American Airlines check-in Policy

If you like to travel in a home-like comfort, you can book your ticket with American airlines. Here, we will provide you with information about the check-in policy of the airline company.

You will get to know the ways for American airlines check in, time to check-in, and much more information related to it. You can also learn the steps to contact the customer services of American airlines.

Various ways to check in on American airlines

If you want to check in with American Airlines, you have plenty of options to do so. You can check in with the help of:

  • Online or Web Check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Ticket counter check-in
  • Curbside check-in

You can refer to the next part for more information about the check-in methods.

Some details about the check-in methods

Online or Web Check-in: In this, you can check in from your computer or American airlines mobile app. You need to enter your ticket number, so that you can check in without any trouble.

Mobile check-in: mobile check-in is almost the same as web check-in. You need to enter your eticket number in the box. You can get the print of the boarding pass after completing the process.

Kiosk check-in: This method is also known as self-service check-in. In this, you can use the Kiosk machine to check in by yourself. First, you need to enter your e-ticket confirmation number and full name. Now, you can easily take a print of the boarding pass.

Ticket counter check-in: In this, you can directly reach the airport and go to the ticket counter. You have to ask the representative to complete the American airlines' check-in for you. Once you are done with the process, you can take a print of your boarding pass.

Curbside check-in at the airport: This option is available for US citizens only. You need to have your photo id and your ticket confirmation number. You will find the list of all the airports that provide Curbside check-in in the US.

You are also allowed to check in your bags at the same time. If you have time at home to complete the check-in process, you can do it 45 minutes before the flight's departure.

What are the American Airlines check-in timings?

  • If you don't want to miss your flight, check the timings given below for the Check-in.
  • If you are checking in for domestic flights, you can do it before 45 minutes of departure.
  • If you have purchased the ticket for international flights, you need to complete the check-in before 60 minutes to the flight's departure.
  • If you want to complete the check-in at home, the process starts 24 hours before the flight's departure.
  • However, it is advisable to complete your check-in before 2 hours of the departure time. This will give you plenty of time to check in your bags and complete other works.

How to check in on American Airlines?

If you want to complete the check-in process, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Move to the official website of American airlines
  • Now click on the check-in button and enter your name
  • Type in your booking id and click on Check-in Now button.
  • Select your seat from the option and click on print to get your boarding pass.

If you have some more doubt about the check-in process, you can check the following questions.

Q1. How early can I check in with American Airlines?

The check-in process starts before 24 hours of the departure time. So, you can choose anytime between 24 hours – 90 minutes to complete the check-in process. If you want to select your seat, then you need to be an early bird. Complete the check-in as soon as it starts and print your boarding pass.

Q2.How do I contact American Airlines for check-in help?

If you want some additional information about the check-in process, then you can contact the customer service of American airlines. You can go to the contact page from the official website and dial the numbers given there.

If you want to talk in English, you can dial 800-433-7300.

Fax: 1-480-693-2300.

You can use this fax number to communicate through fax.

So, this was all about the check-in policy of American airlines. If you are calling on the American Airlines check-in phone number, make sure to check the timings. English is working 24 hours, but it has specific working days and timings for other countries.

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