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Cathay Pacific Reservations: Book Online Cheap Flight Ticket

Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier for Hong Kong. An interesting fact is however that the company was founded on 24 September 1946 by an Australian Sydney H. de Kantzow and an American Roy C. Farrell. Both the men had to put up HK $1 in order to register the airline. As of today, the company’s major shareholders are two companies – Swire Pacific and Air China. Cathay Pacific is the world’s tenth biggest airline when it is compared to other airlines in terms of sales. The airline is the fourteenth largest company in the world when considered in terms of market capitalization. The airline is also a part of and one of the founding members of the OneWorld Alliance. The airline's company has two subsidiaries – Air Hong Kong and Cathay Dragon. Its head office and main hub are both located at the Hong Kong International Airport.

Cathay Pacific is famous among travelers for one major reason – that is it provides incredibly cheap tickets and further gives out deals and offers in order to further lower the prices compared to the fares that the other airlines offer.

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Cathay Pacific Reservations - Book Cheap Flights & Tickets

Cathay Pacific provides reservation and online ticket booking for both the flights – the domestic as well as the international flights. It provides these extremely cheap flights in 180 regions that are located in forty-four countries all over the world. It is able to provide their service all over the world with such ease due to it owning a huge fleet of wide-body aircraft in which are the Airbus A330, Airbus A350, and Boeing 777. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that the company transports an average of twenty-seven million passengers and approximately 1.8 million tons of cargo and mail in a year.

Cathay Pacific Online Flight Booking at Lowest Fare

Cathay Pacific has many ways of allowing its customers to make a reservation if they wish to. The most common ways are either going up to the counter to make a reservation or making an online booking. However, it is recommended that the traveler take the option of Cathay Pacific online flight booking at the lowest fares since a majority of the offers and special discounts on its fares are given when the reservation is made online.

In fact, the company has taken great pains to make the entire system to book cheap tickets and check on Cathay Pacific flight status a breeze.  The entire user interface has been designed in such a way that the user does not need to depend on anybody else for assistance.

Book a Last Minute or Direct Flight with Cathay Pacific

Also if you wish to book a last-minute or direct flight with Cathay Pacific Airways, it is recommended to book it online. Not only would you have access to a host of additional facilities that you can select sitting in the comfort of wherever you are booking the ticket from but you would also have access to many offers that would help you in lowering your prices further thereby lowering your expenses.

What is Cathay Pacific Airlines Baggage Policy?

Being a traveler it’s always important to know about the baggage policy of those particular airlines that will help to pack your baggage as per the rules and restrictions prescribed by the airline's carrier. You can go through the Cathay Pacific airlines baggage policy given below:

Carry-on Baggage

  • Every traveler is allowed to carry one bag and one personal item like a purse, briefcase, and laptop bag. This entire carry-on item should fit into the overhead bin.
  • The maximum dimension for a carry-on bag is 22 x 14 x 9 inches.
  • For the First class passengers, the maximum weight should 15 kg.
  • For the Business class passengers, the maximum weight should 10 kg.
  • For the Economy class passengers, the maximum weight should 5 kg.

Checked Baggage

  • Passengers are allowed to carry 2 checked baggage with a maximum dimension of 157 cm and weight 32 kg.
  • If any bag crosses the limit or weight, then some extra baggage charges are applicable.

What is Cathay Pacific Airlines Musical Instruments Policy?

  • Passengers can take musical instruments as carry-on baggage whose dimension would be 36 x 15 x 9 inch and weight 7 kg.
  • If any musical instrument is large or not fit into the carry-on baggage, then you can carry them as checked baggage.
  • Dimension or maximum weight is subjected to the class in which you are traveling.

