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Jetblue Airways Reservations & Booking Online: Cheap Air Tickets with Best Offers

This is an American airline service that comes under the top ten airline services in the country. Most of taking off and landings are confined in the United States only along with the best possible hospitality. To avail the chance of traveling with the most reputed airline you just have to go through JetBlue Airlines Reservations Phone Number where our executives will detail you the all necessary terms and conditions as per requirement. There are a lot of free of cost hospitality could be availed. For deep information about services, you can straightly come across JetBlue airline phone numbers like about fares and cash backs and all. Many of the moment we usually see the transaction get fails while booking the tickets and even the amount also deducted from the account. That case makes you bitter serious but there is nothing to take loads of that case because our technical support team is beside you to resolve such cases. If the charges get deducted then it would come back in the account reversed.

Dexterity From The End of JetBlue Airlines for Passengers:

The incorporation has represented the JetBlue Airways Booking Phone Number which can be used to book one way as well as return journey without wasting a single second over the internet. Sometimes we observe that the booking process gets crash meanwhile reserving the seats. Ultimately you get no choice except JetBlue airline Support Number where you will get the end-to-end solution for any trouble. The company is serving you with a better range of amenities and warmth gratification within the lowest amount. If you call on the JetBlue Reservations number you will understand the fair distribution according to the facility. That means suppose you do not need the food services what they are providing then definitely the corresponding charges would be deducted from the total fare and you will have to pay the lesser amount.

Responsibilities of the Jetblue Reservations Team:

The airline company is quite conscious of customer ease. So if anybody is Looking for JetBlue Airways Tickets & Airfares? just come down to our website and get lots of benefits. The airline company is crawling all over the globe for its best features at a relatively low cost. The performance is excellent and therefore it becomes the most demanded airline service in the United States. There are several questions that arise in our mind attached to the traveling services but there is nothing to hold down in your mind because we have created a special team who is always ready to help in such contentions 24 by 7. There could be some natural inquiry you definitely would like us to answer:

  • Is there any Android or iOS application of JetBlue airlines? If yes, how can it be downloaded or run in the same device?

  • What to do when I can not make the payment in urgency.

  • Errors are showing while login or sign-in on the particular web portal.

  • Methods of finding solutions if I forgot the password of my registered account.

  • What are the offers and updates are there which are currently running?

  • How can I get support while booking my ticket?

Check in to JetBlue Airlines for availing the baggage policy and in-flight entertainment services

Have a great journey with JetBlue Airlines:

Jetblue Reservations: This airline is the major air carrier and the sixth-largest airline in the United States. The airlines offer scheduled services to a number of destinations spread all over the world. Jetblue Airlines has its headquarters in the Long Island City of New York.

With a fleet size of 253, Jetblue Airlines helps the passengers in reaching their desired destination. The airlines served to 102 destinations from its headquarters situated at Brewster Building, Long Island City in  New York, United States.

What is Jetblue Airlines Baggage Policy?

The passengers may avail of the baggage policy of Jetblue Airlines for getting their bags transferred. Information regarding Jetblue Airlines Baggage Policy is stated here:

  • The checked bags that exceed 62" (157.48 cm) in overall dimensions (length, width, height) which also include the dimensions of the wheels/handles, or exceed a total weight of 50 pounds (22.68 kg) will be applicable for a baggage fee.
  • The baggage fee is assessed per one-way flight while traveling with Jetblue Airlines.
  • The passengers can carry excess baggage while traveling. Additional baggage more than the specified limit as restricted by the Jetblue Airlines can be carried. This additional baggage is applicable for an additional charge as levied by Jetblue Airlines.

Carry on Baggage:

  • As per the baggage policy of JetBlue Airlines, the passengers are allowed to carry only 1 carry on the bag and 1 personal item which can include a purse, briefcase, and a laptop bag for free. No charges will be levied on the passengers for this.
  • The carry on baggage carried by the passengers while traveling with Jetblue Airlines should not exceed the size and weight restrictions as specified by Jetblue Airlines. These limitations are 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm) including the handles and the wheels.

