Cheap Flight From Missouri To california

How to get flights from Missouri to California?

Missouri is a popular destination with rapid connectivity to all the neighboring states through air travel and flights. Depending on your budget and accommodation preferences, you can easily choose from a wide variety of flights operating from Missouri to California. Moreover, you can also use the tips below to get cheap flights from Missouri to California.

  1. Use Non-Direct flights: Direct flights are always expensive than non-direct flights, so it is always best to go ahead with layover flights.

  2. Use Loyalty Points/Miles: You can use your loyalty points and miles to book your flight at the lowest price.

  3. Subscribe Emailer/newsletter: You can also subscribe to the newsletter and emailer of the airline to get the best price alerts.

  4. Speak to the reservation department: You can also speak to the reservation department of airlines to get the best deals and offers which are not available online.

Why should you choose flycoair for your Missouri to California trip?

A proven effective hack to book a cheap and best flight for your travel is to choose a platform that provides a competitive analysis of all the options for you and present it on a single online platform. To do so, I suggest a very effective online platform, flycoair. It is a popular online portal that provides all the information needed to choose cheap flights from Missouri to California. It also helps you find the best and budget-friendly accommodation in popular tourist destinations and off-track, less-traveled destinations.

Best Hotels to stay in California

Following are the best hotels that are very popular and are voted or rated best by the frequent travelers around the globe in California. These hotels are best rated online; however, you can choose a low-budget hostel or accommodation according to your preferences. These are the five best hotels in California:-

  1. Kempton shore break resort
  2. Nobu Ryokan
  3. Rancho Valencia Resort
  4. The surfrider resort
  5. The Ranch

What are the most reliable airlines for this route?

Overall, the air distance between Missouri and California is around 3000kms, and it takes around 3+ hours to travel from Missouri to California. All flights are semi-long flights, and one would consider a budget-friendly and comfortable journey through this route. Airlines that provide the best and reliable service on this route are listed below:-

  1. Alaska Airlines
  2. Delta Airlines
  3. Allegiant Airlines
  4. American Airlines
  5. United Airlines
  6. Frontier Airlines
  7. Spirit Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

The flights from Missouri to California are semi-long flights and cover over an air distance of 3000+ kilometers. A direct flight from Missouri to California can take almost 3 to 3:30 hours of air travel time.

It is a popular belief that flights on Tuesday and Wednesday are much cheaper than other busy days of the week as flights are less booked and less occupied.


Yes, some airlines fly a nonstop flight from Missouri to California. Southwest airline is one of the airlines that provide a nonstop flight from Missouri to California.

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