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Allegiant originated in 1997, and it is the fourteenth leading Airline in North America. It operates scheduled and chartered flights with 125 domestic destinations and is a low-cost U.S. carrier certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Allegiant Air is known to make great travel affordable. It is also known for its extraordinary services, which make their journey pleasant and convenient. Whenever you make an Allegiant Air booking, you will be well informed, and you must know such things about the Airline with which you are going to experience a journey. 

How to book a flight with allegiant air?

However, you are well aware of Allegiant Air and how wonderful and convenient it would be to travel with it. The next thing that you should know is how you will book your Allegiant Air flight ticket:

  • Visit the official website of Allegiant Air.
  • Fill in the departure airport and the destination airport with the departure date.
  • You can book your return ticket at the same time.
  • Pay the ticket amount, and the ticket will be sent to you at your registered email address.

How do I check my reservation on Allegiant air? 

You can check your reservation on the official website of Allegiant Air by clicking on Manage Booking and then filling in the details by using the last four digits of the payment card. All the details of your reservation will be visible to you.

Where does Allegiant Air fly?

Allegiant Air flies to over 125 domestic destinations, which include Las Vegas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Lowa, Alaska, Idaho, Arizona, Alabama, Kansas, etc. It has airports in all these states, which includes all the small cities. 

Does Allegiant Air charge for online booking?

You can skip paying for the online purchase of your ticket. You will be required to pay only for the ticket, and no extra charges will be taken. 

Do you have to pay for a seat assignment on Allegiant Air?

No, Allegiant Air assigns seats at check-in time, whether online or offline, to the passengers, and you don't have to pay for the extra charges. But if you make any changes to your assigned seats and want to choose a seat for yourself, you will have to pay the extra charges. 

What day of the week is Allegiant flights cheapest?

Weekends are always expensive, whether you are shopping or watching a movie, and flight tickets are no exception. If you want to book a cheap flight ticket, then book on the cheapest days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The ticket prices will be lower on these days than on the other days.

Can you call Allegiant to book a flight?

Yes, you can choose to allegiant airlines book a flight by calling. You have to call on the toll-free number of Allegiant Airline. But purchasing a flight ticket on a call would be chargeable; you have to pay an amount of $14.99.

Do Allegiant flights get cheaper closer to the date?

No, the flight ticket of any airline rises as it gets closer to its departure date. This is the reason that people make the booking. You will get a more expensive ticket if you book it nearer the flight departure.

Does Allegiant give vouchers for delays?

Yes, The Airline provides vouchers for the delayed Allegiant air booking. So, the criteria for the same are written below: 

  • If the flight is delayed less than four hours, you will get $ 100 for future travel. 
  • If the flight is delayed for 4 to 6 hours, you will get a voucher for $ 150. 
  • Then again, if the flight is delayed for six or more hours, you will get $ 200 for future travel. 

Will Allegiant refund if prices go down?

If you find the same Allegiant air flight booking within 48 hours of booking your flight, you are guaranteed a dollar-off voucher, which will contain 100% of the difference. All you should know is that the package should be exactly similar to the one you booked with Allegiant Air; this is known as the Best Price Guarantee. So, to claim the best price guarantee, you need to call or bring it to the customer's service notice. And as soon as they check it all and the claim is valid, they will give you your dollar-off voucher for your future travel. 

The above information will enlighten you about Allegiant Airlines. It will give you detailed information on booking a flight. For more information, contact the customer services of Allegiant Airlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any option of group travel in Allegiant Air?

A single itinerary can be used for booking up to 9 passengers, whereas for more travelers, multiple reservations are required.

Can I book an Allegiant Air flight for any other person?

Yes, you need to complete all the fields of information to reserve your flight.

Does Allegiant Air offer any military discounts?

Yes, to get further details, you can browse the Allegiant Honors section on the website.

Is there any option of Travel Protection in Allegiant Air?

Yes, to protect the itinerary from any kind of change or cancellation fee, a ticket must be booked with Trip Flex.

How do I contact Allegiant Air via phone?

If you have cancel your reservations online through the Manage Travel section of www.allegiantair.com, then you can cancel or make changes to your booking by contacting Allegiant Air Phone Number (702) 505-8888

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