Why Is Flying to Colombia So Expensive? | Best Time to Visit

A number of travelers visit Colombia, and there are many customers who, before making bookings, search “is colombia expensive to visit?” They must note that, yes, flights are expensive to board for Colombia. Some of the potential reasons for the same are:
  1. Peak season selected to travel to your preferred destination in Colombia: Flight fares to Colombia are also high during peak season. That is, if any customer makes bookings for times of festivals or holidays, they will get expensive tickets. Also, flight rates are higher on weekends. 

  2. If you book your tickets at the last moment: Those travelers who delay booking flights generally get higher fares. Since seats are limited, airlines usually increase flight fares as scheduled dates arrive. 

  3. Less number of flight availability: There are certain destinations to which flight availability is very less; therefore, the rates are high.

  4. More number of travelers or travel demands: The flight fares are also elevated whenever travel demands to specific destinations increase. 

How can I save money on flights to Colombia? 

There are several ways through which travelers can save their travel costs while discovering Colombia. If you are looking for cheap flights to Colombia, then you can refer to and follow any of the following tricks and tips:
  1. Make reservations early: This is the foremost suggested trick to make your trip cost-effective. Early bookings increase the chances of getting more options at cheaper rates. As the travel date arrives, flight costs increase and availability decreases. 

  2. Search your flight in incognito mode: Travelers can use this alternative to discover cheaper flight options to Colombia. If they search for flights in a normal browser, then they might get expensive options as the mode of browsing saves search history and analyzes the booking pattern, which is eventually used by air carriers to compare and increase flight prices. On the other hand, incognito mode doesn’t save data and hence displays the same flight fare even on multiple-flight searches. 

  3. Make bookings for the off-season: Try traveling during weekdays or off-season to save flight costs. Flight fares are high during festivals, holidays, and big events. 

  4. Opt for red-eye flights or flights scheduled late at night: Usually, flights scheduled at night are available at lower fares than daytime flights. Therefore, customers can book late-night or early-morning flights to save money. 

What is the cheapest month to travel to Colombia? 

  • April, September, and October are the cheapest months to travel to Colombia. 
  • Therefore, customers who wish to make bookings at cheaper rates must select this period. This is the best time to visit Colombia. If they select any other month, they might get flights with higher fares. During the Dry season from December until March, Colombia is overcrowded, making flight fares unavailable and expensive. 

Which airlines fly direct to Colombia?

There are multiple airlines that provide direct flight options to Colombia. However, the availability depends upon the boarding point. Some airlines that provide frequent direct flight services to Colombia are:
  1. American Airlines
  2. Delta Airlines
  3. KLM
  4. Air France

What is the best city to fly into Colombia? 

Many travelers, before booking tickets to Colombia, wish to gather information regarding the best city to explore. The preference might differ according to individual likes and interests. However, some of the cities that offer the best travel experiences are:
  1. Bogota: This fun city has a lot to attract visitors. You can enjoy spending time at bars or clubs or enjoy a peaceful sunset. 

  2. Cali: Witness Afro-Colombian culture or visit churches or Museums. You cannot miss the nightlife of Cali. This capital city of Colombia always mesmerizes travelers with its enchanting views and nightlife. 

  3. Santa Marta: This charming palace has a wide range of travel activities and attractions to offer to tourists. Not only can you head to bars, hotels, and restaurants, but you can also spend time witnessing beautiful mountains or beaches. You will be delighted to witness some of the oldest colonial buildings in South America. 

  4. Pasto: This city mesmerizes visitors with its scenic attractions. You can enjoy the cool climate and enjoy discovering colonial buildings. 

How much is a plane ticket from the US to Colombia? 

One question that often crosses customers' minds about booking flights to Colombia is flight fares. If you are also digging for an answer to the same question, it must be noted that flight fare depends upon boarding point and travel class. Also, at what time do you make bookings? Clarify the exact amount. You should spend $500 for a round trip to Colombia if estimated. 


Though Colombia is expensive to visit, travelers can save flight costs by following some easy tricks and tips mentioned above. They can compare flight fares online and book tickets via their preferred air carrier. They can select any city according to their travel interests or preferences. 

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