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Traveling with Pets – Eva Air and know Everything about the Eva Air Pet Policy

Traveling via air is one of the easiest parts to reach your preferred destination. But sometimes this experience becomes more thinkable when you think to travel with your pet because airlines carrier doesn't allow pets during the journey. But if you have booked your flight ticket with Eva Air, then you can simply travel with your pet without any difficulty. But there are also some rules and restrictions prescribed by Eva Air for the passengers who wish to travel with pets.

What is Eva Air Pet Policy?

Are you thinking to travel with your pet and looking to book your flight for your pet? Then make sure that you have proper knowledge about the general rules and restrictions come under the Eva Air pet policy and you have to follow them that is very important to know. You can follow the below instructions to know about the pet policy:

  • Passengers are allowed to take only dogs and cats during the journey.
  • Dogs and cats must be a minimum of 8 weeks old.
  • Some breeds are restricted in Eva Air such as snub nose dogs and cats (pug, boxer, bulldog, Pekinese, etc.).
  • Pet carrier and pet should neat and clean.
  • The maximum weight of the pet carrier would be 32 kg.
  • Pet must be medically fit and it's mandatory to bring medical fitness certificate during the check-in at the airport.

What is Eva Air In-Cabin Pet Policy?

Eva Air doesn't allow the pet to travel in the cabin but you can transport your pet as checked baggage during the journey. There are some rules are prescribed by the Eva Air that very important to know. If you don't know about the Eva Air Checked baggage policy, then you can follow the below instructions:

  • Cats and dogs are allowed as checked baggage and Eva Air doesn't transport birds.
  • Age of pet will have a minimum of 8 weeks old.
  • Pets are not allowed to travel as checked baggage to U.K, Hong Kong, Australia and some other destinations due to aircraft limitations.
  • Pet carrier size depends on the pet's size and the maximum weight will be 32 kg.

If you have still any query regarding the Eva Air in-cabin pet policy, then you have to need proper assistance that you can easily obtain by contacting to customer service team where you can get optimum help to resolve the multiple queries related to pet policy.

For More Information: https://www.flycoair.com/flights/eva-air

Customer Review

    • rlgeorge
    • 2019-10-30 12:31:57
    • Returning to Atlanta Airport, USA in November. I have resided in Thailand for several years. Want to take my Shi Tzu dog with us. He is a certified Emotional Support Animal. Will EVA Air permit cabin travel for this dog. He weighs about 8kg and is superbly trained. We would need a reply before we can purchase tickets.

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