Royal Jordanian Check-In Policy: How to check-in

Royal Jordanian is the biggest service provider and the national airline of Jordan. Kuwait City, Beirut, and Cairo were a couple of international destinations to get their services beforehand. Whenever the customers partner unwavering quality with an airline, there is a steady take a stab at the airline to keep up with their insight by making trustworthy products and excellent check-in services. 

Now check-in straightforwardly for Royal Jordanian departure from the solace of your comfort zone. The Royal Jordanian check-in speeds up your check-in process by offering you the choice to check-in and print your boarding pass straightforwardly from your PC. Moreover, the airline's representative will send the flight ticket to you at your email address. Web check-in permits you to handle your baggage ahead of time, select your seat, dinner options(if accessible), and some more before you leave for the flight.

Royal Jordanian Provides various options to check-in. Let us have a look underneath for more information. The check-in policy allows the passenger to check-in in very comfortable and accessible ways. 

List of check-in offers by royal Jordanian 

To begin your excursion in an issue freeway, Royal Jordanian offers a few check-in choices:

  • Online Check-in.
  • Advance Check-in.
  • Self Check-in.

Online Check-In 

Save enough time your Royal Jordanian flight through the site and before you arrive at the airport. Online check-in can be finished for all the individuals from your travel party, including choosing every individual seat from 4 to 24 hours before your planned flight time. Complete these four simple tasks. 

How to process the online check-in? 

Thinking about how to do online check-in for Royal Jordanian Airlines? Follow these means:

  • Click on the royal Jordanian check-in button. You will be taken to the page of Royal Jordanian Airlines. 
  • Fill in the details required - Your name, PNR, Flight Number, and so forth.
  • Choose your seat and confirm your check-in. 

Your Royal Jordanian Airlines ticket will be shown on the screen. You can print the ticket immediately or print it later as Royal Jordanian Airlines will send you an email with the key.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Web Check-in permits you to check in your things ahead of time, pick your seats, select feast choices if accessible, and considerably more.

Term and conditions: 

Royal Jordanian Airlines' online check-in process starts 48 hours preceding booked takeoff of a flight and goes on as long as 2 hours before the flight. This service isn't accessible for travelers who use wheelchairs, unaccompanied minors, and babies. The assistance is likewise not accessible for international flyers.

Booking can be canceled 2 hours before the planned takeoff, even after the online check-in process is finished.

Self Check-in Service

Go calm with the self-service royal Jordanian check-in option since Royal Jordanian bend over backward to make your travel experience a critical one by giving our travelers the ideal services. 

In light of every one of your necessities and to work with all your travel prerequisites, the CUSS (Common Use Self Service) will facilitate your travel routes of action and make it as smooth as could be expected. This helps empower you to get your ticket without lining at counters.

How to process the self-service check-in? 

Self-service should be possible after these straightforward advances:

  • Select Royal Jordanian framework.
  • Select your favored language.
  • Select one of these after techniques, through which the framework can distinguish your booking:
  • Name of traveler and their.
  • Your Flight number.
  • Several e-tickets
  • Insert the paper ticket.

A few nations require information on your visa. Insert the pass in its predetermined spot if it peruses naturally or physically insert information. In the wake of checking the embedded data, the framework will distribute your seat naturally. However, browse the seat map if you wish to change your heart.

Term and conditions 

  • In the wake of investigating the security guidelines, gather the boarding: pass and the baggage tags. 
  • To seek after your travel routes of action and guarantee the precision of the inserted details, move to the royal Jordanian check-in counter (which is inverse to the machines) 
  • Stamp your identification and make a beeline for your door.
  • The self-service check-in starts from 1 hour to 24 hours before your departure, so make sure you check in before the scheduled time. 

Advance Check-in

Advance check-in starts from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm, and the Amman City Terminal offers solely to travelers going with Royal Jordanian the accommodation of Advance Check-in.

How to process the advance check-in? 

Royal Jordanian offers advance check-in at numerous airports. To process the check-in, you need: 

  • Essentially bring your confirmation number.
  • confirmation email address
  • And charge card, ID, or visa. 

By entering all the details, you will quickly check-in. When the process is complete, print your boarding pass, and you are done with the process. 

The Advance Check-in counters give all check-in related administrations: 

You can drop off your luggage, pick your seat and get your ticket between 24 hours and 8 hours preceding your planned takeoff time. Nonetheless, you should show up at the airport 1 hour and 30 minutes before takeoff to guarantee you evident traditions before boarding starts.

Selective to all Royal Jordanian travelers flying out of Amman, the City Terminal situated at seventh Circle offers Advance Boarding counters where you can start your excursion with ease.

Here, you can drop off your bags, acquire your ticket, and pick your seat. Exploiting these administrations in the accommodation of the City Terminal means a smoother interaction at QAIA and more opportunities to unwind before your flight.

Term and conditions 

Select for Royal Jordanian traveler at the City Terminal you can partake in the accompanying administrations:

  • Advance check-in is accessible 24 hours before traveler's flight takeoff time from 1 pm-7 pm Amman nearby time. The traveler should show up at the airport 1 hour 30 minutes before the flight planned time.
  • Use the advance check-in option to print your flight ticket if you forgot to carry it or lost it. 
  • Save more time to check-in via the kiosk check-in process. 

What is the royal Jordanian check-in time? 

While flying with Royal Jordanian, travelers checking in at the counter should do so no later than 3 hours before their planned flight time. All travelers should be at the entryway 1 hour before takeoff.

The end time for the check-in counters is:

  • royal Jordanian check-in time is an hour before takeoff - trips to/from the United States, Canada, and London.
  • Forty-five minutes before launch - any remaining international flights.
  • 30 minutes before launch - for the domestic flights
  • The end time for the boarding entryway is 15 minutes before takeoff for all flights.


So, we hope that your query will be solved and you will understand everything about the royal Jordanian check-in. The check-in time typically starts 3 hours before the scheduled time. If possible, we recommend you to use online check-in since it is much easier, and you can easily do the process in your comfort zone. Save time by following the check-in mentioned above details by Royal Jordanian.

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