Korean Air Check-in Policy: Everything you should Know

Korean Air is one of the biggest airlines in Korea in terms of its fleet size and passengers carried. The airline provides the best policies and services to its travelers, making their journey stress-free. As per the Korean air check-in policy, If you have a reservation with Korean air and are looking forward to checking in with the airline, you can try its various check-in options. You can get detailed information about Korean air check-in options and processes here, so stay connected till the end.

Various check-in types on Korean Air

Advance check-in:-

  • Online check-in 
  • Automated check-in

Check-in At Airport:-

  • Counter check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Self-Service bag drop 
  • Connecting Flight

These are check-in options available on Korean Air; you can now check out the detailed information about these check-in options.

Advance check-in options in details

Online check-in:- Online check-in is the fastest check-in option; you can do it using a web browser or mobile app.,

  • Open the website of Korean Air on your system.
  • Locate the online check-in link there and click on it
  • On-screen, you are prompted to enter details like confirmation number, last name, first name, boarding date, and Hit the button reservation query.
  • By doing this, you will get your trip details, select the one you want to check-in.
  • Now you can follow the instructions screen to select your seat and get a boarding pass.

Automated Check-in:- You can apply for the automated check-in online by visiting the automated check-in link. Your check-in process will automatically get completed before 24 hours of departure, and you will get the boarding pass when generated online at the airport.

Check-in At Airport options in detail

Counter check-in:- You can present your travel documents and passport at counters of the Korean Air and ask them for the boarding pass. The Check-in counter generally closes thirty minutes before in case of domestic flights and one hour before the international flight. So make sure if you choose the counter check-in option, you reach the airport on time.

Kiosk Check-in:- It helps to assign seats and issue boarding pass.

  • For Kiosk check-in at first, locate the kiosk at the airport
  • Search for the reservation using any option given on the Kiosk screen
  • You can now choose the passenger for check-in
  • Now confirm all the information by clicking on confirming check-in button
  • You can select the seat now or change the seat
  • Scan your passport by inserting it into the slot
  • Enter the baggage information, and you can also use self tagging service here
  • Once done, you can issue the boarding pass now

Self Service Baggage drop:-

  • Scan your passport/boarding pass
  • Place your baggage on the conveyor belt
  • Complete your baggage tagging attachment
  • Collect claim tag, automatically printed when baggage move on the conveyor belt

Connecting flight

The check-in representative of Korean air will complete your seat assignment, issue a boarding pass and transfer baggage to the connecting flights for the final destination.

So, using the above options, you can complete your check at any time. The timing plays a very important role when you proceed with the check-in so let check out the Korean air check-in timings.

Check-in timings on Korean Air

The check-in time varies on various check-in options so that you can keep the following timing in mind for various options.

Online check-in timing:- the online check-in begins 48 hours before the departure and closes 24 hours before the departure. So make sure you check-in n tie to avoid any lats minutes hassle.

Check-in timing at the airport:- When you check-in at the airport, the check-in counter closes 30 minutes before the departure. In the case of domestic flights and one hour before the departure for international flights.


How early can I check in Korean air?

You can check-in 48 hours to 24 hours before the departure in case of online check-in and 2 hours before the departure for counter check-in.

What information is needed to check in for a flight on Korea Air?

If you check-in for a flight on Korean air, it's important you know Korean Air check-in requirements or information. If you check-in on Korea air, you should have a Passport, Travel Documents, Visa, etc. For online check-in, you must be ready with details like booking reference, last name, first name or traveler, boarding date, etc.  

Should I check in 24 Hours before a Flight on Korean Air?

Yes, if you are check-in in online, you should check in before 24 hours, whereas for airport check-in, you can do it 1-2 hours before a flight n Korean air.

So using the information above, you can check in on Korean air anytime. You can check and follow any of the above options as per your need and interest. Apart from this, if you have any issues, you can speak to the Korean air representative anytime.

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