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Jetblue Airways Flight Change and Cancellation Policy

 Get a complete information for Jetblue Airlines cancellation and flight change policy

Jetblue Airlines is one of the most popular low-cost carriers of the United States. The airline is headquartered in New York City and is the sixth largest airline of America. Also, with a fleet size of 251, the airline serves its operation on 102 routes in North, Central, and South America. Besides, to provide a comfortable journey, the airline gives several user-friendly features to its passengers.

Even Jetblue Airlines reservations can be done via online and also the customer can make changes to the booked flight or cancel the flights. Also, the airline offers Jetblue Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy under which anyone can make a cancellation for Jetblue Airlines flights. In addition, if you want to learn more about the Jetblue Airlines cancellation policy, you should read the article thoroughly. Here you will get to know about the charges against the cancellation of Jetblue Airlines flights.

Know Jetblue Airlines cancellation policy

Jetblue Airlines facilitates its customers with flight fare options like Blue, Blue Plus or Blue Flex. And when it comes to cancellation the flights, the passenger gets a thought in mind that what is the cancellation policy for Jetblue airlines. To provide you with the answer to this question, read the pointers mentioned below:

For Blue & Blue Plus

As per the cancellation policy of Jetblue Airlines, the charges for cancellation will be as follows:

    The passenger faces $200 fee for fares $200 or more with the addition of the difference in fare.

    The passenger faces $150 fee for fares from $150 to $199.9 with the addition of the difference in fare.

    The passenger faces $100 fee for fares from $100 to $149.9 with the addition of the difference in fare.

    The passenger faces $75 fee for fares less than $100 with the addition of the difference in fare.

For Blue Flex

If you have Blue Flex reservations and need to make a cancellation, in that case, you would not face any charge against the cancellation before the flight departure. All you require to pay is only the difference in fare.

Apart from this, Jetblue Airlines same day Flight change policy offers a facility to change the flight on the same day of booking the flight without much of a stretch. In addition, any passenger can apply for the change of flight by contacting the Jetblue Airways reservations support team.

Above all, if you need any kind of assistance for flight cancellation, you can contact Jetblue Airlines customer support service team at any time. 

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