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Caribbean Airlines is one of the top-notch airlines and the flag carrier of Trinidad and Tobago that headquartered in Iere House in Piarco. It has a fleet size of 17 that provides its flight services to North America, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, and other countries from its main hub Piarco International Airport. Caribbean Airlines offer a wide range of traveling comforts that passengers obtain whenever they book their flight tickets. Caribbean airlines always provide an amazing feature that everyone accepts from a journey.

Features provided by Caribbean Airlines:

  • Smooth seat with extra legroom.
  • Online check-in.
  • Group booking.
  • In-flight entertainment.
  • Affordable baggage policy.
  • Special facility for kids.
  • Free Wi-Fi and charging.
  • Cheap flight booking.

Caribbean Airlines Reservations: How to book Caribbean Airlines flights?

Do you wish to book your flight ticket with Caribbean airlines? But don’t know about the process of booking, then you can go through the below Caribbean airlines flight booking steps to book your flight ticket which is very easy and simple:

  • Go to the official Airlines API through a web browser on your computer or phone.
  • Choose the kind of your trip between the one-way and round trip.
  • Enter the departure city and arrival city.
  • Select your travel date under the departure and arrival field.
  • Enter the passengers that wish to travel and then search for the flights.
  • Choose the best budget flight from the available flights.
  • Pick a payment method to book your flight ticket via credit card or debit card.

What is Caribbean Airlines Baggage Allowance?

If you are flying to your favorite destination, then you would need to know about the baggage policy which is very important to know before traveling to your domestic and international destination. You can follow Caribbean airlines baggage policy which is listed below and pack your bag according to the policy prescribed by the airline's carrier:

  • Passengers are allowed to carry one carry-on bag and one personal item such as a bag purse, briefcase or laptop bag.
  • The maximum weight should be 10 kg for each bag.
  • The maximum dimension of each bag would be 114 cm.
  • Every bag must be fitted into the overhead bin or in front of your seat.

What is Caribbean Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy?

If you want to cancel your flight ticket that you have booked recently or a few days ago, then you can smoothly make a cancellation request and also request for a refund after canceling your flight ticket. If you don’t have any idea about the Caribbean airlines cancellation policy, then you can follow the below instructions:

  • Passengers can easily cancel their flights 24 hours before the scheduled departure of flights without any charge.
  • Cancellation made after 24 hours is subjected to cancellation fees which depend on the fare type.
  • A refund request can also be submitted online on the official airline's website in a very simple manner. You can only request for a refund within a given time period prescribed by the Caribbean airlines.

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How to contact Caribbean Airlines Customer Service?

Are you really confronting any sudden problem when booking your Caribbean airlines flights? Or have any other query related to the Caribbean airlines flights? Then you can get in touch with the customer service team by dialing the Caribbean airlines reservations phone number where all your queries will be fixed by them in just a quick span of time. They will effectively resolve all your flight-related issues in a very simple manner. This number is 24/7 present and can easily access from all over the world.

Find Caribbean Airlines Phone Number: USA/UK & Canada Region

For Arrival, Departures & Reservations Sales:

United States: + 1 800 920 4225
United Kingdom: +44(0)207 644 8845/+44(0)207 572 1218
Canada: + 1 800 920 4225

For Baggage Related Service:

Miami[United States]: + 1 305 869 3795
New York[United States]: + 1 718 360 8930
Orlando[United States]: + 1 407 825 3482
London[United Kingdom]: +44 (0) 844 7019183
Toronto[Canada]: + 1 905 672 9991

For Corporate Communications: + 1 868 669 1520
For Customer Services: + 1 868 669 0336
For Disability & Special Services: 855-225-2247
For Cancellation & Refund Services: + 1 868 669 3000 Ext 2411/2415
For Flight Information: +1 800 744 2225
For Caribbean Miles Services:

USA: +1 800 920 4225
Canada: +1 800 523 5585

What is the Caribbean Airlines Flight Check-in Policy?

If you are traveling by the Caribbean Airline for the first time, then there are a few information that you need to know before boarding the flight. Before boarding the flight, you can find out the check-in policy of the airline with which you can easily check and board the flight. To find out more in details, tap below.

Check-in policy of the Caribbean Airline 

  • Before boarding any flight, you have to check-in online or at the ticket counter at the airport. With the help of check-in policies, you can easily check-in your flight. Tap below for the steps.
  • You can easily check in your flight either online or at the airport. If you want to check-in online then you have to log in using a booking number between 24 and three hours before the flight departs.
  • However, if you check in offline at the airport then you have to reach the airport early enough to go through the baggage counter and then check-in.

How do You get Cheap Flights On Caribbean Airlines?

  • While making reservations, if you know the hacks then you can find Caribbean Airlines cheap flights. To find out more, tap below.
  • Book flights as early as possible so that you can get the cheapest fares as well as desired seats.
  • Call upon the helpline number of Caribbean Airlines and find out about all the deals and discounts on the flights.
  • You can also sign up for the miles account to book flights with the reward points.
  • Try to travel during the offseason so that you can get a discount on flights.

How Do I Check Fight Status on Caribbean Airlines?

If you wish to check the Caribbean airlines flight status, then simply go to the website and tap on the manage booking section. Under the manage booking section of the flight, click on flight status, and enter your flight booking number. Now follow the rest of the steps to check the updated timing of your flight. 

What Exactly Caribbean Airlines Pet Policy

  • A Caribbean airline does not allow dogs, cats, or other animals to travel in the cabin of the aircraft.
  • Certified animals or professional animals are accepted free of charge to travel within the aircraft when you are accompanying a passenger with disabilities.
  • Caribbean Airlines consider dogs as emotional support animals. You are advised to give advance notice of the 48 hours minimum for the passengers traveling with emotional support or the psychiatric assist dogs must provide the minimum of 48-hours advance notice to the Caribbean Airlines Reservations. If the passenger didn’t provide any advance notification, then they will be required to transport the dog as a pet and certain other fees will be applied.

Learn more about the Caribbean airlines Classes and Features 

Business Class and its features

The excellent and the pleasure of Business-Class travel with Caribbean Airlines includes the following:-

  • Passenger will be given the Dedicated check-in
  • You will be offered a Business Class lounge, along with offering privacy and the best comfort
  • You will get the Priority booking and the baggage retrieval
  • There’s no better thing than any other relaxing with a pre-takeoff choice based beverage as you easily back into the seat, they will take care of their every need and give superior hospitality

Economy Class and its features 

  • Passengers will get a warm onboard atmosphere that extends to the Economy Class. Our flight attendants work round the clock dedicatedly to look after you, and help to give you a friendly welcome and sincere hospitality.

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