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Cathay Pacific Compensation and Flight Reimbursement Rules:

A Detailed Guide On Cathay Pacific Compensation Policy 

Cathay Pacific is not a European airline, but in case they fly in Europe they follow the European rules and regulations. But in any case it is nice for any traveller who has been affected by a flight cancellation that it in last minute then Cathy pacific has to pay-out account to the Europe

  • When there is the cancellation of Cathy pacific, they will offer passengers an alternative reservation to the destination, or even the full refund of money or Cathay pacific compensation in case the customer wants. But additionally, in case the flight will get canceled within 14 days prior to the departure then EU will pay the entitle money to the passenger in form of compensation.

  • But in another care, if the Cathay Pacific is successful in providing the substitute of the reservation with the similar time as of the original booking, the compensation will not be applicable. Also they would nor provide compensation if there is unavoidable circumstances like bad weather or fault in the engine.

Types of compensation a person can claim 

  • If the airline is departing late from the airport, then also there is a chance that passengers can claim compensation from the airline . that is due to under EU law, in case the flight will get delayed by 3 hours for more then the airline will be entitled to pay Cathay pacific compensation.

  • Also, compensation will be dependent on the arrival time on the arrival destination rather than the take off the so if the airline is late by 3 hours on the arrival destination then they will have to pay some amount of compensation their passengers.

  • One significant pint is that if the flight delays are because of unexpected situations. This will mean that the circumstance will be outside of the airline's control, for example, the delays that are due to the bad weather or an air traffic control strike, therefore, the airline has no control over it they would not provide compensation.

How much is the compensation 

  • Due to which these exclusions, the simplest way if the passenger needs to know the compensation is to utilize the free Cathy pacific compensation calculator located on the official website

Compensation and benefits 

  • But in case they delay is caused by the issue that can be controlled like a strike by Cathay Pacific staff, or a maintenance issue, then passengers entitled to give a flight delay compensation Cathay Pacific claim.

  • Also, all the passengers will be treated equally and the compensation claim will be equal to Cathay pacific reimbursements all the even if they are adults or toddlers or senior citizens, and compensation will be given via the original mode of payment in the passenger account.

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