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The country's third-largest airline, Air India (AI) is the national flag carrier of India. Founded in 1930 as Tata Airlines, it flies to about 60 domestic destinations and 30 international destinations in about 20 countries in Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America. A member of the Star Alliance, Air India also has codeshare agreements with more than 15 other carriers. The airline's fleet of 107 aircraft includes both one-cabin (Economy Class), two-cabin (Business Class and Economy Class), and three-cabin (First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class) configurations. Business and First Class passengers also have access to the airline's Maharaja Lounge at six of its major destinations.

Air India Reservations: Book Air India Flights Online

Air India is the best airline company that comes with different offers and deals for the passengers making their travel experience better. Air India is a very prominent and recognized airline company providing different deals and offers for the passengers to travel. Passengers get different deals and offer for the Air India flight which makes it more convenient for them to travel and provide them a great experience. The Air India cheap flights & airfares make it more convenient for the passengers to book and travel. The booking process is very convenient as the passengers can go to the website of the airlines and do their work. It is also convenient for the passengers to book the flight from the flycoair where they can make the bookings by getting various deals and offers. The Air India flight: Book tickets & reservation on flycoair which makes it easier for them to make their bookings and travel to their favorite place. The booking process for the ticket on the flycoair is very easy as it requires only certain steps to be followed by them

  • Go to flycoair website
  • Enter the place where they need to travel
  • Select Air India from the given list
  • Enter the details of the passengers
  • Make the payment for the ticket
  • Get the ticket on the mobile phone and on the registered email address

Find & Compare Air India Domestic and International Flights Deal

Passengers can find cheap deals on Air India limited flights with flycoair which makes it very convenient for them to book the seats in the flight and travel to different places easily. There are different flights available for the passengers to travel to different places which makes it very convenient for them to travel and the flights are available for the passengers to travel to both the domestic as well as international places. Passengers can compare Air India's limited domestic and international flights which makes it very convenient for them to book their tickets and travel to different places easily.

How to Find Lowest Airfare Deals For Air India Booking?

The booking process for the airlines is very simple and the passengers can get even assistance from the experts if they go through any issue. On the flycoair, the Air India reservations available at lowest airfare make it very convenient for them to book their ticket and get the best deals for their travelling. The tickets can be booked easily on the website of the air India where they can get the best deals and offers for their travel and make their travel experience better.

Air India has been in the leading position for a very long time as it provides different features and options to the passengers making the travelling experience of them very easy and convenient. Passengers can look for different deals and offers available for them to book for the place where they are willing to travel. On the flycoair itself, passengers can get different deals and offers which makes it very appropriate for them to book the seat and make their travel a great experience.

Book Air India Direct or Last Minute Flight on Flycoair

It also happens sometimes that passenger makes a last-minute plan to travel and at that time it gets difficult for them to get the seat. Passengers can get the Air India direct or last minute flight on flycoair at a very convenient and cheap cost which can be easily affordable by the passengers.

What are the tips to get cheap flights on Air India

  • Flexibility with time and date- charges of the flight re very fluctuating and many times are highly dependent on time as well as day, most of the time during the holidays fares tend to get expensive also on the weekends. So, in that case, try avoiding travelling when there is peak season and especially on Sunday as well. Book your flight when less amount of people are travelling.
  • Mend your destination- Direct flight are usually more expensive so try to book a connecting flight while doing Air India reservations. It might take extra time of travel but will save you money also you will be able to explore more. And book manually rather than automatic.
  • Subscribing to the newsletter- Many times Air India airlines send vouchers or discounts through the newsletter. Newsletter is also the safest way to stay updated regarding the latest deals and discounts also many times users also receive various vouchers.

What is Air India baggage policy?

  • Checked baggage- The determined weight permitted for a single piece of baggage is 32 kgs. And the rule is applicable to the entire Air India network. Also, the sum of the 3 dimensions i.e length, breadth, and height of each piece should not be exceeding 62 inches or 158 centimeters for every bag.
  • Carry-on baggage- The Height which is permitted is 55 cms whereas Length is 35 cms and Width is 25 cms in the case of Boeing & Airbus aircraft and the Total of Dimensions 115 cms. Also note that only 01 pieces of hand baggage having a thoroughgoing weight of 8 Kg is acceptable.

