Alitalia Airlines Check-In Policy Guide

Alitalia Airlines provides the best in class facilities as far as air travel is concerned. There are numerous benefits associated with reserving your flight at Alitalia airlines. Not only are the facilities and the in-flight amenities great, but at the same time, it also offers cost-effective options for fares that one would reserve with Alitalia airlines.

If you are interested in traveling with Alitalia airlines, then you must have a clear comprehension of the facts associated with the check-in policy offered by Alitalia. Follow until the end to know more about Alitalia check-in online. 

To begin, let us first have a look at various types of Alitalia airlines check-in options that are available to passengers. 

Types of Alitalia airlines check-in options

In case you are wondering regarding Alitalia check-in options, then you have come to the exact right place. Below mentioned are the various options that are available for check-in: 

  1. Web check-in or the online check-in 
  2. Airport check-in
  3. Airline counter check-in
  4. Curbside check-in
  5. Kiosk check-in
  6. Tele check-in 

These are the options that are provided to travelers as far as the check-in procedure for flight is concerned. Now, let us consider each option in detail to comprehend the check-in procedures clearly. 

Let us start from the beginning

Web check-in or the online check-in 

Travelers may resort to online check-in, which opens up 24 hours prior to your departure with Alitalia airlines. In order to access the online check-in option, travelers are supposed to login into their Alitalia account, and from there, you are required to select the online check-in option and proceed with the on-screen instructions to proceed further with online check-in at Alitalia airlines. 

Airport Check-in or Airline counter check-in

Moving further, travelers also have the option of check-in at the airport. However, this is a traditional method, and travelers may have to be a part of a queue in order to proceed with the check-in procedure. 

As far as Airport check-in is concerned, travelers are required to locate the correct counters. Also, this is a prevalent check-in method for international travel with Alitalia airlines. 

Curbside check-in 

The curbside counters are located near the entrances and also near the drop-off zones. Therefore, the process is quite similar to airport check-in, and you are required to visit the counter in order to proceed with the curbside check-in procedure. Moreover, certain facilities are offered to the passengers that are relaxing away as travelers are allowed to drop off their bags, making it quite convenient for passengers. 

Kiosk check-in 

Travelers could also stick to the kiosk check-in, which is another smooth and convenient option for check-ins. Here you will find a dedicated computer terminal that will allow you a scope to proceed with the check-in procedure at Alitalia airlines. These kiosks are set up on the airport premises. 

Tele check-in 

The tele check-in facility allows users a scope through which they can perform check-in by connecting with a customer survival professional at the airport. The person will guide you through the entire procedure of getting through the check-in process. 

Alitalia airlines check-in timings

If you are concerned regarding the check-in timings, then worry no more. Below mentioned information is going to help with the timings for/of check-in at Alitalia. 

In case of departure from Rome Fiumicino, travelers are supposed to check-in according to the time and type of flight as mentioned down below: 

  • Domestic flights and Schengen area - 40 minutes. 
  • International flights with long hauls and extended Schengen area - 60 minutes.

If a passenger is traveling from the rest of Italy, travelers are supposed to follow the Alitalia flight check-in time below. 

  • In the case of domestic flights -35 minutes. 
  • In the case of International medium-haul flights - 45 minutes. 
  • In case of international long haul flights - 60 minutes.

Official Resources

How to contact Alitalia for check-in help?

Travelers may connect with the customer service department at Alitalia airlines to get assistance and help with their reservations. In order to communicate with the customer service department, travelers are required to give a call on the helpline number i.e. +1 800 223 5730 to get details about Alitalia check-in online.

You could also connect with the customer service agents using the customer service email address that is 

Also, there is a provision for live chat, which allows travelers to connect with a customer service live person. To access the live chat option, travelers are required to visit the official website of Alitalia airlines. 

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