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Etihad Airways provide a decent check-in policy and allows different modes to check in the flight and get the boarding pass. You can do Etihad airways check-in at home, pick the preferred seat, check the bags, and acquire the boarding pass. Apart from that, Etihad airways also provide various modes to check in the flight like online, airport, mobile, premium, etc. To know more about the check-in, you can read further:

Explain all check-in:

Home check-in:

Etihad Airways provide the facility of home check-in to get the boarding pass on your home before the departure. You need to check the below details of home check-in:

What is home check-in?

In the facility, you can check-in your flight at your home comfort in which you can avoid the long queues on the airport and get the boarding pass. With this, you can also arrange a Covid RT-PCR test at your home to complete the check-in requirements.

How does home check-in work at Etihad?

Before going to the home check-in, you need to read some points which are mentioned below:

  • To avail of the facility of home check-in, all the transit passengers must be traveling from Abu Dhabi international airport irrespective of your trip begins or your flight home. 
  • Once you place the home check-in, all the passengers can get the boarding pass at home.
  • You need to book the home check seven hours before the flight departure and schedule the home check-in at working hours.
  • Etihad airways agents will reach you at your location and verify your documents for check-in. They will collect your bags to issue the boarding pass and bag tags. 
  • Once the home check-in is done, you can head towards the airport freely without the luggage and go straight to the departure gates.
  • Your bags will be available at the final destination, and you can collect them after the landing.

Types of home check-in:

You can select anyone from the below types of home check-in and board the flight in no time:

  • Home check-in.
  • Home check-in + bag disinfection.
  • Home check-in plus.

Home check-in packages:

To find the boarding pass in an effortless manner, you can choose the best packages of Etihad home check and add more bags to the journey. Following are the detailed information of all the packages:

1. Home check-in:

  • You can check up to four bags anywhere at your preferred location in this package.
  • The bags include the carry-on and checked luggage.
  • If you want to add more luggage apart from the requirements, you can pay anytime for the extra baggage.

2. Home check-in + bag disinfection:

  • According to this package, you can check four bags at your home, hotel, or office before departure to gain the boarding pass.
  • Your bags are added as carry-on and checked baggage.
  • You can also add more bags to the journey up to the maximum limit and easily pay the charges at the time of home check-in.
  • They will signify your bags with a disinfection spray which is effective for any virus and germs up to 72 hours at the time of check-in.

3. Home check-in plus:

  • You are allowed to check four bags in the check-in at your home, office, or hotel.
  • These fours bags are considered as carry-on and checked bags.
  • If you want more bags in the luggage as per the original allowance, you can add at the check and pay the amount for the extra luggage effectively.
  • Etihad Airways will let your bags be bacteria-free as they add a disinfection spray to your luggage at the airport.
  • Apart from that, you will get priority boarding and baggage collection at your final destination.

How to check in online?

To get the boarding pass, you can check-in online 30 hours before the departure by doing the below steps:

  • You are required to search the Etihad airways official website on your device at any internet browser.
  • Then, you need to tap on the manage button given at the top of the screen and go to the check-in online option.
  • With this, a new screen will be opened at which you need to enter the booking reference number, ticket number, or guest number.
  • Once you enter the passenger's last name and tap on the check-in button, you will get the booking details on the screen.
  • You need to add the bags, select the seat and confirm the changes. With this, a boarding pass will be displayed on the screen, which you need to download for future use.

How long before the Etihad flight can I check-in?

Etihad airways check-in is available 30 hours before the departure and closes one hours before the departure. Once you successfully do the check-in, you need to download the boarding pass to show at the airport to fly conveniently.

With the above information, if you face any problems related to check-in, you can contact the customer service team. They will provide you with Etihad airways check-in time and other essential points to board the flight easily. You can find several contact ways like call, chat, email, or social media in their contact us section. The Etihad airways customer service team is 24 hours available for help and guidance.

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