What is Air India check-in policy?

  •  Check-in starts 120 minutes prior to the departure and the Check-in counters will get shut 45 minutes prior to the departure time for all classes of travel. Also, remember that the check-in counter in case of Domestic flights functioning from International Terminals will get closed in 60 minutes prior to the departure time for all classes

What are Air India classes and its facilities?

  • First-class- In the first-class passenger will get installed, highly comfortable, 180-degree recline, sleeperette, which is made sure it is disembarked at your destination just as fresh. The two-abreast seating make sure that the passenger is always sitting in the aisle seat or a window seat and never in between.
  • Business class - It is very Spacious cabins & plush seats with the Delectable entrees accompanied by wine. It also contains the exclusive check-in facility plus the Lounge facility.
  •  Economy class - Passenger will receive complimentary Refreshments as well as meals at the time of Air India booking. Passengers will also have a choice of Continental or Indian cuisine Non-veg/ Veg for all the international flights whereas in the domestic flights Pure Vegetarian refreshments/ meals. The international traveler also receives the option of wine.

What are the Air India in-flight entertainment facilities?

  • Air India is quipped with many Movies, TV shows, music, news, and more. Air India promises to add zing to your journey with the various variety of channels and diversity of programs. Also, take note that In-flight Entertainment is not available in the case of the Airbus fleet of aircraft at present.

Air India: Find all Domestic Destinations Within India

Port Blair Tirupati
Vijayawada Visakhapatnam
Dibrugarh Guwahati
Silchar Gaya
Patna Chandigarh
Raipur Delhi
Goa Ahmedabad
Jamnagar Rajkot
Surat Vadodara
Jammu Kolkata
Srinagar Udaipur
Ranchi Chennai
Belgaum Coimbatore
Bangalore Madurai
Hubli Hyderabad
Mangalore Agartala
Kannur Dehradun
Kochi Agra
Kozhikode Allahabad
Thiruvananthapuram Lucknow
Leh Varanasi
Bhopal Bagdogra
Indore Durgapur
Khajuraho Pune
Aurangabad Imphal
Mumbai Aizawl
Nagpur Dimapur
Nanded Bhubaneswar
Jodhpur Amritsar

Air India: Find all International Destinations Within USA

Chicago Los Angeles
Newark New York City
San Francisco Washington, D.C.
What is the Cancellation policy of Air India?

Many people cancel the reservation made with Air India due to any reason and need the Air India cancellation policy whose important rules are given below.

  • Any passenger who cancels the reservation within 24 hours of the booking and before 7 days of departure will obtain a full refund without paying the cancellation charges.
  • You will not obtain a refund after cancelling the ticket 48 hours before departure and you can only apply for the refund after 1 year of cancellation of the Air India booking.
  • Any booking can be cancelled only by using either a reservation center or an official website.
  • You can’t cancel a booking for the single customer if that booking is made for multiple customers.
  • Ticket purchase through any other travel agency can be cancelled only by contacting any Air India office.
What is Air India manage booking?

For ameliorating the existing reservation you are required to manage the booking of Air India by using the following process.

  • Launch the website of Air India.
  • Select Manage Booking option in the Manage Your Trip section.
  • Enter the Last Name of the user and Booking Reference or Ticket Number.
  • Enter the Manage Booking section and follow the on-screen instructions.

How can you use the manage booking?

You can make use of the manage booking section for the following features.

  • Cancel the existing booking.
  • Reebok the reservation.
  • Advance seat selection.
  • Purchase the add-on service for the flight.
What are the Facilities in the Business Class of Air India?

There are various benefits you will obtain in the Business Class of this airline which is one of the biggest travel product of Air India.

Facilities on the Airport

At the airport, the business class passenger will get these benefits.

  • Priority Check-in.
  • Priority Lounge Access.
  • Priority Baggage.
  • Priority Security Check.

Facilities in the Flight

In the flight, the passenger is going to enjoy these benefits.

