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Easy and Quick Guide on Cathay Pacific Manage My Booking

Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong and its base is at Hong Kong international airport, it is providing passenger and cargo services to 190 destinations in more than 60 countries. Cathay Pacific manage my booking feature has changed the thinking about managing seat reservations and other amenities prior to reaching the airport.

It has made the booking (booking the tickets, selecting the seat, changing the flight, cancellation, etc.) very easily and quickly so that anyone can book the tickets and can save their time. If you have a booking with Cathay Pacific you can manage it by visiting the website and follow the steps below:

  • At the top of the screen, you can see the options, just next to the Cathay Pacific logo on the website. Here you have to click on MANAGE
  • It will give you a drop-down list where you can get various options to manage your travel
  • You can select anything you want to do with your booking such as:

           1. Select and reserve seats

           2. Time table and schedule

           3. Online check-in

           4. Any Upgrade in flights

           5. You can prepare for your trip

           6. Check baggage details

           7. Check flight delay and cancellations

Also, you can directly go to the manage booking page with the following given  link:

Here you can sign in if you are already a member or you can simply manage your booking by providing your Family name, Given Names and Booking reference or E-Ticket number. It will give you all the options such as online check-in, set your food menu, Booking will be faster, Cancel the ticket, Change the flight, etc. Everything can be done at a glance online.

Get in Touch With Cathay Pacific Manage Booking Phone Number

You can contact Cathay Pacific for booking management by visiting the nearest customer center and also by dialing Cathay Pacific manage booking phone number, online on the website, at the airport but the online option is most convenient and time-saving, even it

Find Useful Cathay Pacific Manage booking FAQs

1. Can one make changes to their flight ticket using manage booking?

Yes, one can easily change their flight ticket online using the Cathay Pacific manage booking service. However, it is required that the flight ticket was online with the airline and the itinerary includes an eligible departure city. 

2. If the itinerary includes flights not operated by Cathay Pacific, can passenger access Manage booking service?

The passenger can easily view the details of the itinerary using the Manage booking service. Still, it is required that the itinerary includes a flight operated by Cathay Pacific.

3. Are there any restrictions for using the Manage booking service?

The passenger cannot access Cathay Pacific Manage booking service if:

  • the itinerary is the part of the group booking
  • if all the flights included in the itinerary are canceled

4. How are the flight sectors viewed in Manage booking?

The sectors are displayed as per the sequence of the flight departure.

5. After changing my booking why the old booking is still displayed on the calendar?

If the changes are made to the itinerary after adding it to the calendar then, it might save the updated in the Calendar. Hence, it is suggested to delete the older entries to avoid confusion. 

6. How many bookings the passenger can view by using the Manage booking service?

For the passengers who are the member of Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles, they can easily view all the details of all the advanced bookings. 

Besides, the non-members can only view the details of the particular itinerary after providing booking reference and other details. 

7. How to update contact information using the Manage booking service? 

For updating contact information, by logging in Cathay Pacific manage booking service by selecting Contact information under Quick links. 

8. How can I get a copy of my eTicket itinerary receipt? 

The passenger can easily send eTicket receipt over an email by using the manage booking service.

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    • Ivan Rodakis / Noel
    • 2020-03-26 13:15:30
    • We are concerned with our request for a refund of tickets no. 1602380011640 thru to 1602380011643 as we were informed by Cathay Pacific it would be processed within 7 business days on 02/03. As it is now 26/03 and we have heard nothing from Cathay Pacific we are seeking a reply from you, Kind regards, Ivan Rodakis.

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