A Guide to Air Transat Check-in Process

Check-in is an important process to get the boarding pass. However, many new flyers are not aware of it, or they carry partial information regarding this. This can lead the person to face many unnecessary scenarios. If you are in the same box, you should know about the air transat check-in policy before running for the check-in process. You can learn more about it by going through the below-mentioned write-up. 

Types of check-in Air Transat 

  • Online check-in process 
  • Airport check-in process 

Online check-in 

  • It is the best way to do check-in and easily get the boarding pass by spending less time on it. But there are certain points that you need to take care of while doing such check-in. 
  • You can do online checking 24 hours or 2 hours before the departure. If you cross this time period, then there is no check-in service. 
  • If there is an unaccompanied minor, then online check-in is not permitted. 
  • If you have booked a group reservation, then you need to opt for some other method for check-in. 

Airport Check-in 

There are certain conditions when you are not eligible to do online check-in. You can simply find this; when you can see the departure airport and fail to get the check-in link, you need to do this by visiting the airport. 

  • For airport check-in, you need to visit the airport before departure. 
  • You can opt for this only when you have made the last-minute booking or no option for check-in online. In most cases, one prefers to do online check-in as it is fast and easy to run. 
  • Still, after performing online check-in, one has to go through airport check-in, but it will be fast this time. 

You can see the difference between Air Transat online check-in policy and check-in at the airport. In case of online check-in, you can choose your seat preference seat and choose one that seems suitable to you. 

What are the Check-In Timings at Air Transat?

There are air transat check-in times that every passenger should know. But, unfortunately, there are many who don’t know about it and miss their flight. You can read further and see the timing of check-in. 

Timing for check-in may differ, and it depends on the destination. 

If you are going with online check-in, then you can do check-in 24 hours before the departure or 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight. But in the case of the airport, you might have to increase the time. If you are covering an international destination, then you have to be at the airport 4 hours prior to the departure.

When you are covering the domestic, then you can present at the airport 3 hours prior to the departure. 

Here you need to know about the baggage drop-off option. If you are departing from the U.S, then you will have 4 hours for baggage drop-off. Now, the closing timing may vary, and it is 60 minutes or 45 minutes most of the time. 

During check-in, you have to put time separately on the luggage selection. Airlines may ask you to divide the luggage into a carry-on and check-in baggage. 

However, you should know about the boarding closing timing. There is a fixed time when you can board the flight, and your ticket will be canceled if you exceed that. Now, this relies more on the type of destination. For an international flight, the boarding gate closure timing is 30 minutes prior to departure. Where in case of domestic, you will be complete the boarding 15 minutes prior to the departure.

How to Contact Air Transat for check-in help?

If you have encountered issues while doing any type of check-in or want to know about it, then you can contact the support person at Air Transat. 

Connect with Air Transat person via the phone number 

You can call at 1-877-(872-6728), which is available each day from 4 a.m to 11 p.m (EST). Even a person with hearing impairment can connect with 1-866-234-5136, and it is a toll-free number. 

Connect with Air Transat person via Chat option 

You can use the chat with messenger option to connect with a person for the check-in process. It is available throughout the day, and you can use this irrespective of the place you live. 

It is complete information about the check-in process of Air Transat. So make sure you go through every point, and with this small piece of information, you can make your traveling easy. 

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