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Founded in 1919, KLM (KL) is the oldest airline in the world operating under its original name. The airline, which operates from a hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), is the flag carrier of the Netherlands. Its subsidiaries include KLM Cityhopper (WA) and Transavia (HV). KLM flies to about 130 destinations in 69 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. A member of the SkyTeam alliance, the carrier also has codeshare agreements with 29 other airlines. KLM's fleet of 113 passenger aircraft includes both Boeing and Airbus planes. Each is typically configured with a Business Class cabin, Economy Comfort Class, and Economy Class.

Book Cheap Flights with KLM Airlines and Save More

The KLM, a royal Dutch airline is available for the passengers to provide them the best and easy offers for the flights available for different routes. The reservation process for airlines is also very easy which enables the passengers to get their seats booked online easily.

The booking process gets much easier for the passengers if it is done through Flycoair where they can get different offers and services available for different flights. Passengers can get the best deals on KLM airlines booking online from Flycoair as there the passengers will get a range of offers and flights available for different routes.

How do I reserve seats on KLM Airlines?

  • Go to the website
  • Enter the to the destination of travel
  • Enter the from the destination of travel
  • Mention the passengers traveling on the flight
  • Provide the proper details of the passengers
  • Select the option of KLM from the list
  • Make the payment for getting the booking complete

What You Can Do After Completing KLM Reservations Process

The facility and features of the airlines don’t end after the booking of the tickets only.

  • Passengers can book cheap tickets and check on KLM flight status by going on the website of the airlines which makes it very helpful and convenient for the passengers to book and travel.
  • Passengers are also allowed to carry a sufficient amount of baggage with them in the flight which makes it a very convenient option for them to travel. The bags could be stored in the cabin itself.

For any such issue or query related to the booking or any other issue with the airlines, passengers can directly call on the support number and interact with the experts to get the solution for the issue they face with the airlines.

What is KLM Check-in Policy?

Are you traveling with KLM Airlines and want to know about their check-in policy then welcome here. KLM Airlines provide few check-in options to the passengers from which they can choose anyone on the basis of their convenience. Here you will get complete knowledge about KLM check-in policy and also about their baggage allowance rules.

How to Check-in with KLM Airlines?

KLM offers a few ways to check in with them among which passengers can choose anyone based on their comfort. Further KLM Airlines check-in policy is explained through the points given below:

Online Check-in

  • KLM passengers can go for online check-in with them from their official website.
  • Online check-in with KLM starts from 30 hours before scheduled departure and ends up to 1 hour before that.
  • You have to provide your booking ID and the flight number when you go for an online check-in with KLM.

Mobile Check-in

  • KLM passengers who use their mobile app can go for check-in through the same itself.
  • KLM mobile check-in process is the same as their online check-in and the conditions are also the same.

Airport Check-in

  • KLM airport check-in is available up to 3 hours prior to scheduled flight departure and lasts until 30 minutes before the same.

What is the Baggage Policy of KLM Airlines?

KLM Airlines follows a very convenient baggage policy under which they explain all the conditions related to luggage allowance with them. Further KLM Airlines baggage policy is explained through the points listed below:

  • KLM economy class passengers traveling on inter-continental or European flights are allowed to carry one check-in bag of a maximum of 23 kg.
  • KLM business class passengers are allowed to take two check-in bags weighing a maximum of 32 each while traveling on intercontinental and European flights.
  • KLM passengers can bring musical instruments or handbags as their check-in luggage.
  • If KLM passengers carry more than free allowed luggage then they have to pay an extra fee for the same that depends on the flight you are traveling on.

KLM Economy Vs Business Class

KLM offers various types of seats in Long-haul Economy class such as comfort seats, seat selection with extra leg rooms and preferred seats, and much more. If you are booking your flight you can go for the board selection seats and choose your favorite seat for your flight within Europe or when you try to fly intercontinental.

KLM Economy class

It offers extremely comfortable seats and services as in the Economy. You can find the best seats with an increased amount of legroom and recline. So you cannot compare the Economy to a premium economy using the seats and products which are different in the class of booking. You can find the seats that are located in the first rows of the Economy. It is also implied that you are among the first passengers off the aircraft on arrival.

Economy Class Seat and its Features:

  • Find the standard legroom 79cm to 31 inches.
  • Get up to 12.5 cm recline to enjoy the flight journey.
  • Get in-seat power on most aircraft.
  • Find the free seat selection during check-in
  • Get a personal entertainment screen.
  • Seat in the front of the Economy class.