Checked Baggage:

While traveling with Jetblue Airlines, passengers are allowed to carry checked bags after paying for them. Different charges are levied on the passengers for carrying the bags as specified by Jetblue Airlines.

Jetblue Musical Instruments & Other Special Items Policy:

The passengers may carry musical instruments while traveling with Jetblue Airlines. The passengers are allowed to carry musical instruments in place of one carry-on item. The instrument size should be such that it can be placed under the seat or in a bin. Musical instruments are not given priority over other carry-on baggage.

What is Jetblue Airlines Check-in Policy?

The passengers traveling with Jetblue Airlines may check in to board their flights with Jetblue Airlines by availing different methods,. There are basically two ways by which the passengers may check in to Jetblue Airlines. These are:

Airport Check-in: By availing the airport check-in option, the passengers may check to board their scheduled flights by reaching the airport. At the reservation counter, the passengers may contact the executives of Jetblue Airlines and thus avail their boarding passes for traveling to their desired destination with Jetblue Airlines.

Online Check-in: Also, another way by which the passengers may check in to board the flight booked with Jetblue Airlines is by signing in to the website of Jetblue Airlines and thus do online check-in. For doing online check-in, the passengers need to sign in to the website of Jetblue Airlines and then click on the online check-in option under manage booking option. From here, the passengers need to get the print out of the boarding pass so as to do online check-in.

What is the Jetblue Airways Pet Policy? Here is everything to learn:

Jetblue Airlines is quite convenient flight service in terms of providing pet flight booking service as per the pet policy amazingly. In the JetBlue Airlines, you can have a limited number of pets that are allowed on each flight. 

Jetblue Airways Pet Policy:

If you are really looking for help and policy with regards Jetblue Pet Policy you can have perfect advice to complete your task simply.

  • It is necessary to know your pet with its weight, height, and age so that pets can be fit as per the policy.
  • You can have domestic dogs, cats, birds, white rates and select the cabin to book.
  • It is said if you are carrying your pet; it should be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned.
  • Only there is one per customer is allowed in the cabin with full facilities.
  • Your pet carrier cannot exceed 17x 12.5 W x 8.5 H and the combined weight of your pet the carrier that must not exceed 20 pounds.
  • JetBlue offers special cabin class for your dogs and cats and as per the route and destination you have to pay the amount.

Thus, there is an advanced notice that is necessary to follow as per the policy and let stay your pet in the cabin till the journey does not finish.

How to Use JetBlue Frequent Flyer Program:

  • First of all, visit the booking website and click on the login button and enter the user name and password.
  • Select manage booking tab and then select the flight to collect the points called TrueBlue points.
  • You can select the frequent flyer program and select the points that offer for every dollar you spend on the booking.
  • You can get the flight free in the future if you have points and even you can join your frequent flyer program which is completely free.
  • Not only you can also get the membership directly online and get the maximum points and miles to book another flight simply. Thus JetBlue offers various services as you have never expected ever.

Not only you can also get the membership directly online and get the maximum points and miles to book another flight simply. Thus JetBlue offers various services as you have never expected ever.

Jetblue Airlines in-flight Entertainment Services:

The passengers are provided with in-flight entertainment services so as to have a pleasant flight with Jetblue Airlines. The passengers are offered with the below-listed facilities:

  • The passengers may listen to their favorite music, songs while traveling.
  • Also, passengers may watch popular movies while traveling with Jetblue Airlines.
  • Wi-fi facility to access the internet is provided to the passengers.
  • Large display screen TV with good video and audio quality is offered to the passengers.

These are some of the benefits of traveling with Jetblue Airlines. The passengers may contact the executives of Jetblue Airlines for availing more information regarding the services offered by Jetblue Airlines.

