Icelandair check-in Policy and Other Useful Info:

Icelandair check-in policy is available 24 hours prior to departure for all the destinations. It is the most convenient option because it allows passengers to get checked in without any hustle. Icelandair check-in policy is designed to give passengers the opportunity to get in through an online process. It is the platform that helps you use the check-in process through your desktops or mobile devices by installing the app that supports the Icelandair check-in procedure.

Various ways to check in on Icelandair Airline:

There are so many ways through which passengers can quickly & very smoothly have the option to go with Icelandair check-in online, so if you need to know about the various options through which you can have the check-in process done, then for reference, go with three points;

  1. Online Check-in
  2. Airport Check-in
  3. Baggage Check-in
  4. Self-Service Check-in at kiosks at Airport.

To get detailed information about the above Icelandair check-in online, you need to go through them one by one & read all the given information about the different options for check-in with suitable knowledgeable points.

The Following points are explained for your guidance at Icelandair check-in online:

Online Check-in:

whenever the customer plans to perform the check-in process online, you can choose these options to receive your boarding pass.

  1. As a text message
  2. Or it can be received on to your registered email ID
  3. In the end, you just need to download & take the printout of the boarding pass.

Check-in at Airport Desk:

  • if you are going to perform the Airport check-in, you should carry all the required documents in hand before checking in. Passenger will provide 6 character booking number and your passport for international flights or a form of ID for domestic flights.
  • For domestic flights, passengers should arrive at least 45 minutes before the departure time
  • Greenland flights passenger must arrive 90 minutes before departure
  • International flights check-in should be done at least 2 hours before departure.

Baggage Check-in: 

if you have completed the check-in process & do not have the baggage to check-in, then you are ready to go to the gate. Or, if in case you have baggage for check-in, then go to the check-in desk & show your boarding pass. 

Self-Service Check-in kiosks at Airport: 

only nine passengers can check-in online through a single booking. Passengers who all have a connection with SAS can use the self-service check-ins kiosks for checking in for their whole journey. The following are the names for self-service kiosks at some particular airports;

  1. Keflavik 
  2. Amsterdam Schiphol 
  3. Billund
  4. Boston
  5. Chicago O’Hare 
  6. Denver
  7. Edmonton
  8. Copenhagen.

What is Icelandair check-in timing?

The check-in timing at Icelandair is around 24 hours before the departure of all the flights. That is concerned to all the specified destinations like international, domestic or Greenland etc.

What is the Process of check-in Online at Icelandair?

Now to know about the Icelandair check-in online process, you need to follow some simple & more manageable steps, which are mentioned below for your reference. So follow these points for your check-in procedure;

  1. Visit the official website of the airline
  2. Then therein click on check-in tab
  3. Here you will enter your last name & booking reference six-digit number 
  4. Lastly, you will get automatically checked in for your flight online.

How to Contact Icelandair for Check-in Help?

  1. If you need a contact number for contacting the customer care representative team for your help, you should use these numbers as mentioned below for your reference; the United States & Canada (00) 1 800 223 5500 &Iceland +354 50 50 100. 
  2. Or on the other, if you require to send an email, you need to fill up the request form that is the part of email only. To create your request form, you need to visit the official website of Icelandair & then click on the contact us option. There is scroll down & click on request form & fill up the required information like contact information, booking details & attachment of your file & send.

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