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Citilink Airlines booking & Flight Reservations Guide

Citilink Airlines is a well-renowned airline that belongs to Jakarta, Indonesia. The airline offers affordable deals to passengers who would like to travel on a budget. The main base of Citilink Airlines is located at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The frequent flyer program run by the airlines allows passengers a scope through which they can reserve seats with the airline at a much better price. The name of the frequent flyer program run by the airlines is Supergreen GarudaMiles. The headquarters of Citilink airlines is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you are looking to grab great deals and discounts, then you should better go for Citilink Airlines that not only offers comfortable services but the amenities are offered at a great price too. 

In this paper, we are going to have a broader perspective regarding Citilink flight booking policies related to pets, check-in policy, and the frequently asked questions that hover over the mind of passengers. So without much delay let us straight jump into the crux of this post. 

How to avail best flight deals on Citilink Airlines?

To grab the best deals on Citilink Airlines, the passengers could resort to the following methods:

  • The passengers could utilize the credit offers as well as the debit card offers that are generated by the airlines to ease the travel for the passengers who are interested in taking budget-friendly travels.
  • You could also book flights in advance for instance more than 30 days before the departure date. This could allow you to save greatly on the overall fares. 
  • You could also take a subscription to the frequent flyer program that is offered by the airline. The frequent flyer program allows you the scope to qualify for great deals and discounts offered by the airline for its frequent flyers.

What is Citilink Airline check-in policy?

All the passengers ought to show their identification most probably through a passport. They need to present their booking number.

  • For all the domestic and international flights, the passengers ought to check-in two hours before departure with the Citilink airlines.
  • However, the check-in will close 30 mins before departure in case of a domestic flight.
  • The check-in will close 1 hour before the departure in case of an international flight. 

What is Citilink Airlines pet policy?

The Indonesian airline has come up with a policy that does not permit any pets on any of the flights that are offered by Citilink airlines. Pet travel is not permitted on Citilink airlines. For more details, you are requested to visit the official web page of Citilink Airlines. You could also connect with a customer care representative there to assist and guide you as far as your reservation is concerned.

Things you should know before flying on Citilink Airlines

  • Firstly, the passengers must get aware of the baggage allowances/policy that is offered by the airlines as this helps with saving some extra bucks as far as baggage fees and other things are concerned.
  • Secondly, the passengers must conventionally have information regarding the Citilink Airlines reservations.
  • The passengers must also go through the cancellation policy offered by the airlines that will allow them to remain flexible. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is smoking allowed in the Citilink airlines?

Smoking is not allowed on Citilink airlines and the airline is proud to call themselves a Smoke-free zone.

Q2. Is the use of electronic devices allowed on the airlines?

Usage of electronic devices during take-off and landing is not allowed on Citilink Airlines.

Q3. How to make reservations over the phone?

To make Citilink airline reservations, the passengers could connect with the customer care at Citilink airlines.


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