Get Instant Support From Jetblue Customer Service:

 If you are availing Jet Blue Customer Service by booking flight tickets, making hotel reservations, canceling or rebooking flights, etc you can reach out to them through different mediums such as:

  • Chat and voice support
  • Mail or online help center

Generally, every organization has its own customer support team so that they can reach out to customers for resolving their queries and getting to know about their customer feedback. So even if you are facing any problem related to any service from Jet Blue, you can directly reach out to their customer support which works through the following ways:

  • The first thing that you should know is, JetBlue customer Service Number works 24x7.
  • Also, the easiest way to reach out to JetBlue Customer Service is their international number issued publicly in order to reach out to maximum people.
  • Customer feedback, queries, complains and everything else determines every company’s relation with its customers. And Jet Blue understands this situation, that’s why they provide direct communication channels by mail and phone call.
  • You can also track receipts of all the payments made through the website.

And therefore regarding all the queries and doubts related to flight booking, rescheduling or canceling you can directly reach out to Jet blue customer care.

How to Upgrade Seat to Jetblue Mint: Jetblue Mint Upgrade Facilities:

Jetblue Mint is a business class cabin of JetBlue Airways that is available with them on some flights. The passengers traveling in Jetblue Mint can enjoy premium in-flight as well as on-ground services. If you are looking for the information about seat upgrade to JetBlue Mint then you are welcome here. The process to purchase Jetblue Mint seat upgrade is given below:

  • You can upgrade your seat to Jetblue mint either by purchasing an upgrade for a certain amount of fee or you can redeem Jetblue Mint points.
  • The price or Jetblue mint points to purchase Jetblue Mint upgrade are given below:

1-  You can redeem 35000 points or pay 599 dollars to purchase a refundable and restricted upgrade

2-  You can redeem 61700 points or pay 809 dollars to buy a refundable and unrestricted upgrade

3-  You can redeem 1100600 points or pay 1209 dollars to purchase a refundable upgrade

Before you purchase Jetblue mint upgrade you must know the features of Jetblue Mint class that are given below:

  • Passengers can stretch the seats of Jetblue Mint cabin according to their comfort. There are two types of seats in Jetblue mint cabin that are distributed according to first come first serve.
  • Jetblue mint class passengers can enjoy 15 inch flat screens attached to the seats. Passengers can enjoy DirectTV and up to 100 radio channels.

You can contact Jetblue customer support to get more details. 

How do I ask for Jetblue Military Discounts?

Armed officers are the backbone of any country’s protection. They are responsible for the integrity and protection of their nation. In short military people are true heroes who wear caps. And American based airline Jet Blue understands their sacrifice and valor. And provide for special discounts to these people and their families. Suppose if you also belong to a military background and have booked flight tickets in Jet blue then you will be entitled to some special rebate and discount apart from the normal discounts. To know more about the Jet Blue Military Discount one can refer to the below points.

Discount policies in Jet Blue for military people:

  • If you have booked flight tickets in Jet Blue and then you should know that jet blue provides for a common amount of discounts to all people to all the destinations
  • If you book tickets all you have to do is show the army card and you will be granted a straight discount
  • Moreover, you are allowed two bags in-flight free of cost
  • More you travel a greater amount of points you will earn that you can save up for your future travel and hence you can use it accordingly
  • If you are traveling on duty you are allowed with five bags free of cost 

How to Check Jetblue Flight Status? Various way to check Flight Status on Jetblue:

Every traveler looks for the right information before leaving home so that they can confirm or know the exact status of their flight. In fear of knowing the flight status, you don’t need to gnaw on his fingernails. Relax and sit back because here JetBlue airline plays a smart move for you to check the flight status from anyplace and at any time with the help of the inbuilt feature of tracker available on the website. Read all the steps carefully to know the status of your JetBlue Flight.

Follow all the steps to check JetBlue Flight status:

By Using Route

  • First, navigate to the official website of JetBlue Flight.
  • At the top of the header, Tap on the flight tracker option.
  • At a point, you will be asked to give the departure city and the destination airport.
  • In the field, give the details of the departure date.
  • Further, tap on the blue icon to check the status.
  • You will be shown the inventory of flights showing the time of departure and time to reach the destination along with the status.
  • Even you can download the JetBlue mobile app to check the status of the flight.