  • Wider seats with extra legroom.
  • Hygienic and delicious meal.
  • In-flight entertainment (with music and LED screen).
  • Travel Amenities.
What are the Facilities in the First and Economy Class of Air India?
  • Many passengers also opt for booking a seat in the First Class of Air India which provides the highest level of comfort with the 180-degree reclining seats, quiet cabin class (due to 12 passengers capacity), comfortable seats, ethnic interiors, etc.
  • In addition to this, some passengers choose the economy class where they get complimentary meals or drink in the flight.
How Do I Get Air India Senior Citizen Discount

Is there any concession on flight tickets for senior citizens? Yes every airline has some special offer to the senior citizens of their country to oblige them. Air India is offering several benefits to senior citizens with some relaxation in the price of the flight ticket. So Passengers looking to book flight from Air India to meet their loved ones must know some basic criteria and important conditions.

Some Important Conditions

  • Passenger should have attained the age of 60 years or above to meet the eligibility criteria on the date of the starting of the journey.
  • You should carry voter ID with date of birth, Driving License, and senior citizen issued card by Air India.
  • With a whopping 50% off on the base fare ticket on the Economy class cabin.
  • Tickets will remain valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase of the ticket.
  • If in any case passenger looks to change the flight date, Flight change, with cancellation and refund, then will be no fee applicable to the passengers.
  • In case the passenger is not carrying the relevant ID/documents at the time of check-in or at the boarding gate, the passenger basic fare of the ticket will be forfeited.

Besides, above all the points, if you are seeking further assistance, you can call directly on their support number to get the immediate feedback or response for Air India senior citizen discount.

Find Air India Phone Number Informations By Country

Air India Phone Number(USA & Canada): 1- 888 634 1407
Air India Contact Number(UK): 8000 489 254
Air India Customer Service Number(Australia): 613 701 98270
Air India Contact Info(France): 331 874 06644
Air India Customer Support(Germany): 496925511337
Air India Customer Care(Singapore): 800 101 4016

Useful FAQs of Air India Regarding Online Reservations

As a passenger, if you have any doubt related to Air India’s online booking then you can check the FAQ Section of the website. Here you will find out about all the most common questions related to Air India booking. A few of them are listed below.

Ques 1. What do you mean by online flight booking?

To book flights through the online process, you can do it over the internet. All you have to do is move to the website of the airline and tap on the flight section. Also other than the online reservations, there are a lot of other services that you can access online.

  • Easy flight changing and cancellation online through the website
  • Post cancellation, you can apply for the flight refund online and keep checking the status online.
  • You can even do web check-in with the help of the online process and even reserve a seat before the flight takes Off.
  • Other than this, you can also add meals and on flight entertainment services on your bookings.

Ques 2. Which flights are available in Air India network?

If you wish to book flights in Air India, then you will get an option of choosing from several cities. Air India in almost all the major cities across India and also flies out of the country.

Ques 3. What is the online booking process?

  • To book flights online, open the website, and tap on the flight section.
  • Now on the next page, fill up the empty boxes required for the details of the passengers.
  • You can pick the city and date of journey and search for the flight by making the payment in the end.

Ques 4. Can one check the flight availability and fare without making a flight booking?

If you want to check the fare of the flight and flight list, then you have to complete the flight booking first. Without picking one flight, you can’t really find out about its fare.

Ques 5. How to find the flight schedule of Air India?

If you want to find out about Air India’s flight schedule then you can view the schedule link on the website during making reservations.

Ques 6. How to book a return flight from the different city?

A lot of passengers visit several cities and hence if you wish you can easily make a return trip from some other city than the one you flew to. And for this, you can pick multi-city options in the airline.

Ques 7. Booking seat for a child

If you wish to make a booking for a child then contact the nearest Air India office.

And hence that’s all for a few of the most asked questions by Air Indian passengers. For further doubts, kindly contact the customer care team of the airline.

Ques 8.  Can I book a flight for any other airline through Air India?

As per the rules, Air India does not follow inter airlines sales of tickets and you can book flights only for Air India.

Ques 9. Can anyone book a flight online and pay offline at the Air India office?

No, you can’t book a flight online and pay offline. You have to book and pay both through the same media.

Ques 10. For how many people can you book tickets?

You can book flight maximum for 9 people altogether including adults and kids.

Ques 11. Can someone book online and pay later?

Air India does not follow any such rule. You have to make the payment at the time of bookings only.

These are a few basic questions asked by the passengers of Air India. In case you face any further doubt related to the Air India booking, then contact the customer care team of the airline over mail or call.

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