Delta Airlines Check-in Policy: A Complete Guide

Delta Airlines is known for the flight policies that help the passengers to travel smoothly without any confusion or problem. And suppose if you have booked with the online process then you can make the online check-in without having to stand in the queue and waste time.

How to check-in Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines check the policy provides a lot of alternatives to make web check in the Delta Airlines flight. According to the mediums, you can easily pick one as per convenience and then easily do the web check in.

1. Online check-in

  1. If you have booked the flight through the online process then you can make the online check and save a lot of money on it. To make the online check-in, go to the website of the airline first.
  2. Now on the homepage of delta Air, tap on the manage booking section and select the link of online check-in and move ahead.
  3. Next, enter the flight booking number and the name of the passenger, and then follow the online instructions to check-in online and you would be notified.

2. Delta app check-in

To check-in with the help of the Delta App, you can go to the app and then type flight check-in and move ahead. Follow as directed and then enter the booking details and then make the web check-in for your flight booking.

3. Airport kiosk

You can go to the airport and check-in with the help of the kiosk machine. All you have to do is, go to the machine which is a touch screen machine, and then follow the online instructions to check in your flight.

4. Airport check-in desk

If you are unable to check in on your own then you can go to the help desk of the airline at the airport and then ask the airline staff to assist you with the flight check-in. And they will help you with the check-in of the flight.

5. Check-in through curbside

You can easily check in with the help of curbside at the airport. All you have to do is, use your booking details and then reserve a seat, and boarding pass. You can also get your baggage checked with the help of these mediums.

What is the Delta check-in time?

If you are checking in your flight then make sure to do it on time or else you might be denied boarding. Hence there are different types of delta airlines check times depending upon where you are doing the check-in.

  • If you are doing check-in online then make sure to do check-in before 24 hours maximum.
  • Also if you want to check-in at the airport itself then you can easily do it 2 hours before or else you might not be allowed, board.
  • In case you are checking in at the gate then make sure to do it before 15 minutes of the flight departure.

And thus with the help of the following steps, you can check-in your flight the Delta Airlines. In case of any doubt, contact the customer care team of the airline.

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