KLM Business class

It is designed by a famous Dutch designer and it will make you truly feel at home on board with us. It will offer you superb and comfortable full-flat seats to travel in the flight on 180 degrees reclinable and 207 cm in length. You can make check-in, however, it suits you best online using your mobile phone. You can sit back to enjoy your delicious meal and make your journey more comfortable forever.

Business Class Seat and its Features:

  • Offering extra baggage allowance.
  • Find free check-in and checkout seat service.
  • Get a personal entertainment screen.
  • Obtain in-seat power and so on.

Common Features in Both Economy and Business Class:

  • It offers extra legroom seats using the Economy and business class.
  • Offering additional legroom when you select additional help and perfect information.
  • Obtain selected legroom when you select a seat to book.

Find List Of Serving Destinations Across USA, UK & Canada: KLM Airlines

  • Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport: [Atlanta/United States]               
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport: [Austin/United States]  
  • Logan International Airport: [Boston/United States]
  • O'Hare International Airport: [Chicago/United States]                    
  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport: [Houston/United States]                 
  • McCarran International Airport: [Las Vegas/United States]
  • Los Angeles International Airport: [Los Angeles/United States]                   
  • Miami International Airport: [Miami/United States]
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport: [New York City/United States]
  • San Francisco International Airport: [San Francisco/United States]                            
  • Salt Lake City International Airport: [Salt Lake City/United States]
  • Washington Dulles International Airport: [Washington, D.C./United States]
  • Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport: [Minneapolis–Saint Paul/United States]
  • Aberdeen Airport: [Aberdeen/United Kingdom]                
  • George Best Belfast City Airport: [Belfast/United Kingdom]
  • Birmingham Airport: [Birmingham/United Kingdom]                       
  • Bristol Airport: [Bristol/United Kingdom]                              
  • Cardiff Airport: [Cardiff/United Kingdom]                             
  • Teesside Airport: [Durham/United Kingdom]                      
  • Edinburgh Airport: [Edinburgh/United Kingdom]                               
  • Glasgow Airport: [Glasgow/United Kingdom]                                                      
  • Leeds Bradford International Airport: [Leeds/Bradford/United Kingdom]                               
  • London City Airport: [London/United Kingdom]
  • Manchester Airport: [Manchester/United Kingdom]                        
  • Manston Airport: [Manston/United Kingdom]
  • Norwich International Airport: [Norwich/United Kingdom]
  • Calgary International Airport: [Calgary/Canada]                 
  • Edmonton International Airport: [Edmonton/Canada]
  • Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport: [Montreal/Canada]                            
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport: [Toronto/Canada]
  • Vancouver International Airport: [Vancouver/Canada]

Tips to Find Cheap KLM Airlines Flight Tickets with these Simple Tips

Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t want cheap flight tickets? And the answer is no. Everyone wishes to make their travel cheaper to reduce the travel budget.  If you are looking for cheap KLM airlines flights tickets, then you can simply get with the help of some easy and simple tips which are mentioned below:

  • Advance booking

Booking your KLM airlines flight in 3 to 4 weeks in advance can also help you to get cheap flights because airlines increase the ticket prices as your departure date come to near.

  • KLM Promotional Weeks

You can also find KLM Airlines cheap flights during the promotional weeks that you can check on the official website of KLM. It is a better idea to get affordable and best flight deals as compared to an advance booking or others.

  • Search anonymous

Always search as anonymous and delete the cookies from your browser that can help you to search for the best flights. If you don’t delete the cookies, then the price will hike every time when you search.

  • Last-minute booking

Booking your flight ticket at the last minute may also help you to find cheap flight tickets for KLM airlines very easily. Hopefully, these above-given tips may help to find KLM Airlines Cheap Flights to plenty of destinations in a very simple and instant manner. 

How to avail KLM Airlines in-flight Entertainment Facilities?

During a long journey, people often get bored on flights. And hence the airlines provide in-flight entertainment for flights that fly to long route destinations. Similarly, KLM Airlines also provide onboard entertainment service. Tap below to find out.

  • You can watch unlimited movies on the screens attached to every seat in the premium economy and other upper classes of KLM Airlines.
  • If you are into music then tune into your favorite songs and videos. You can also hear news to be updated with the current affairs.
  • You can even connect your device to the onboard Wi-Fi. KLM Airline also provides unlimited internet access for the passengers who buy we stream.

