how to contact eva air

How to contact Eva Air?

Eva Air or Evergreen Airlines is a Taiwan based airline and you can book flights with this airline and you can fly off to your destination at a really low fare. Now there are so many passengers who actually face issues related to the booking. And if you are also facing issues related to the booking then you can reach out to the customer support team for help. To find out about contacting the customer support team of Eva Air, you can tap below.

Different Ways to contact Eva Air Customer Service Team:

You can contact the customer care team of Eva Airlines with the help of several mediums. And you can reach out to the below-given mediums to reach out to the Eva Air customer service.  

1. Calling the helpline number

  •  You can call on the helpline number of Eva Airlines to connect to the customer support team. The helpline number of the airline works 24x7 to meet the doubts of the passengers.
  •  If you are stuck with any doubt related to your reservation then you can always reach out to the customer care team as many times you want.
  • Also as you connect to the customer care helpline number, you will be asked to press one digit at a time to connect with the support team as the call will get transferred to the executive from the support team or if required the call can also be transferred to someone senior for more help.

2. Mailing the support team

You can also drop a mail on the support id of the airline and they will respond back.

3. Contacting on social media account

You can also connect with the support team of the airline on the internet and get the revert immediately.

4. Live chat

The live chat room of the Eva Air can also help out the passengers to connect to the support team of the airline and get their reservations related issues fixed.

Frequently asked questions related to the Eva Air bookings:

Every day thousands of questions pour in from the passengers related to the Eva Air bookings. And the majority of the questions and doubts being asked by the passengers are usually quite common which is beyond possible to answer one by one. And for this, you can check out the FAQ section of the Eva Air website and get your doubts fixed.

1. When to check-in for the Eva Air?

You can check-in online at least 24 hours before the flight takes off and at least 2 hours before the departure at the airport.

2. Can you do online check-in for your Co-passengers?

If a passenger wishes to make online check-in then he has to do it himself.

3. Does checked-in baggage is checked at the final destination?

The luggage of the passengers is weighed and checked only at the departing airport.

4. Can someone souse a credit card to book flights?

Whether you make online bookings or offline reservations, you can always pay off using the credit card, debit card or in cash.

5. Can a pregnant woman fly by Eva Air?

A pregnant lady can easily board a flight as long as she is fit and healthy.

And hence that’s how to fix doubts related to the reservations if you can’t reach out to the Eva air phone number or mail.




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