Lot Polish Airlines Check-in Terms & Conditions- Ways to Check-in

LOT Polish Airlines is the public Airline of Poland, which is situated in Warsaw. A significant number of the transporter pilots are European and World bosses in air sports. Lot Airlines is known as an experienced European Airlines, and the Airline has been functioning since 1929 and starting around 2003, And it has been discrete from the Star Alliance. Check your LOT Polish Airlines flights check-in by entering your destination. 

Lot Polish Airlines provides you with different types of flight check-in; let us check out the lot polish airlines check-in and the requirements offered by the lot polish airlines. 

Ways to Check at  Lot Polish Airlines-

For easy and quick check-in as compared to the counter check-in, LOT Polish Airlines offers its travelers an assortment of self-check-in systems that mean most certainly less time spent at the Airport: 

  • Online check-in
  • Automated check-in online 
  • At an airport kiosk
  • At a check-in counter

Online check-in 

Online check-in is a highly advantageous and famous way for acquiring a boarding pass that will qualify you for boarding the plane. This is a possibility for the people who like to save time. If you are checking in on the web and going with no checked baggage, you head straightforwardly for the security to take a look at the counter. You save extra minutes shopping and having your beloved supper in an airport entryway. 

  • Save time and Choose a LOT polish airlines check-in or online check-in. It would help if you had your flight reference number or ticket number and your passenger name.
  • Online check-in opens up 24 hours before the booked flight and is shut 120 minutes before takeoff.

How to get a ticket?

At the last advance of the online check-in process, you can pick how your ticket will be conveyed to you.

Requirements: To check-in online, you will require:

  • the booking or ticket reference number
  • the family name of the traveler.

You can:

  • print your ticket
  • demand an instant message with your ticket to your phone number
  • send your ticket by email
  • save your ticket on your phone.

If you pick up your ticket choices by sending a portable ticket by instant message, you will get one containing a connection with a web address. Click on the connection, and you will be diverted to the page where your mobile ticket is put away. You can get to it whenever before your takeoff by saving it on your telephone.

Significant information

If you are flying on international destinations or outside the Schengen Area, you might check-in through the site or at the Airport. 

Automated check-in online 

Save your time before takeoff and use the Automated Check-in System. Polish airlines check times are 24 hours before your planned takeoff time; they will send your boarding pass with the allocated seat number to your email address or cell phone number.

How to get a ticket?

The assistance is accessible to all travelers going with LOT Polish Airlines. You possibly need to tick the automated lot polish airlines check-in choice when buying your ticket on the official site of the lot polish or check-in no less than 24 hours before your arranged Takeoff date through the LOT Contact Center.

If you:

  • are going in LOT Business Class
  • are going in LOT Premium Economy Class h
  • are going with kids younger than 12 years
  • are going with youngsters more youthful than TWO years (as above.)

You will go through automated check-in without the need to enroll prior.

How does LOT Automated Check-in System work?

  • The framework will lead automated check-in and send you a message (email or message) with your boarding pass (WEB Boarding Pass or Mobile Boarding Pass).
  • You can likewise change your travel boundaries (for example, change the seat allocated to you naturally) using the WEB Check-in or Mobile Check-in application, the connections to which will be given to you in the registration message.
  • You should open your electronic boarding pass during a security check and show it to the airport administrations.


Recall that you can use your electronic boarding card just when your cell phone is on the web. If you don't have online access on your cell phone, kindly report to the staff check-in counter at the air terminal and gather a paper boarding pass.

At an airport kiosk

At an airport kiosk, lot polish self-check-in is relatively easy, and the process is straightforward and comfortable. 

How to get a ticket?

To check in your baggage, enter the required details or, you can scan your boarding pass, print the tag attach the tag to the bag, and then you can quickly leave it at the Lot bag drop counter. 

How does LOT an airport kiosk Check-in System work?

Ticket and baggage check-in for flights worked by PLL LOT is open at any rate:

  • 2 hours before planned takeoff time at Polish airports (except for Warsaw) and different airports from which medium-pull flights are worked (Europe, Middle East, and North Africa);
  • 3 hours before booked takeoff time for departures from the USA, Canada, and other long stretch flights;
  • 23 hours before takeoff for flights leaving from Warsaw to any LOT objective, from the accompanying air terminals: Stockholm (ARN), Copenhagen Düsseldorf. 

Requirements: Travelers should consistently consider the lot polish airlines check-in times for booked flights, and the chance of long sitting tight an ideal opportunity for the security check.

If you have a flight with a LOT of polish Airlines flights, you were worked by one of the accomplices (flight numbers, contact the representative working for your trip to get information about check-in opening and shutting times.

At a check-in counter

At the airport counter check-in, the passenger at the Airport hands over the baggage that they do not want to carry in the cabin. 

How to get a ticket?

After arriving at the Airport, you can find the details about your check-in for your flight on the information board. The relevant information will be available to you at the airport desk, usually around the bag drop-off place. They are provided a boarding pass before proceeding to the board of the Airline.

For flights worked by LOT Polish Airlines, travelers can check-in at a counter beginning from:

  • 23 hours before booked takeoff at the accompanying airports: Warsaw (WAW), Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Munich, Frankfurt (FRA), Stockholm (ARN), Vienna 
  • THREE hours before booked takeoff for departures from the US, Canada, China, and other long stretch destination.
  • TWO hours before the planned schedule at every Single Polish Airport (aside from Warsaw), just as for short-pull trips at air terminals in the Middle and North Africa.
  • If you have a ticket of a lot of polish for a codeshare flight, you should contact the Working transporter to get information about registration choices and cutoff times. 

Bottom line 

So we hope you would understand everything about the lot polish airlines check-in by using the details mentioned above; if possible, we recommend you use an online check-in is much easier, and then you can arrive at the airport later. Save time by pursuing the mentioned information and pick any of the check-in services offered by Lot Polish Airlines. 

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