Spirit Airlines Check-in Policy and Timings Info 

Booked a flight with spirit airlines and looking for the spirit airlines check-in policy and ways , check out the below written points to avoid last minute mistakes and hurry.

  • It is necessary that a passenger checks in at least 30 minutes before the departure of their flight.
  • The web check-in allows up to 10 passengers to check in altogether.
  • Passengers who booked their ticket with a party are only obligated to the airport check-in. 
  • Valid travel documents are needed to submit for check-in.
  • Any changes, seat selection, upgradation, or adding special assistance are allowed till you complete the check-in. 
  • The boarding pass is optional to be in a printed form; the passengers who have completed the online check-in can show the boarding pass on their devices. 

How do I check in my flight with Spirit Airlines? 

There are specific ways to do the check-in at Spirit Airlines. An individual can check in for their flight according to suitability and availability. Here all the check-in ways are explained with their concerned procedures that you can consider. 

Online Check-In 

The passengers can complete the check-in process online from the official website and get the boarding pass emailed by Spirit Airlines. If you want to learn how you can do Spirit Airlines check-in online, here the process is mentioned:

  • In your browser, go to the Spirit Airlines homepage,
  • At the top bar, opt for the Check-In option,
  • On the appeared page, you have to enter the passenger’s name and confirmation code,
  • Then press the “Check-In” button,
  • A few options will be available on the page that you have to fill in,
  • You may add assistance or choose a preferred seat with the fees,
  • And after that, your check-in will be done,
  • The boarding pass will immediately be sent to the mentioned email, and you can download the same on your device or take a print.  

Mobile Check In

An individual can do the check-in from the mobile application of Spirit Airlines as well. Go to the application, and from the menu, forward to the Check-In page; entering the flight details and following the instructions will complete your check-in, and the boarding pass can be downloaded on your mobile. 

Airport Check In

The next option is to check in at the airport from the check-in counter. You have to carry your flight ticket and valid travel documents, show these to the representative, and with the verification, your check-in will be done. The representative will share the printed boarding pass to access the boarding of your flight. 

Kiosk Check In

The Kiosk is a self-service check-in machine available at the airport, and by using the same, you can obtain your boarding pass. The process for the Kiosk check-in is as follows:

  • Arrive at the Kiosk machine at the airport,
  • You have to press the Start button to access the check-in process,
  • Enter the booking code and name in the columns,
  • Your itinerary will show on the Kiosk’s screen,
  • Now you can opt for the seat selection or special assistance,
  • After providing all the info, press the Check-In button,
  • The process will be completed, and the boarding pass will show,
  • Obtain your boarding pass from Kiosk.

Spirit Airlines Check in Timings 

If you like to analyze the Spirit Airlines check-in time, the timings vary depending on the medium you choose; here is the list of the check-in timings of available ways:

  • Online/Mobile Check-In: 24 hours before the departure
  • Airport Check-In: For domestic flights 2 hours from departure and for International flights 3 hours prior to departure.
  • Kiosk Check-In: 2 to 3 hours before the flight’s departure time 

Final words

As per the above information, you must know all the Spirit Airlines check-in processes by now. Consider going through the policies thoroughly to determine which check-in way is ideal for you and, as per the timings, complete your check-in process and get the boarding pass. 

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