 Check the Flight Status By flight number:

  • On the same page, give the details of the flight number
  • Concurrently, give the departure date.
  • Tap on the blue icon of check status.
  • In the next step, you will be displayed the status of the flight.

Yes do the backpacks, dress the part and get ready to take off to start the journey by knowing the flight status. If you are still in confusion over the same fact, you can ask for the immediate assistance from the customer support team of the JetBlue airlines to resolve your query of Jetblue Flight Status

Gain the deep insights of JetBlue Airlines unaccompanied minor:

JetBlue airlines encompass special services for the children who are flying with the aircraft. Under the specified guidelines of the program age group of 5-15 years old comes under the program. It is clearly stated that the child of the age group of 14th will not be considered an unaccompanied minor.

Learn the basic features of Unaccompanied minor:

  • It is specifically stated that children of age group between 2-13 years of old will be escorted without unaccompanied minor status.
  • A minimum of 3 numbers of young customers will be seating at the back of the aircraft.
  • An unaccompanied minor fee of $150 per person fee will be charged.
  • An unaccompanied minor is allowed to travel in nonstop flights.
  • You need to carry photos along to pick and drop off an unaccompanied minor.
  • Parents are allowed to leave the airport until they carry a signed UMNR form when dropping off the unaccompanied minor.
  • It is advised that if you pick up the unaccompanied minor, reach 30 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the flight.

Whatever we have learned so far it’s all about to convey the correct information of JetBlue airlines Unaccompanied minor in a precise and accurate manner. All the above-stated steps fulfill the purpose of JetBlue airline's unaccompanied minor. If you found the above method is not a good fit, you can connect directly with the JetBlue airlines reservations number which remains active 24×7 and 365 days a year and a week. Even you can mail your concern to the department to get the early response of your query.

An Overview On Group Travel With JetBlue

Many airlines have availed great ways to make your travel amazing and satisfactory and group travel facility is one of them. However, traveling alone is fun but going places with family members, office friends, or just friends is more amazing, isn’t it? When it comes to JetBlue, the New York-based low-cost airline has got some great offers on its group travel. One can easily book multiple flight tickets in one itinerary while avoiding any difficulties and hustle-bustle during the booking process.

Moreover, if you have been thinking to take your friends and family members with the JetBlue Group Travel offers then here’s what you need to know.

Important Guidelines On Group Travel: JetBlue

  • A minimum of 10 people are required to travel with group travel on JetBlue
  • A booking fee of $50 is  charged per person in the form of early deposit for seat bookings
  • The group leader will be assigned to whom a customized group fare quote will be provided by the JetBlue Airways
  • A fee of $100 will be charged for a name change that can be done within 72 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure
  • Final payment and names can be submitted 30 days prior to departure on domestic trips and 60 days prior to international departures.

Contact JetBlue Airways For Group Travel

If you would like to take benefits of JetBlue Group Travel then you’ll need to first submit the online group travel form and then you’ll be contacted by the airline travel professional. Furthermore, keep in mind that seat availability for group travel is subjected to a first come first serve basis. This is why it is good to apply for Jetblue reservations as early as possible.

All Destinations:


Anchorage, AK (ANC)


Phoenix, AZ (PHX)


Los Angeles area

San Francisco Bay area

Burbank, CA (BUR)

Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

Long Beach, CA (LGB)

Oakland, CA (OAK)

Palm Springs, CA (PSP)

Sacramento, CA (SMF)

San Diego, CA (SAN)

San Francisco, CA (SFO)

San Jose, CA (SJC)


Denver, CO (DEN)


Hartford, CT (BDL)


Miami area

Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)

Fort Myers, FL (RSW)

Jacksonville, FL (JAX)

Orlando, FL (MCO)

Sarasota, FL (SRQ)

Tampa Bay, FL (TPA)

West Palm Beach, FL (PBI)


Atlanta, GA (ATL)

Savannah, GA (SAV)


Chicago, IL (ORD)


New Orleans, LA (MSY)


