Lufthansa Compensation and Flight Reimbursement Rules

Lufthansa Airlines is undoubtedly one of the top airlines around the world. They have made sure that their policies are always supportive of the customers. That is the reason if you face any issue. Then you only need to make sure that you connect with Lufthansa Airlines. After that, they'll sort out your query in a short period. 

What is compensation?

Compensation is a goodwill gesture shown by Lufthansa Airlines if you have faced any inconvenience. It would help if you connected with customer support regarding that. And you'll see the goodwill gesture of Lufthansa Airlines in the form of compensation. 

You're eligible to get compensation if your flight has been delayed by three hours. However, payment cannot be given in case the circumstances because your flight got delayed were not in the hands of the Airlines. Some examples of these situations are bad weather, uncertain political conditions, etc. 

What are the types of compensation provided by Lufthansa?

In case you want to know the Lufthansa Airlines Flight Compensation categories. Then you can go through the types of compensations mentioned below. After that, all the situations in which you're eligible to get the bonus is going to be clear to you. 


At times a situation can arise where overbooking has happened if that is the scenario. Then you will not be able to board the flight. You would have the absolute right to ask for compensation in those circumstances. However, this situation will only arise if you're voluntarily or involuntarily requested not to board to train. In that case, you have the absolute right to ask for the investment you made in the ticket. That can be done by asking for compensation. 

You'll be able to get the compensation in the form of a check or the form of a bank transfer. You can even get it through a gift card. However, for that, your consent will be required. The amount of money that will be compensated to you will ultimately depend on the distance of the destination. You can go through the information given below to understand the amount of compensation which you'll be getting at the particular length: 

  1. Till the length of 1500KM, you're going to get the compensation of 250Euros. 
  2. In case your destination was between 1500KM and 3500KM away. Then you'll get the compensation of 400Euros. 
  3. In case the distance of your destination was over 3500KM, then the amount which is going to be compensated is 600Euros.

However, you're not eligible to get the compensation if you didn't board the flight by your own decision. Circumstances in which you are not eligible to get the compensation are mentioned below:

  1. For reasons related to health and safety. 
  2. In case you missed your flight. 
  3. If you were not having the proper documents for your verification, show them at the airport. 
  4. In the cases listed above, you'll not be able to claim your refund. 

Cancellation of the flight: 

There can be a situation where you made your booking. However, it was canceled by Lufthansa Airlines. You need to make sure that you have claimed the compensation in that situation. Because you'll be eligible for the prize in that case, in the same manner, as would be at the time of overbooking. You only need to fill out the refund form or connect with customer support. 

However, if the airline canceled the flight for those reasons that were entirely out of their hands, you'll not be eligible for the compensation. 


In case you are downgraded to a lower level of service. Then you have all the right to get the compensation. You only need to connect with Lufthansa Airlines regarding that. They'll make sure that your query is cleared in a short period. You can go through the further details of the compensation regarding the downgrade below: 

  1. Till 1500Km, you'll get the compensation of 30% of the ticket. 
  2. If the distance of the destination was between 1500KM to 3500KM, then you're going to get the compensation of the 50% of the ticket. 
  3. At last, if the distance of the destination was over 3500KM, you're going to get the compensation of the 75% of the total fee of the ticket. 

Arbitration board:

In case your journey is private. And you get into a circumstance where you had some dispute. Then you would need to contact Germany's independent arbitration board. However, you can contact them only in a few cases.

  1. In case you were denied board, or there was a long delay. 
  2. In the situation of baggage loss or destruction. 
  3. In case the transportation duty was breached. 

In the cases mentioned above, you can contact the arbitration board, and they'll clear your query. 

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