Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy: A Guide for Jetblue Pet Travel

Obtain complete information for JetBlue Airlines Pet Travel Policy:

JetBlue Airlines is the best in gladly accepting the small cats and dogs in the Aircraft Cabin. In this Airline, you can travel with your favorite pets in both domestic and international flights. It is pretty simple to book a flight for your pet online using or you can also make a call to the customer representative who will help you in all respects with regards to booking a flight ticket for your pets. So if you are planning to move to your favorite destination with your pet you can simply either visit the website or make a call and understand the basic concept of the pet policy in the very simple words via customer representative. Therefore, you should not leave your pet alone at your home and please book your flight ticket for you and your pet together online at the affordable rate and enjoy your trip amazingly.

JetBlue Airlines Pet Travel Policy:

JetBlue offers a friendly pet policy that will allow you to carry your pets like dogs, cats, rats and small domestic birds in both international and domestic flights. You are here to easily understand the policy and check out the correct information to Book a Cabin for Your Pet On Jetblue online comfortably. Everything about your pet that you need to know is weight, length, size and age of your pet that matters while traveling in the flight and you must have to fill in the form in order to get the cabin online and according to the policy you can select the medical policy for your pet and find out the best friendly cabin for pet without facing any kind of the trouble.

Below Mentioned Some of the Points for the Jetblue Pet Reservations:

As per the Policy, You have to select the fee that is $125 each way but big pets are not allowed.

  • All small pets might travel in the Aircraft Cabin onboard JetBlue Airlines.
  • You can select the combined weight of the pet and carrier may not exceed more than 20 pounds.
  • You can carry only four pets at a time in the domestic and international flight and the fourth pet always books at the Airport in JetBlue Airlines.
  • You have to apply the policy of first come and first serve to book your pet within 24 hours of confirming booking all three pets.
  • The pets always remain inside closed while at the airport and in the cabin they will allow at their place in the cabin and don’t let them out during the whole flight journey

JetBlue Pets in the Cabin Part:

This is very simple to watch your pets as they will remain in front of you. There is a valid, JetBlue Pet in Cabin Policy in which you can choose your favorite seat and try to get the cabin for your pet in front of you. You may select a pet fee as per the cabin you have chosen and select the combined weight and select the pets in the cabin to allow. It is also important to know that pets are not allowed to travel alone they must be accompanied by a customer and he looks after the pets in all respects.

JetBlue Pets in Checked Baggage:

In order to travel with your pets you can check out the baggage to make the travel experience better and it also important. But if you have booked cargo for your pet, it does not accept any animal as cargo or checked baggage, on any flight. With the baggage, only small dogs and cats are permitted on JetBlue as pets. All the pets are allowed as carry-on-baggage in a suitable carrier in the Aircraft Cabin. 

JetBlue Cancel pet reservation:

After booking a flight with your pet, if you want to cancel the flight ticket for pets only, you need to contact the customer representative who will guide you to cancel the reservation for your pet easily. It is your responsibility to inform you of the cancellation prior to departure or the fee payment will be forfeited. So you must have to cancel your flight before your scheduled departure in order to get a full refund instantly.

Carrier Guidelines:

There are carriers Guidelines consultants that believe in offering the best flight service and help to its clients. We are the customer representative and we specialize in bestowing permanent staffing solutions to our clients in many ways.

Things to Remember when traveling with Pet on Jetblue:

  • Compulsory Vaccinations & Documentation
  • Tags ID
  • License of Pet
  • Jetblue Pet Approved Carrier (Not larger than 17"L x 12.5"W x 8.5"H)
  • Pet Treats and Snacks

Jetblue Pet Policy FAQ:

Q-1: Do Jetblue airlines allow pets aboard? 

Jetblue airline is such an airline which welcomes passengers of all ages and is also pet-friendly. Yes, the airline is quite fond of pets and allows only certain pets to travel along with you. You can check the pet policy before booking the flight for your pet. 

Customer Review

    • becky maldonado
    • 2019-08-19 07:13:33
    • on 3 separate occasions I called to confirm pet policy before I purchased a pet I was bring home from San Juan PR to Boston MA and all three times I was told I did not need documentation nor was their an age restriction I therefore purchased a pet ticket for my 6 week old puppy for them to tell me the day of the flight after being dropped off after a 2 hour drive that my puppy could not travel with me and I had to leave him behind, heart broken! I purchased him because he was going to be as an emotional support system for me! now I am trying to figure out how to bring him home! your phone representatives say one thing and your jet blue airline registration reps at the air port says something totally different and we the owners of the pet suffer the consequences of the inconsistencies!!!! How do you justify!!!!!!!
    • Justin Mark
    • 2019-10-01 12:29:31
    • I had booked a ticket on jetblue airlnes and thanks to the jetblue pet policy team for allowing me to travel my pet along with me, but for that jetblue airlines charges $125 so I have to pay $250 for both side trip. They have taken special care for pets if you travel from jetblue airlines.
    • Henry Loius
    • 2019-10-12 09:21:00
    • If anyone is having a pet and want to travel along with thier pets, then jetblue is the best airlines for pet. Jetblue pet policy team provide a normal charges if you are travelling with your pets. Your pets will be taken a special care by jetblue airlines team.
    • Learan
    • 2019-10-31 11:56:29
    • Recently I traveled to Boston with my pet in JetBlue Airlines. Along with my tickets fares I have to pay $250 for both side. I wanted to thanks JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy team for taking special care for my pets. Special Seats, food and a care is taken for our pets in JetBlue Airlines.
    • Richard Vann.
    • 2019-11-09 09:52:58
    • I want to fly from San Juan to Boston, and I wanted to know whether pets are allowed in jet blue airlines or not. If allowed what are the procedure, policy and the main thing what is the cost that I have to pay for my pets. So, request you to kindly clear up the queries.

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