Willemstad, Curaçao (CUR)

Dominican Republic

La Romana, DR (LRM)

Puerto Plata, DR (POP)

Punta Cana, DR (PUJ)

Santiago, DR (STI)

Santo Domingo, DR (SDQ)

Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman (GCM)


Grenada (GND)


Port Au Prince, Haiti (PAP)


Kingston, Jamaica (KIN)

Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ)


Portland, ME (PWM)


Baltimore, MD (BWI)


Boston area

Boston, MA (BOS)

Hyannis, MA (HYA)

Martha's Vineyard, MA (MVY)

Nantucket, MA (ACK)

Worcester, MA (ORH)


Detroit, MI (DTW)


Las Vegas, NV (LAS)

Reno/Tahoe, NV (RNO)

New Jersey

Newark, NJ (EWR)

New Mexico

Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM (ABQ)

New York

New York City area

Albany, NY (ALB)

Buffalo, NY (BUF)

Newburgh, NY (SWF)

New York, NY (JFK)

New York, NY (LGA)

Rochester, NY (ROC)

Syracuse, NY (SYR)

Westchester County, NY (HPN)

North Carolina

Charlotte, NC (CLT)

Raleigh Durham, NC (RDU)


Cleveland, OH (CLE)


Cancun, Mexico (CUN)

Mexico City, Mexico (MEX)

St. Lucia

St. Lucia (UVF)

St. Martin

St. Maarten - St. Martin (SXM)

Trinidad & Tobago

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago (POS)

Turks & Caicos

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos (PLS)


Quito, Ecuador (UIO)


Bogota, Colombia (BOG)

Cartagena, Colombia (CTG)

Medellin, Colombia (MDE)


Portland, OR (PDX)


Philadelphia, PA (PHL)

Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)

Rhode Island

Providence, RI (PVD)

South Carolina

Charleston, SC (CHS)

Hilton Head, SC (SAV)


Nashville, TN (BNA)


Austin, TX (AUS)

Dallas, TX (DFW)

Houston, TX (HOU)


Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)


Richmond, VA (RIC)


Burlington, VT (BVT)


Seattle, WA (SEA)

Washington, DC

Washington, DC area

Washington, DC (DCA)

Washington, DC (IAD)

US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas (STT)

Puerto Rico

Aguadilla, PR (BQN)

Ponce, PR (PSE)

San Juan, PR (SJU)


Aruba (AUA)

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua (ANU)


Nassau, Bahamas (NAS)


Bridgetown, Barbados (BGI)


Hamilton, Bermuda (BDA)

Costa Rica

Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR)

San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)


Camaguey, Cuba (CMW)

Havana, Cuba (HAV)

Holguin, Cuba (HOG)

Santa Clara, Cuba (SNU)


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  6. JetBlue flights from Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Chicago, IL (all airports)
  7. JetBlue flights from Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Detroit, MI (DTW)
  8. JetBlue flights from Long Beach, CA (LGB) to Detroit, MI (DTW)
  9. JetBlue flights from Oakland, CA (OAK) to Las Vegas, NV (LAS)
  10. JetBlue Airways Palm Springs to Boston (PSP - BOS)
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Jetblue Airways FAQ:

>>>Jetblue Airways Flight Change and Cancellation Policy

>>>How to check JetBlue airlines flight status

>>>How to reserve a seat on Jetblue airlines

>>>Change JetBlue Airways Ticket Date

>>>How to get a seat assignment on JetBlue

>>>Jetblue Airlines Name Change & Correction Policy

>>>Jetblue Mint Upgrade

Q-1 How to book JetBlue Airlines? 

To book a Jetblue airline flight you can either contact the customer support or download the mobile application. To save time you can also book your flight online by logging into the official website and entering all the necessary details required to book a flight. 

Q-2 How to change Jetblue airline's flight? 

Jetblue airline is also a customer-oriented airline and hence understands that situations may occur at any time. So, to change the Jetblue airline flight you can choose the option “Manage my Travel” and perform the required function

Q3: What is Jetblue Group Booking Conditions?