Process to Manage Flight Tickets Scheduled With Cathay Pacific Airways

Set of Instructions to Manage Flight Tickets with Cathay Pacific Airways:

Sometimes, the passengers may need to change the flight details, cancel the flight tickets, make modifications or submit an online refund form. In order to manage the flight reservations, travelers need to implement a set of instructions to manage the booked flight tickets. The entire process to manage flight reservations is very simple. The passengers may worry and wonder as to how to do Cathay Pacific manage my booking of the flight tickets. The steps to manage the flight tickets are explained here:

  • Signing in to the official website of Cathay Pacific Airlines is the first step.
  • Then, the passengers need to click on Cathay Pacific manage my booking option.
  • For managing the flight tickets, the passengers need to enter the booking reference id and the last name.
  • Furthermore, travelers may continue further with the process to manage flight tickets.

The passengers may manage flight tickets by applying the steps mentioned above. The executives of Cathay Pacific Airlines may be contacted in case any difficulty in managing the flight tickets occurs. The executives possess a lot of experience in solving the technical glitches that the passengers face while applying the steps to manage flight reservations.

What is Cathay Pacific Airlines Check-in Policy?

Check-in is one of the most important parts needed to complete before boarding to your Cathay Pacific airline flight. It provides lots of ways to check-in and you should know about the Cathay Pacific airlines check-in policy which is listed below:

Online Check-in: You may smoothly check-in for your Cathay Pacific airlines online at the official website. Check-in can be done 48 hours to 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Airport Check-in: You can also check-in for your flight directly at the airport and you can check-in 24 hours to 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. You would need to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Cathay Pacific International Flights Deal

Cathay Pacific Flights From New York NYC to Vancouver YVR                

Cathay Pacific Flights From Hong Kong HKG to New York NYC

What is Cathay Pacific Airlines In-flight Entertainment?

Cathay Pacific always take care of their passenger's comforts and never make any compromise with them. You never get bored during the journey, Cathay Pacific airlines provide in-flight entertainment facility to the passengers which are listed below:

Movies: You can enjoy the latest movies in your preferred language as per your choice. Cathay Pacific has a wide range of movies list in multiple categories such as adventure, action and more.

Games: Never get bored even at the height of 3500 feet and enjoy the amazing gaming experience on all kinds of the section.

Live TV: You can also see your favorite TV serials in varied languages during your journey at the Cathay Pacific flights.

Wi-Fi: Now stay online and get connected with your friends and family even during the journey because Cathay Pacific airlines provide the Wi-Fi facility to the passengers.

Special Discounts For Senior Citizens For Flight Booking With Cathay Pacific

If you are a senior citizen or you are going to book a flight for a senior person with Cathay Pacific. But you are not aware of the Cathay pacific special discounts for senior citizens kindly go through the information given below:

  • Cathay Pacific offers a 25% discount to Macau and Hong Kong residents who are of age 65 years or more.
  • This discount applies for the senior passengers traveling in any class such as economy, premium economy or business to the specific Cathay dragons and Cathay Pacific destinations.
  • Cathay Pacific not only giving this discount to its senior citizen but also offering a 10% discount to a maximum of three passengers who are traveling with them.
  • You have to provide the age proof of the passenger for availing of this discount if you failed to provide such age proof you will not be eligible for availing this discount.
  • From time to time Cathay pacific keeps on giving various offers and discounts to its valuable customers.
  • You can also contact Cathay Pacific customer support for more information about the current Cathay pacific senior citizen discount available with them.

Passengers can Find and Book their Next Trip From different United States Places

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You Can Book & Compare Flights to Boston (BOS) with Cathay Pacific from HKD7,432

Find the list of destinations you can book from anywhere to Boston:

Flight from Hong Kong HKG to Boston BOS
Flight from Bangkok to Boston
Flight from Singapore to Boston
Flight from Manila to Boston
Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Boston
Flight from Sydney to Boston
Flight from Taipei to Boston
Flight from Mumbai to Boston
Flight from Shanghai to Boston
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Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Boston
Flight from Phnom Penh to Boston
Flight from Beijing to Boston
Flight from Jakarta to Boston
Flight from Hong Kong SAR to Boston

