Thai Airways Check-in Policies and Processes & Timings

Getting a boarding pass and checking in is the most crucial step in the traveling process. There are several methods available to check a flight with Thai Airways.The modes to reach out are as follows: 

Web check-in/ Online check-in: Also known as Thai Airways online check-in. It's simple to get in touch with the airline by going to their official website. You shall receive an email confirming your booking and the boarding pass attached as soon as you complete the process. The detailed procedure is as follows: 

  • To browse the official Thai Airways website, go to
  • From the My Trips tab at the top of the page, select the "Check-in" option.
  • To recover the booking, enter the Thai traveller's last name and booking reference number.
  • Next, you can select the Check-in tab.
  • Subsequently, adhere to the online guidelines to guarantee adherence to the procedure.

A copy of your boarding card will be emailed to the registered email address 24 hours before the journey, and you will receive an email verifying your registration once everything is complete.

Mobile Check-in: Thai Airways' mobile application is another way to check-in. To finish the Thai Airways check-in procedure, you can quickly finish the process and obtain the boarding pass. The following are the steps in the mobile check-in process.

  • Download the Thai Airways mobile application and log in using your account credentials. 
  • Tap on the available selection to complete the "Check-in" button.
  • To finish, enter the necessary booking information and follow the on-screen directions.
  • You'll receive an email confirmation, a message, and a boarding pass when it's finished.

Check-in of Thai Airways at the airport: If you haven't yet checked in online, you can check in at the airport and receive the assistance you require. You have the option to check in with assistance at the airport. Ensure you have a flight ticket and a valid government ID when you check-in. Deliver the paperwork to the ground crew at the Thai Airlines check-in counter at the airport. Once the process is complete, collect up your boarding card and drop your bags at the check-in desk. This is one of the easiest ways to complete check-in.

Check-in at the curbsides: At the airport's curbside Thai Airways desk, you can pick up the boarding pass of Thai Airways that will allow you to board the aircraft. You will be able to relate to them and benefit from their advantages at best with the check-in process. Curbsides are located outside the airport terminal to avoid long queues. After everything is finished, you will get your boarding pass, and you may also get the baggage tag from these curbside counters. 

What is Thai Airways' check-in policy?

Reading the Thai Airways check-in time and policy and meeting the ticket requirements are the first steps in this mandatory process. The instructions to complete the check-in are as follows:

  • The airline's scheduled departure time must be at least four hours in advance of the completion of the check-in process.
  • Online check-in for Thai Airways is available 24 hours before the planned departure time.
  • You can make a few changes regarding the same-day change during the check-in process, or you can opt to book an earlier stand-by flight.
  • Once check-in is finished, there are no refunds. If you cannot board the flight, you will be regarded as a no-show.
  • To use the web check-in option, you will require an electronic ticket. You can print your boarding pass at home or the office, then choose your seat when you check in without paying extra.

How early can you check in for Thai Airways? 

You can complete the check-in 24 hours before the reservation is made. You have two and three hours before the departure of domestic and international flights to go to the airport if you want to check in there. However, the online check-in window closes 6 to 7 hours before the departure time, and accordingly, the airline sends you the boarding pass.

How do I get my boarding passes with Thai Airways? 

The My Trips option also provides access to the boarding pass. You can opt to take the following actions to get the same results through this process:

  • Once on the homepage, select the "My Trips" tab and fill in the booking details and itinerary.
  • You will be sent to the airline's booking page.
  • Select the boarding pass option by tapping on it after going through the same menu icon list.
  • Once the security code has been entered, enter the requested information and select "Download."
  • Next, download the pass to your mobile device.

You can also get a boarding pass from Thai Airways by choosing to download the same from the PDF you received after going through Thai Airways international flight check-in time or domestic flight with the flight you have booked. You may even get the boarding pass for the tickets booked from the Thai Airways mobile application. 

Final words. 

The check-in process can be easily completed for your booking with Thai Airways. However, in case of other issues, you can connect with the air carrier or surf through their homepage for the help you seek. You may find other details related to Thai Airways domestic flight check-in time or international flights or other required information you might need.

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