Willing to travel as a group, well check out the JetBlue group booking norms and explore the world with your friends, families with Jetblue.

For Families & A group of less than 8 :

If you are traveling with your family as a small group you can book your flight online using multiple reservations or can contact the reservations team at the same time.

  • For Group of 7-8 person

Contact  for a booking of 7-8 person, Call 1-888-JETBLUE

  • Policies for Group 10 and more:

In this case, you have to inform the airlines' group desk

JetBlue Groups Desk

  • Monday thru Friday
  • 8 AM to 7:30 PM ET (5 AM to 4:30 PM PT)
  • 1-888-JETBLUE 

And these are the list of things you need to remember:

  • At a minimum of 10 people can travel in the same flights
  • and the fare will be valid for up to 2 weeks, which depends on the travel date and the quoted time.
  • For holding a seat you need to do the deposit of $50 per seat until 30 days prior to departure and of international, it will be 60 days.

Can a passenger hold a reservation with JetBlue Airlines?

For the passengers who are unsure about their travel plans, the airline offers them an option to hold their JetBlue reservations. Further, as per the airline policy, the passenger can hold the reservation for up to 24 hours for a quoted fare but, it is required that the reservation was booked at least a week or more before the departure of the flight. 

Do JetBlue Airlines charge any fee for booking reservations over the phone? 

As per the airline policies, the passengers are required to pay a non-refundable $25 fee for JetBlue reservations booked over the phone. Besides, if the passenger has any queries regarding the same, they can reach out to the airline customer service for assistance. 

What exactly is the Cash+Points service of JetBlue?

To offer the best services, the airline has introduced a redemption option named Cash+Points which is exclusively offered to the members of the TrueBlue program. Further, this service is offered at the time of online booking where the members are allowed to make payments for the flights operated by JetBlue using the combination payment. However, this service is not available when the bookings include multi-city. 

What are the benefits of Cash+Points redemption service?

Cash+Points is a redemption service that has multiple benefits for the TrueBlue members that include the following:

  • It helps in saving the cash of the TrueBlue members. 

  • It is an ideal option when the members are short of points at the time of booking the JetBlue reservations. 

  • Also, one can consider it as a great option to save points for future travels. 

  • Further, there are multiple combinations of cash and points are available that one can pick as per their requirement and suitability. 

  • Moreover, this redemption option makes it easy to have points and use them. 

For queries regarding the same, one can reach out to the JetBlue support and manage their travel accordingly.

Jetblue Deals:

Jetblue Presents Exclusive Christmas and New Year Deals

Jetblue Airways Cheap Flights

Jetblue Reservations Info: International & Domestic Contact Details

Find out the list of jetblue reservations contact details for all domestic and international destinations, and get assistance regarding your booking related queries.

Jetblue Reservations United States 1-800-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583) In Dominican Republic 809-200-9898
Jetblue Phone Number In Aruba  297-588-5388 In Germany 0800-6648288
Jetblue Booking In Bahamas 1-800-538-2583 In Grand Cayman 1-855-710-2951
Jetblue Phone Number In Barbados 1-877-596-2413 In Grenada 1-8558402106
Jetblue airlines Reservations In Bermuda 1-800-884-9616 In Ecuador 800-538-2583
Jetblue airlines reservations info In Colombia01800-9-156761 In Haiti 2229-2583
Deaf or hard of hearing customers(TTY/TDD) 711 In Ireland 1-800-657427
For  Costa Rica 800-012-1666 In Jamaica 1-800-963-3014
In Cuba 800 52583 In Mexico 001-800-861-3372
In Curacao 0800-0258 In Saint Lucia 1-877-766-9614

Jetblue Reservations Phone Number Contact Info: USA/CANADA

  • Jetblue Customer Service: Dial Toll-free 1-800-JET-BLUE (1-800-538-2583) for existing and new booking related queries
  • For Hearing and Speech Impaired: 1-800-336-5530 
  • Central Baggage Queries: 1-866-538-5438