Book & Compare Flights to Los Angeles with Cathay Pacific from HKD6,552

Find the list of destinations you can book from anywhere to Los Angeles:

Flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles
Flight from Manila to Los Angeles
Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles
Flight from Taipei to Los Angeles
Flight from Singapore to Los Angeles
Flight from Mumbai to Los Angeles
Flight from Bangkok to Los Angeles
Flight from Jakarta to Los Angeles
Flight from Hyderabad to Los Angeles
Flight from Cebu to Los Angeles
Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Los Angeles
Flight from Angeles City to Los Angeles
Flight from Delhi to Los Angeles
Flight from Kaohsiung to Los Angeles
Flight from Hong Kong SAR to Los Angeles

Book & Compare Flights to New York (NYC) with Cathay Pacific from HKD6,732

Find the list of destinations you can book from anywhere to New York:

Flight from Dhaka to New York
Flight from Sydney to New York
Flight from Angeles City to New York
Flight from Da Nang to New York
Flight from Tokushima to New York
Flight from Niigata to New York
Flight from Hong Kong SAR to New York

Book & Compare Flights to New York/Newark (EWR) with Cathay Pacific from HKD6,732

Find the list of destinations you can book from anywhere to New York/Newark:

Flight from Hong Kong to New York/Newark
Flight from Manila to New York/Newark
Flight from Singapore to New York/Newark
Flight from Angeles City to New York/Newark
Flight from Bangkok to New York/Newark
Flight from Cebu to New York/Newark
Flight from Taipei to New York/Newark
Flight from Kaohsiung to New York/Newark
Flight from Shanghai to New York/Newark
Flight from Hyderabad to New York/Newark
Flight from Dhaka to New York/Newark
Flight from Melbourne to New York/Newark
Flight from Delhi to New York/Newark
Flight from Davao City to New York/Newark
Flight from Hong Kong SAR to New York/Newark

Book & Compare Flights to San Francisco (SFO) with Cathay Pacific from HKD3,832

Find the list of destinations you can book from anywhere to San Francisco:

Flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco
Flight from Manila to San Francisco
Flight from Chennai to San Francisco
Flight from Mumbai to San Francisco
Flight from Hyderabad to San Francisco
Flight from Bangalore to San Francisco
Flight from Taipei to San Francisco
Flight from Delhi to San Francisco
Flight from Singapore to San Francisco
Flight from Bangkok to San Francisco
Flight from Kuala Lumpur to San Francisco
Flight from Angeles City to San Francisco
Flight from Melbourne to San Francisco
Flight from Penang to San Francisco
Flight from Hong Kong SAR to San Francisco

Book & Compare Flights to Seattle (SEA) with Cathay Pacific from HKD5,832

Find the list of destinations you can book from anywhere to Seattle:

Flight from Hong Kong to Seattle
Flight from Manila to Seattle
Flight from Chennai to Seattle
Flight from Mumbai to Seattle
Flight from Hyderabad to Seattle
Flight from Bangalore to Seattle
Flight from Taipei to Seattle
Flight from Delhi to Seattle
Flight from Singapore to Seattle
Flight from Bangkok to Seattle
Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Seattle
Flight from Angeles City to Seattle
Flight from Melbourne to Seattle
Flight from Penang to Seattle
Flight from Hong Kong SAR to Seattle

Find Cathay Pacific Global Phone Numbers Details

Here you can easily check all Cathay Pacific customer service phone number globally. Find the relevant one and speak to a live representative on 24x7.

Cathay Pacific Reservations Phone Number USA 1 (800) 233-2742
Cathay Pacific Phone Number For Hotel Enquiries: 1 (833) 556-6403
Cathay Pacific Package Enquiry Contact Number: 1 (833) 556-6403
Cathay Pacific Toll-Free Number Hearing Impaired: 1 (877) 609-2233
Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Phone Number: 2747-3838
Cathay Pacific Reservations Number UK: 0800 917 8260
Cathay Pacific Booking Phone Number UK(Outside): 0044 2037881799

To find worldwide baggage service phone numbers, and other countries' phone number visit the given mention links.

