthansa operates the major fleet that includes the narrow Airbus, and the wide body of Boeing consists of the below aircraft. 

  1. Airbus A321
  2. Airbus A320neo family
  3. Airbus A340-600
  4. Airbus A319
  5. Boeing 747-8
  6. Airbus A340-300
  7. Airbus A340
  8. Airbus A330

Why choose Lufthansa for Your Trip?

Lufthansa is known for its efficiency and provides outstanding services and products on the ground and board. This is the largest airline in terms of seat arrangement and comfortable. Passengers have a wide variety of choices in Lufthansa flights and onboard amenities.  

Can I book on Lufthansa and pay later?

Yes, passengers have been permitted with the option to get Lufthansa booking online and pay overtime because every airline has a book now and pay later option; this scenario generally comes when the traveler is not sure about the traveling and wants to hold the ticket. Moreover, at Lufthansa, airline payments are accepted from different providers, such as Affirm, Afterpay, Zip, and PayPal credit, and a few other channels are available.

How do I use my Lufthansa award miles?

If you need to learn the even procedure for Lufthansa book a flight, then you need to get through the following passage and receive an appropriate set of guidance for the best way to book.

  • Visit the official site page of Lufthansa
  • Now, you must log in to your account with the correct information. 
  • Next, complete the booking form at the homepage and fill in details like origin and destination, class, number of passengers, and other ticketing information. 
  • Further to which mention contact details of the passengers and select the best trip 
  • Finally, access the award miles account and get the code. Apply the code under the specified field, and you will get waived off the airfare price of the ticket and proceed accordingly.

Can a 14-year-old fly alone on Lufthansa?

Yes, at Lufthansa Airlines, traveler parents are permitted to book an unaccompanied children ticket which will be from the age of 12 and up to the maximum age of 17 years of age, and this event gets disruptions accordingly direct from Lufthansa airline ticket, or you can speak with a live person and receive assistance.

Find Lufthansa Airlines Flight Schedule and Airline Status Online

  • On the site, passengers can find Lufthansa Airlines flight schedules and airline status online to improve their travel experience. If passengers get the schedule and status of the flight online, then it becomes convenient for them to plan their travel.
  • On the flycoair, passengers will get a list of flights available for the desired route on which they can travel.

Lufthansa Airlines are popular for the facilities it provides to its passengers, which makes it a popular choice among them. On choosing Lufthansa airlines, the passengers could avail of different services and offers, making their travel more exciting.

The airlines provide different onboard facilities to the passengers, making it very leisurely for them to enjoy their trip. The service staff of the airlines are highly trained and work with the motive to serve best to its passengers and make their trip a great experience.

What is Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

If you have purchased a non-refundable ticket, you need to cancel it within 24 hours of booking, but a refundable ticket can be canceled at any time in the Lufthansa Airlines and get the refund instantly. So as per the policy, cancellation of the purchased ticket depends on the type of ticket you have purchased.

Online Cancellation- You can cancel your ticket online with the help of the below-mentioned ways;

  • With your browser's help, log in or continue as a guest on the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Locate and click on the ‘My bookings’ section on the homepage.
  • Input your last name and the booking reference number of the flight you wish to cancel.
  • You can easily click on the ‘Cancel’ option, and the ticket will be canceled.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation mail on your registered email address.

Get more info... Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

What is Lufthansa Airlines Check-in Policy

The passengers may check in to board their scheduled flight. To know more about the check-in policy, the executives may be contacted to get instant assistance and help.

  • The online check-in can be done  23 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • The passengers need to select their seats.
  • Also, the passengers may print their online boarding pass. The passes can be sent on their mobile phones as well.
  • The travelers may do online seat selection for free if the reservation is done 23 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy Guide

The baggage policy needs to know before you visit the airport. Lufthansa Airlines deliver convenient guideline or rules for the baggage policy. As we know, Baggage allowances vary with the passenger’s itinerary or depending on the class of seat. Avoid carrying prohibited items and keep all the required or mandatory items to travel smartly.

