What are the check-in policies at Tap Portugal?

TAP Portugal airlines is considered one of the best airlines for airlines services, fleet size, passengers satisfaction, etc. Tap Portugal is a star alliance member facilitating its services to over 90+ destinations in several different countries. The fare price of tap Portugal is very considerable as per other airlines. Tap Portugal is a three-star airline with world-class flight facilities like extra legroom, comfortable seats, charging points, a source of entertainment, and a lot more. 

Once you have decided to travel with tap Portugal for your upcoming journey, you might want to know about the tap Portugal check-in policy; the points are highlighted below for reference, so keep on reading.

TAP Portugal check-in policy

  • Passengers are allowed to check-in by themselves via online mode between 90 to 24 hours before the actual departure.
  • Tap Portugal facilitates both online and offline check-ins.
  • If you have been asked to show your credit card details in person at the airport, you cannot do online check-in.
  • You are eligible to make changes in your seats after online check-in.
  • If the passenger has no baggage, there is no need to arrive early at the airport.
  • Baggage must be within the size limit as per the policy.
  • Pets are not allowed on board. However, you can carry birds but only on domestic flights.
  • A passenger is eligible to do check-in before 36 hours of actual departure.
  • Passengers arriving from or to anywhere in the USA are allowed to check-in 24 hours before departure. 
  • Priority check-in is provided to passengers who have an executive class ticket, gold/silver card member, part of miles club, etc. 
  • Passengers can show the virtual boarding pass received on their phones to proceed with the boarding process.

Types of check-in options

  • Online check-in
  • Automatic check-in
  • Airports check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Premium check-in

Once the traveler has decided to use tap Portugal as their mode of transportation to the destination, they need to check in to fly with the airlines. Below are some of the options one has while checking in, so let's learn about all of them in detail.

Online check in­ – Online check-in is a faster and hassle-free process; one doesn't need to wait in long queues at the airport. The passengers can do it by themselves. Online check-in is very convenient, time-efficient, eco-friendly, etc. travelers can do it before 24 hours of boarding via phone or desktop. They can show the boarding pass at the time of boarding, no need to take a print. Online check-in is very beneficial for those who don't carry any baggage as it can save a lot more time; passengers can go directly to the boarding gate.

Tap Portugal has a feature of 'tap fly social,' which lets the passenger decide with whom they want to sit during the journey. The process is straightforward; one has to open their tap portal app to do online check-in and connect their Facebook account with the app. When making a seat selection, passengers can see other passengers who have chosen to do online check-in socially by using this method. Who knows, you might make a friend while traveling with tap Portugal.

Automatic check-in – Passengers who have confirmed reservations with the airlines can get automatic boarding passes from the airlines. Passenger has to provide the contact details like phone number and email, that's it. This process is very practical, hassle-free, and accessible. The boarding pass is available 24 hours before the actual departure.

Airport check-in – Other than the mode mentioned above of checking in, one can also get boarding passes at the airport. Passengers should reach at least 30 minutes prior to the airport. A premium check-in facility facilitates extra benefits to the executive class, gold/ silver cardholders, plus passengers, miles cardholders, etc. 

Mobile check-in - Passengers can also use the mobile check-in option to opt-out for the seat, and the boarding pass will be sent to your mobile device. The official app is available for both Android and iPhone users to make things easier. Mobile check-in is considered to be the fast, simple, and eco-friendly check-in option.

Premium check-in - This option is considered the priority-based check-in; passengers looking for fast service by paying some amount can go for this option.

Availability- This service is available for the passengers traveling in

1. TAP Executive class

2. Having a Star Alliance Gold Card

3. Having TAP Platinum Visa Card

4. TAP Miles/ GO Silver Card

Tap Portugal check-in timing

Passengers should know about the Tap Portugal check-in time well in advance to avoid getting late for the flight. Tap Portugal allows passengers to check-in within 36 hours before departure and 24 hours check-in time limit for the passengers traveling from or to any destination in the USA. One has to reach at least 30 minutes before the departure time of the flight. If a person has already done with the process of online check-in or self-check-in via kiosk, they can directly go to the boarding gate.

Common FAQs

How early can you check in TAP Portugal?

Passengers are allowed to check-in within 36 hours from the departure timing and 24 hours before (when traveling from the USA) through different ways to make a check-in successful and get the boarding pass. Choose the check-in method at your convenience.

Can you check in at the airport with TAP Portugal?

YES, you can definitely check-in at the airport with tap Portugal. Tap Portugal airlines provide a facility to make the passengers' travel experience even much better by saving their time at the airport while getting the boarding passes. A passenger can arrive at the airport and do the check-in with the help of kiosks to avoid queue lines and save time. They can also contact the airline staff to get boarding passes from the counter as per their preference. Some passengers who carry gold cards, miles cards, or are members of the executive club can get benefits like priory check-ins.

Do I have to pay for seats on TAP Portugal?

Passengers are allowed to reserve a seat with tap Portugal airline. one has to pay a minimal amount of reservation fee charged by the airline. In cases, like you have made the confirmed booking and do not wish to get an extra benefit, you don't have to pay extra while boarding.

Bottom Line

The details, as mentioned above, were some of the information regarding the passenger's questions to Tap Portugal check-in policy or timings and facilities. Despite being famous, this airline proves its worth by providing the best services to its customers. To know more about the airlines, you can get in touch with the tap Portugal customer support representative via call, live chat, chat support, etc. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help you with any query regarding tap Portugal airlines. 

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