Cathay Pacific Baggage and Other Help

Cathay Pacific Global Contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I contact Cathay Pacific?

You can use any of the following phone numbers as per your requirement, and all of them are for Hong Kong:

  • For Flight inquiries: 2747-3333, 24x7 availability
  • For Hotels & packages: 2747-3311, 07:00-21:00, 7 days in a week
  • For Baggage services: 2747-7838, 07:00-23:30, 7 days a week
  • For Green/ Silver/ Gold Club: 2747-5500, 24x7 available
  • For Diamond club: 2747-3888, 24x7 available

The toll-free number worldwide for club membership is available 24x7:

  • Green/ Silver/ Gold: +800 2747-5500
  • Diamond: +800 2747-3888

Q2. When can you reserve seats on Cathay Pacific?

You have the option to select your seat through Manage Booking, and it must be completed at any time up to 48 hours before the departure. It is subjected to availability, and some fare types include seat selection fee also.

Q3. How does Cathay Pacific waitlist work?

The online service of Cathay Pacific waitlist is unavailable. So, you can contact the customer support on the Global contact center to know about the details.

Q4. Can I purchase Cathay Pacific lounge access?

Yes, you can purchase the lounge access in Cathay Pacific using Manage Booking. The passes must be purchased up to 90 days prior to the departure.

Q5. What is Premium economy like on Cathay Pacific?

In the Premium Economy, you will get a spacious seat with more recline, extra legroom, and a headrest for support. Along with that, calf rest and the leather-padded footrest is also provided.

Q6. When can I book seats on Cathay Pacific?

You can book seats while making the reservation or after completing the flight booking. The service is available up to 48 hours of the flight departure.
Is it safe to book Cathay Pacific?

Yes, it is quite safe to travel with Cathay Pacific airlines due to its best in-flight services and all safety measures.

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Customer Review

    • Gregory P. Brown
    • 2019-08-07 12:49:37
    • We had a round trip from Frankfurt to Melbourne, Cathay Pacific Airlines delivered excellent services, entertainment and everything you asked to staff they help you in that.Seats are so comfy. In future i always want to travel with Cathay Pacific Airlines.I have s query that i did not get invoice of this trip so will i talk to Cathay Pacific Airlines Phone Number.
    • Bryan M.
    • 2019-08-13 11:23:17
    • I want to make Cathay Pacific Reservations to Seattle and the date will be 10 May- 17 May. Do you have any current Deals which is suitable for me, we have 2 adults and 1 Child.
    • David B. Goldsmith
    • 2019-08-16 05:22:15
    • We flew with Cathay Pacific Airways to Los Angles. Very pleased with the service we received, and also the comfort of the leg area. Overall Id suggest Cathay Pacific Airways for their better reservations services. The airport pickup in Los Angles was handled professionally.
    • Betty T. Robert
    • 2019-08-20 12:40:38
    • Got Best deal for Cathay Pacific flight ticket from Seattle to Madrid. Very Friendly Staff, Very comfortable seat, lounge and got better entertainment facility on A350. Very Delicious meal, nothing to complain about the meal. Thanks to Cathay Pacific Reservations Team.
    • sonu
    • 2019-07-31 04:29:04
    • Hello Cathay Pacific Reservations Team, I just want to ask you about my musical instrument. Actually I bought an electric guitar on my holiday vacation in the New York. My Flight is from New York JFK to Hong Kong HKG and I am Little bit worried about that they would put it at check in. It is my first time I am travelling with an instrument.
    • Soair Bis
    • 2019-10-09 11:02:49
    • I would like to thanks Cathay Pacific Reservations Team for providing me 15% discount on my flight tickets on my first booking. Our journey through Cathay Pacific was safe and comfortable.

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