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Swiss International Air Lines (LX) is the country's flag carrier. It was founded in 2002 after Swissair declared bankruptcy and is a subsidiary of Lufthansa. The carrier has a hub at Zurich Airport (ZRH) and has named Geneva Airport (GVA) as a focus city. Swiss flies to more than 104 destinations in 48 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America, and South America. A member of the Star Alliance, it also has codeshare agreements with 23 other alliance and non-alliance airlines. The carrier has a fleet of 65 Airbus aircraft that feature two-cabin (Business Class and Economy Class) and three-cabin (First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class) configuration.

Book Flight Tickets at Lowest Airfare with Swiss Air Reservations

With Swiss International airlines, you can do flight booking online quite easily. You can go to the official website of Swiss Airlines or third party portal like and book your ticket there. You just need to enter your journey details to search for Swiss airline flight options. You get the search result with details of flights along with the schedule, pricing, and other details. After that, you can choose your flight there as you find the best option and make payment and book your ticket quite easily.

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At flycoair, you will get the unpublished airfare deals and best price for flights ticket of Swiss International airlines. You can compare the fare price of Swiss airlines flights with that of others. On a route, Swiss International airlines flight fare price is absolutely competitive whether it is nonstop connecting flights. You get special offers from time to time on Airfare on flycoair also. You get price deals on a regular basis which gives you quite a huge discount on your ticket price. So you can choose Swiss airlines as your best flight option as they offer cheap flights with the best services and to book the ticket go to

Book Cheap Flights and Last Minute Flights: Get The Best Offers Online

When you plan your travel you look for the best fares on flights so cheap flights always suits you the most because it saves money for you which you can spend on other utilities on your journey. You can book cheap flights on Swiss Airlines on its official website or

Many times you plan your journey at the last minute and then you look to book a last-minute flight. So if that is the case then you can book a last-minute or direct flight with Swiss Airlines which is quite an easy process on the official website of Swiss Airlines. You can also check for offers going on for last minute flights so that you can save money on your flight ticket.

Compare and Book Swiss International Air Lines Tickets

When you fly you look for cheap airlines flights. So when you are looking to fly with Swiss Airlines then also you are looking for cheap air tickets. For this, you can compare the price of Swiss Airlines flights with flights of other airlines on and then you can choose the best-priced airlines flight as per your requirement and save your money on cheap Airlines flights. So next time when you are planning to fly do compare the price of flights of different airlines and then make a decision so that you can save money and make your journey more enjoyable. After choosing the flight booking flight on Swiss airlines is quite easy on

Get Online Booking For Swiss Air Reservations Instantly

On the official website of Swiss airlines which is, you can easily make an online booking for your flight ticket. On the home page under the “Book” menu there is a “Reserve Seat” option. You can click on this and follow instructions to make your reservation instantly.

Get Best Discounts Deals on Domestic and International Flights Bookings

On the Swiss airlines website, you can see ongoing discounts and deals for flights and on different routes for both domestic and international flights. If any deal or discount suits you the most, you can choose that flight option and book flight easily.

Now Carry Your Musical Instrument and Baggage Conveniently with Swiss Air! 

Travelling is involved with a list of trials and errors and also lots of preparations. And no passenger wants to face inconvenience at the airport or during their journey. Hence, lots of things are considered from a travelling point of view. And after deciding the airline that shall serve you and booking the ticket, the next and most important thing to be considered is how much and what should you carry along. This means to avoid any hassle at the airport it is important to know the baggage rules of the airline with whom you are travelling. And to know about it you can refer to this piece of information further. 

About Swiss Air! 

As Swiss air is your travel companion and you are travelling for the first time then you shall relax. This airline is known to deliver such services that are customer-specific and aim to settle their every issue if arises. So, here is the airline's baggage policy with all the information. 

Swiss Air Carry-on Baggage Allowance! 
  1. All the economy class passengers are allowed with 1 bag piece and a maximum weight of 8 kg. 
  2. While all the business class passengers are allowed with 2 bag pieces of 8 kg each. 
  3. The maximum dimension of the carry-on bag is 21 x 15 x 9 inches. 
Swiss Air Checked-in Baggage Allowance! 
  1. Swiss airline allows economy class passengers to take 1 bag piece with a maximum weight of 23 kg while business class passengers are allowed with 32 kg. 
  2. The dimension of checked baggage shall not be more than 62 inches. 

