Turkish Airlines Check-in Policy Guide: Travel Comfortably

Being a flag carrier of the Turkey region, Turkish Airlines is known to cover almost all the beautiful and scenic destinations. The motive of the airline is to provide a convenient and subtle travel experience to travelers.

To cater to its commitment, the airline has introduced several Turkish Airlines check options. With these check-in options in effect, one can easily print the boarding pass for their scheduled flight.

What are the various ways to check in on Turkish airlines?

To provide ease and comfortable while your travel, Turkish Airlines strives to provide flexible check-in options like:

  • Online Check-in
  • Self-Service Check-in
  • Check-In Desk

All you need to understand about the Turkish Airlines check-in methods

Before choosing any check-in method to get your boarding pass, read the following details:

Online Check-in:

  • Online check-in is one of the most convenient check-in options at Turkish Airlines.
  • This is the most time-effective method to check in for your flight, and it saves your effort.
  • Move to the official website of Turkish Airlines, enter the required details, select your seats and print your boarding pass.
  • In this situation of the pandemic, if you want to avoid any external touch and remove the chances of getting the virus, use the online check-in privilege provided by the airline.

Self-Service Check-in:

  • At the physical airport of Turkish Airlines, you will see a self-service kiosk machine to help you check in for your flight.
  • In this Turkish Airlines check-in method, travelers who wish to avoid the lengthy and chaotic lines at the airport can check in without any hassle
  • Enter your confirmation number, and last name, select your seat, and you are good to print your boarding pass for your flight.

Check-In Desk:

  • But if you are unable to print your boarding pass by any other means, you can always take the assistance of the airport staff members.
  • Show your travel documents, including ID and passport, to the airline's check-in desk executive, and you will receive your boarding pass for your flight after choosing your seat arrangement.

Manage Or Check-in: Click here

Need help with check-in timing at Turkish Airlines:

If you want to take effective assistance with Turkish Airlines check-in time, then read the mentioned points:

  • If you are using the Turkish Airlines mobile app, you must reach the airport at least 3 hours before the flight's scheduled departure to proceed with the further airport formalities.
  • The online check-in portal starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight and tends to end 90 minutes before the scheduled take-off.
  • At the airport, the check-in facility closes about 60 minutes before the take-off of your domestic flights.
  • For your international flights, you are required to reach the airport 75 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • If you are checking in through the self-service kiosk, the service closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of your domestic flights and 75 minutes for an international flight.
  • The airline allows you to check in with a self-service kiosk for your flight 12 hours before its departure.

Easy steps to check in with Turkish Airlines:

Gone is the time when travelers are required to visit the airport way before the scheduled departure of their flights. And with COVID sitting firmly in our lives, everyone is trying to avoid physical contact as much as possible. So, web check-in or online check-in is one of the most desired check-in options for travelers. Follow the given steps to check in online with Turkish Airlines:

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • To your front, you will see a booking form; select the Check-in/ Manage Booking section.
  • Enter your Ticket Number and your Last Name
  • After entering your credentials, you are required to proceed with the next arrow.
  • Then, the details of your flight appear on your screen.
  • Now, you are required to select the most suitable seat according to your journey.
  • You might see a Health Declaration page, attach a document that would suffice with the health concerns, and declares that you are fine enough to travel with Turkish Airlines.
  • After completing all the further formalities, you can easily print your boarding pass.
  • With Turkish Airlines' check-in flexibility, you can easily check-in for your flight without having to face any hassle and chaos at the airport.

How early can I check in on Turkish Airlines?

  • If you are checking in online, you are allowed to check-in 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • At the airport, you can check-in in 60 minutes before the take-off of your scheduled flight.
  • The self-service kiosk at the airport opens about 12 hours before the scheduled departure of your international or domestic flights.

Is it mandatory to check in online with Turkish Airlines?

No, it is not necessary to check in online with Turkish Airlines.

  • Turkish Airlines check-in options are highly flexible, and one can check in by choosing the most convenient option for them.
  • But if you are checking in online, you can check your luggage at the airport also at the baggage drop-off point or the online check-in desk.
  • The several check-in options provided by the airline are to ensure your safety and convenience as Turkish Airlines strives to gain 100% customer satisfaction.

How do I contact Turkish Airlines for check-in help?

If you are stuck with your check-in and need assistance with it, you can contact Turkish Airlines by opting for any of the mentioned methods:

Via Call:

  • On the official contact website of Turkish Airlines, you will find their contact details.
  • Just call on the given number, 1 (800) 874-8875,  and wait until you get connected to a live representative of Turkish Airlines.

Via Email:

  • Turkish Airlines provides its assistance through email as well.
  • Mail your query at customer@thy.com by typing your query, attaching required documents, and then sending it to the given mail address

So, whenever you are stuck while checking in and need immediate attention to cure your problems, choose any of the mentioned methods and get effectively connected to a professional at Turkish Airlines.

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