Jet2 Airlines Check-In Guide: Complete Info

You have several options for check-in with Jet2 airlines, like jet2 check-in online, airport check-in, and many other options. You only need to make sure that you have the correct path to follow. To know the proper procedure and information regarding the check-in at Jet2, you only need to follow the information below. 

Various ways to check in on jet2:

Jet2 airline has made sure that you can check-in according to at your convenience. All the different kinds of check-ins which Jet2 provides are mentioned below:

  • Online check-in.
  • Free check-in. 
  • Airport check-in. 
  • Twilight Check-In.

Procedure to make check-in through different ways:

To understand the correct procedure of making check-in through different ways, you would need to go through the information below:

Online check-in 

In case you have a tight schedule because of which you know that you would need to make jet2 check-in online. Then you can check in through the official website of Jet2 airline. The period you have for it is between 14 days to 5 hours before the departure time. 

You would need to make sure that you have printed your boarding passes. The other way to have the boarding passes is to download your boarding pass from the mobile app of the Jet2 airways and save it on your phone. 

Airport check-in

The check desks of the Jet2 airways open up 2 hours and 30 minutes before the departure time. You need to make sure that you arrive at the right time because the check-in desks would close 40 minutes before the departure time of the flight. By that time, all the passengers are supposed to be checked in. 

Twilight check-in 

At some of the airports, even the twilight check-in service is there. That means you would be able to drop off your luggage regarding the check-in the day before your flight. This is undoubtedly a great and new kind of check-in service.

Free check-in

To make sure that your check-in is free. Then you need to adhere to all the policies regarding the number of baggage, size and weight. In that manner, your check will remain free of cost. However, in case you exceed it, then you will get charged for it.  

jet2 check-in times:

  1. For the airport check-in, the process begins at 2 hours and 30 minutes before the departure time, and it goes on till 40 minutes before the departure time. Airlines are very punctual with their timings. So you would need to make sure that you're within the time limits. 
  2. In case you're looking forward to making online or mobile check-in, then your check-in time would start 14 days in advance, and it will go till 5 hours before the departure time. 
  3. In case of emergency, you would need to make sure that you have reached the boarding gates at least 30 minutes before the flight's departure time. In that manner, you'll be able to make sure that you have not missed your flight. 

The jet2 check-in times are indeed very comfortable for the passengers. That is the reason you can adhere to these timings very quickly, without any issue. 

The process to check-in Online at jet2

You can check-in online from 14 days until 5 hours before the departure time. 

  • You can check-in through the desktop, mobile, or tablet. Through the website of Jet2 or the mobile application. 
  • You can check in and get the seat of your choice. It will undoubtedly give you a lot of peace of mind when you have checked in early, even before reaching the airport. 

Steps to check-in: 

  1. Open the official website and then tap on the button "Manage my booking." 
  2. Now you need to enter the "Booking reference number or the booking code", "your name" and "Departure date." 
  3. Once you have got your booking on the screen, then you need to tap on the button "Check-in now." 
  4. Check your details and confirm the check-in action. 

That is it. You have made your check-in. 

How to Contact Jet2 For Check-in Help

There are several ways to contact Jet2. You can call them, you can even email them. You would need to choose the mode of communication, according to your convenience. 

Via call:

  • Dial the official number 011 44 20 3059 8336 of the Jet2 airline. 
  • Now you would need to tap on the suitable options of the IVR. After that, you'll be able to speak to a live agent within a few minutes. 

Via email:

  • Get on Jet2's official website. 
  • Now tap on the button "Contact us." 
  • On the new page, select the suitable options. 


That is it. Now you'll come across the official email address of the Jet2 airline. Once you have done that, then email your query to them, and soon then sort it out for you. Hopefully, your question regarding the jet2 check-in is straightforward. Enjoy your trip.  

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