In case any passenger crosses the allowed rules of baggage with Swiss air then he will be charged with baggage fee which depends upon various factors. 

Also, Know About Swiss Air Musical Instruments Policy! 

Swiss air is also friendly with small musical instruments. And according to Swiss air Musical instruments policy, the small instrument will be considered as carry-on baggage and shall not exceed the carry baggage allowance of Swiss air. If your instrument exceeds the allowed dimensions then it can be taken along on an extra seat after booking.

Now Manage Your Travel with Swiss Air! 

Apart from baggage allowance and booking a flight, Swiss air can also help you in managing your booking. And with the Swiss Air manage booking option you can either change, edit, cancel the upgrade, ask for special instructions, etc. And this option has turned out to be very helpful to the passengers. So, you do not have to panic in case of emergencies. 

Further, you can contact Swiss helpline support in case you have any concerns.  

FAQs: Find Useful Swiss Air Reservations Faqs
  1. Can I get an invoice for my confirmed flight?
    1. We do not provide invoices for the bookings. If you still require an invoice for the booking for business or personal purposes, we can provide you with a new booking confirmation which will be free of charge till 100 days once the ticket/document is completely used. After 100 days, a fee of CHF 30.00 is charged per transaction. You can only have e-ticketing for the purpose of invoice. Please note there are no VAT charges for an international flight. 
  2. Do I need to confirm my flight again?
    1. You are not required to reconfirm the Swiss required.
  3. Is it possible to check fares and availability without booking a flight?
    1. You can easily check the flight fares and availability without booking a ticket. The payment is made in the last step after providing the personal info.
  4. What are the categories of flight tariffs?
    1. We use B,E,G,H,K,L,M,Q,S,T,U,V,W,Y for economy class, C,D,J,P,Z for Business Class and A,F for First Class, which indicates different price categories for varying service classes. 
  5. Where can I check the fare conditions for a booked ticket in Swiss Air?
    1. You will find the tariff conditions while booking a ticket. They have the complete info about change or cancellation of your flight. If required, you can contact Swiss Air reservations to get more info on the tariff conditions.
  6. While booking, I entered my middle name. Why is it showing my first and middle name spelled together?
    1. The first and middle names are stored in the airline system without spaces. It is not a mistake and will not affect the booking.
Know about Swiss Air Check in Policy and In-Flight Services

If you have booked your flight with Swiss Air, you will be offered great services and facilities, which make your trip better. For facilitating its passengers, Swiss Air offers various options such as easy booking, cancellation, check-in, etc. which could save a lot of time and effort. To get the details about the services offered by Swiss Air, you can refer to this article.

What is Swiss Air Check in policy

After booking your ticket, when the departure is a few hours away, you can complete your check-in online. Other than this, there are more options available for check-in. You can choose among the following options of check-in:

  • Automated check-in- You can select this option during the booking process and with this, the check-in will be automatically done by the airline.
  • Online check-in- In this, you can check-in through the website or mobile app before the departure. It is easy to access and you will have your boarding pass in your email.
  • Check-in machine- This is the kiosk machine, provided at the airports. With this, long queues can be skipped and you will get your boarding pass easily.
  • Counter check-in- In this, check-in is done after reaching the airport at the ticket counter. The representatives will complete your check-in and provide you with the boarding pass.
What is the Swiss Air Inflight Entertainment Policy

When you are flying in the Swiss Air, you will never feel bored as the airline provides you with in-flight entertainment services. When you are on a long-haul flight, you will be provided with the entertainment options as follows:

  • Films
  • Music and games
  • Board magazines
  • On-board Wi-Fi
  • E-journals
  • Duty-free shopping
  • Meals on the board, etc.
Travel Classes of Swiss Air: An Overview

Although there are different travel classes available in the airline, the services are high-quality in all the classes. Here are the classes and some info about them:

  • Economy class- If you are travelling in the economy class of Swiss Air, you will be provided with the best services, comfortable seats, best entertainment, easy check-in, earn miles, etc. All this is available at low fares.
  • Business-class- In the business-class of Swiss Air, you can avail the best and luxury services. You will be offered an excellent dining option, best in-flight entertainment, more baggage allowance, lounge access, priority check-in, amenity kit, earn more miles, etc. All these services will be provided to you when you spend a little more on your travel.


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