Carry-on Allowance

  • In this, only first and business-class passengers are allowed two carry-ons, whereas Economy and premium economy passengers can carry one carry-on bag with them.
  • Maximum dimension specified-55 cm*40 cm*23 cm
  • Maximum Weight-8kg

Checked baggage allowance

In International flights, find below the basic regulations

1. For the Economy class

  • Weight and number of bags specified- 1 bag up to 23 kg.

2. For the premium economy class passengers

  • Weight value and a number of bags-2 bags up to 23kg.

Overweight baggage fees

  • The weight specified- Heavier than the free baggage allowance (24-32Kg)

Excess and oversized baggage fees

  • Size- Larger than the free baggage allowance i.e. 159 cm
  • Charges-USD 150 within Europe and USD 300 for intercontinental flights 

Feel free to travel with Lufthansa Airlines as they have easy to understand and easy-to-stick approach of baggage policy. if you are an immediate solution or quick assistance regarding the baggage policy, you may call Lufthansa airlines' active customer support team. 

Can I Book Lufthansa with United Miles?

Lufthansa and United Airlines are Co-partners and part of Star Alliance. The miles points earned on one airline can be used to book a flight ticket on the other airline. The Lufthansa booking process with United Miles is relatively easy, as when you get to the payment option, you can pay through miles and get your flight ticket. If you want to know the complete process to book through United Miles, then go through the given points: 

  • Head to Lufthansa's official webpage.
  • Choose the flight destination, date of departure, and number of passengers.
  • Select the option to pay through miles and fill out the other necessary details.
  • Enter your frequent flyer card details and the other required information.
  • Agree to pay through miles and confirm the payment. 
  • After that, download the e-ticket on your device.

What Is the Lufthansa Group Policy?

  • The total number of passengers has to be more than 10.
  • Provide the names of all the passengers at least 40 days before the departure. If the passenger fails to provide all the names, the airline can cancel the flight ticket and charge an extra fee.
  • The maximum date to make the payment for your booking is seven days.
  • The airline will issue the ticket 14 days before the departure.
  • If the ticket has yet to be issued, then there are no charges to change the name. However, after the tickets have been issued, you must pay $100 for the name change.

Is Lufthansa Premium Economy Worth It?

Lufthansa has one of the best premium economy classes compared to other airlines, but you get additional services and benefits with your seat. The following are the benefits of booking a premium economy seat:

  • A free complimentary drink when you board the flight.
  • Up to 50% more personal space in comparison to economy class.
  • Extra comfortable seat with more leg space.
  • Two checked baggage are allowed with a maximum weight of 23 kg.
  • In-flight entertainment with a personal TV screen to watch movies or TV shows.

Why Should You Travel with Lufthansa Once in a Life?

Lufthansa has an experience of its own in which you get premium amenities, multiple services, and one of the best premium classes at an affordable price. The Lufthansa Flights are comfortable and clean, with a friendly flight crew. It is the best choice for long haul as well as short distance flights.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Policy

When we want to travel, the first thing that comes to mind is the airline. Traveling relaxes our minds and soul. Many airlines give outstanding services and utmost customer satisfaction to passengers in every possible way. So, after selecting the airline you prefer, choose your favorite seat at an affordable price. Lufthansa Seat Selection is a very easy and comfortable service by which the person can easily reserve their desired seat.

As we understand the requirements of the passenger, so here are some tricks and methods to book your favorite or desired seat.

Choose your Desirable seat in Lufthansa airline

  • You can also ask for a seat exchange at the time of check-in with the other passengers.
  • When you want the desired seat then you should book your seat beforehand.
  • You can try 48 hours prior to the departure flight to get your desired seat.
  • Online seat selection is free of cost from 24 hours before your departure of the flight.

Book your Favorite seat on the flight

  • Go to the official website of the Lufthansa airline or the Lufthansa travel app.
  • Select your preferred airline.
  • Choose the type of trip (one-way/ round trip/ multi-city).
  • Enter all your required itinerary details and click on the next button.
  • Pick the desired flight and then choose your
    seat in the preferred class (Economy/ Business/ Premium economy/ First class).
  • Enter your personal information to complete your reservations.
  • The confirmed ticket will be sent to your email id.