What is KLM Cancellation Policy?

Whenever there is any change in the travel plan, you have the option of easy cancellation with KLM Airlines. To cancel the booking with KLM Airlines, you need to proceed according to the rules:

  • You can cancel the booking within 24 hours of purchase to avoid the charges of cancellation.
  • If the cancellation is done after these 24 hours, a certain amount is deducted as the cancellation charges.
  • For this 24 hour cancellation, you must book your flight at least a week before the date of departure.
  • To calculate the fees, fare rules are used by the airline.

What is KLM Pet Policy?

If you wish to carry your pet along with you on the KLM flight, you must inform the airline at least 48 hours before the departure. To carry the pet, you need to follow the rules, as mentioned below:

  • You can carry a domesticated dog or pet in the business and economy classes.
  • The age of the pet must be at least 10 weeks.
  • The weight of the pet should not be more than 8 kg.
  • If you want to carry more than 3 pets, they can be carried in the cargo.

The pet must be properly vaccinated, and you need to submit the necessary documents.

What is KLM Airlines Frequent Flyer Program?

In KLM Airlines, the Flying Blue term is used to define the Frequent Flyer program. The more miles you have, the more benefits you can avail. You can spend the earned miles on anything like booking a flight, upgrading, shopping extras, etc. and all this for free. You will be offered benefits according to the miles you have with you. If you want, you can also purchase the miles.

Why you should fly with KLM?

There are several reasons to choose KLM Airlines for your next trip. A few of them are:

  • You can fly to more than 150 destinations in a direct KLM flight.
  • The airline representatives are available 24x7 on social media to answer all your queries.
  • If you have made any mistake in your name, it can be corrected without any charges.
  • With more KLM flights, you can earn more points and get more benefits.

Get in Touch with KLM Airlines Customer Service By Phone:

Are you looking for any kind of assistance on KLM? Well, find the relevant KLM airlines phone number and speak to the representative at KLM customer service.

  • If you need assistance for the KLM reservations, changes, flight information, check-in then dial +1 800-618-0104
  • Passengers can also get help from WhatsApp number +31206490787.
  • Dial +1-844-797-7723, If you need any special assistance. Just dial and place your request to the team.
  • If you are a KLM flying blue member then dial +1-800-375-8723 for assistance.
  • For baggage related queries and complaint dial +1-800-618-0104
  • You can also get help by filling the KLM customer service form, where you need to fill the required information first and last name with booking code.

Find Other Contact Information of KLM Airlines

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KLM Pet Policy


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does KLM offer premium economy seats?

Finding low-cost flight seats is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you wish to book flights at a discount then it’s definitely KLM Airlines. KLM Airlines is a low-cost airline and you can book a flight at a discount in its premium economy. Premium economy flight cabins are one seat upper than the basic economy seats. And if you want to book a premium economy in KLM Airlines then yes you can, because KLM economy seats also have a section of premium economy.

How do I choose Preferred seats on KLM Airlines?

  1. Everyone flying by air wishes to travel on his or her own chosen seats to sit with co-passengers traveling along. And if you are flying with the KLM Airlines then pick KLM preferred seats.
  2. KLM preferred seats are some special seats on a flight that are present in the front row behind economy comfort. KLM reserves such seats at some cost that has perks of the window seat and preferred entry and exit.
  3. For a more exciting and comfortable flight journey, you can reserve these seats by paying an additional cost of 30 EUROS.

How do I check in on KLM?

To check in with KLM airlines, you can use the official website and choose the “Web Check-in” option present at the top of the navigation bar. Enter the details asked and then tap on “Print Boarding Pass” and choose the path that you like to save your ticket. 

Is the KLM economy worth it?

If you are flying by the KLM airline for the first time then you should definitely book seats in the KLM economy cabin. Premium economy is one class upper than the basic economy but provides features of a business cabin and has fare quite like an economy cabin so that everyone can afford it easily. And you should definitely book flights in premium economy for the following reasons.

  1. Extra legroom under the chair so that you can stretch your legs properly
  2. Spacious seats with an armrest that can also turn into a bed for sleeping.
  3. Charging sockets near the seat and in-flight entertainment
  4. In-flight meals and welcome drinks.
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