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    • Scott J. Jowett
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    • I have a Jetblue Reservations which to Portland, I want to Change my Return Date Flight which is on 15 August but I want to make it 17 August so what will the procedure for this and how much charges I need to pay for the Flight Change?
    • Cathy Chang
    • 2019-08-01 12:49:50
    • I always Book my flight with Jetblue Reservations Team, they are very supportive. Recently on my flight from Newyork to Las Vegas, I have lost my bag, I got scared, because I have my all things in that bag then I Contacted with Jetblue Airways Reservations Team and They assured me that I will get my bag very soon. and You Know I got my bag on the given time frame. I was so happy. so Thank You Jetblue Airways.
    • Lillian Horton
    • 2019-08-01 12:51:57
    • I Have travel with JetBlue from many years and most of the flights with this airlines are on time. Talking about my JetBlue reservations from New York to Vancouver, The ticket was booked by travel agents. He was very knowledgeable and assist me in a very helpful manner. Flying with Jetblue Airways is always satisfactory.
    • Bruce K. Patten
    • 2019-08-20 12:38:12
    • I am JetBlue frequent Flyer, by which I have earned some miles which I want to use for my Jetblue Airways Reservations for my upcoming trip to Nevada. So, My question is How Many Points I can use for my Flight Booking?
    • Michaela S. Roundy
    • 2019-08-22 11:52:22
    • It was first time we flew out from Boston to Orlando with Jetblue A321neo Airbus. Although everything was amazing like in flight entertainment facility and food quality. To make boarding process easier they allowed free check in for large baggage at the boarding gate.
    • Edith D. White
    • 2019-09-27 05:17:10
    • I want a Jetblue Reservations on Date to 25 November to 28 November from Puerto Plata to Aguadilla. and we are 4 friends. is there any flight which we can book at cheap rates? Thank You
    • Patsy M. Swafford
    • 2019-09-27 05:13:09
    • This is pretty strange when you unable to find a seat while check-in and your flight which is already confirmed to take off at the right time. This seriously happens when you unable to book your seat due to not allow for the seat selection. When you are not able to select your seat which means your flight is over boarding and this can be the reason your seat is not booked. And the same I received a message and instead of getting so much annoyed and worried I made a call at JetBlue Reservations Phone Number through which help I had access to the customer representative who provided me the best advice and helps in order to book a seat as per the selection and choice. I got too much pleased from that phone number and I got fully support from customer representative of JetBlue Airlines easily. I received brilliant help from JetBlue Reservations Phone Number when it makes me eligible to get access customer representatives who provided me the ways of the seat selection and reservation by choosing another flight at the same rate which means I had not paid a single amount and via this number I got another booking instantly. Thus, I can say that JetBlue Reservations Phone Number might be the best tactics to access customer agent who will provide you instant help and information with regards flight service online or offline simply.
    • Jeremy J. Munoz
    • 2019-09-27 05:23:09
    • Thank You for serving as in a great manner, I did a JetBlue reservation for my pet, as they have a very good policy for pet travel. will always choose JetBlue for my pet booking.
    • Selena Morie
    • 2019-10-17 07:27:33
    • I have traveled through JetBlue Mint A321 to Nevada. I think this was the best experience I have ever with JetBlue. Seats are kind of big and cozy. My whole journey was the kind of travel I was looking for.
    • John Morris
    • 2019-10-30 12:29:23
    • Recently, we booked our flight tickets in JetBlue Airlines which was upto Nevada, but unfortunately due to some work we have to cancel our flight tickets and this time I am totally satisfied with JetBlue Airlines Cancellation team. JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Team helped us by explaining all the policies regarding cancellation and initiated our refunds to our respective bank. They explain us each and every thing and deducted a small amount for cancellation.
    • Mixduh
    • 2020-07-21 04:22:20
    • Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes. PS: How are you? I am from France :)
    • Jane Partick
    • 2020-08-04 06:21:42
    • I have my flight with jetblue to barbados which i want to cancel due to this Covid 19 situation.

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