Manage Your Bookings With Lufthansa Airlines

The online booking management tool on Lufthansa Airlines lets you perform the following tasks on its official website.

  • Flight change or cancellations, name change, request a refund
  • Include additional services, meals, in-flight entertainment, or ground services
  • View, share, or print your Lufthansa flight tickets, online check-ins, seat selections, and seat upgrades

Hence, the aforementioned tasks are the most common and useful ones that the passengers can manage to make their journey more satisfying.

Steps To Manage Lufthansa Flight Bookings Online

  • Browse the official homepage of Lufthansa Airline using a web or mobile browser
  • Navigate to the View and manage flight option in the menu section and then enter the required details (booking code & passenger’s last name)
  • Select the submit button and then select the bookings that you wish to manage
  • Now, simply follow the on-screen instructions to perform any of the aforementioned  tasks

For further details on Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking, please contact Lufthansa’s reservation center.

Flight Change Policy of Lufthansa

Sometimes people may need to change their travel plans after booking flights, which may happen due to unexpected reasons.  If you are likewise going through a similar situation, and need to change your pre-booked flight with Lufthansa, then don't worry, as it can be done simply with them. Hence, the Lufthansa flight change policy is explained below in addition to the process of doing it.

Fight change policy:

  • You can change the time, date, and route of your booked flight
  • You can change travelers' names for a minor spelling error
  • You can also change the Traveler’s name for the legal reason by providing the required documents of proof
  • You can change your travel class with Lufthansa via an upgrade
  • You have to pay a fixed amount of fee for applying the changes in flight that varies from 200-1000 dollars
  • You can also re-book a flight after canceling the old one within 24 hours for a full refund.

Flight change process:

  • Go to the Lufthansa website
  • Open Book & Manage section
  • Enter your Booking ID and traveler’s last name
  • Click submit, and booked flight list will open
  • Select a particular flight and press the change button
  • Then make the changes you want to and pay for it

Important Points About Lufthansa Airlines Rebooking Policy!

  1. According to the latest update, Lufthansa Airlines officials have agreed to rebook the new or previous tickets until the end of August. 
  2. This can also be taken in view of the recent Coronavirus crises that are going on around the world. So, all types of booking, whether long, short, or medium, can be rebooked with Lufthansa Airlines. 
  3. And the amount of the changes done, i.e., refund, can be converted into the flight voucher so that the passenger can utilize the same for the next time. 
  4. All the flight rebooking fee has been waived, and passengers can rebook their flight with the flexible fares that they have introduced. 

Also, if anyone wants further help regarding Lufthansa airlines reservations, he can contact the customer support of the airlines at any time. 

Guidelines of the pet policy of Lufthansa Airlines

As per the airline's guidelines, the regulations will apply as per the animal, size, and weight. Further, the passenger needs to submit a pet travel form before confirming the travel with the airline. But, to help one out, here are some transport options as per the Lufthansa Pet Policy available for the animals below.

1) Small dogs and cats as carry-on baggage

  • Small cats and dogs whose weight is not more than 8 Kg including, including the weight of the container, can be transported as carry-on baggage.
  • Larger dogs, cats, and other animal species are prohibited in the cabin.

2) Larger dogs and cats as excess baggage in the cargo

Dogs and cats who weigh more than 8 Kg can be transported as excess baggage in the cargo hold.

3) Assistance dogs

  • Recognized assistance dogs like guide dogs and hearing dogs can travel for free in cabin class on all Lufthansa flights.
  • Further, the passenger must submit SVAN and ESAN forms for travel confirmation.

Other guidelines for confirming pet travel with Lufthansa Airlines

  • As per the Lufthansa Pet Policy, the pet is registered with the airline at least 24 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • And in the case of emotional and support animals, the registration needs to be made at least 48 hours before the departure.
  • Further, considering the space, it is recommended that one book their pet in advance by reaching out to the airline.
  • Besides, mobile and online check-in is available 23 hours before departure, but the boarding pass will only be available at the check-in counters.

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