Lufthansa Vs. Etihad Airways- Which Is Better to Fly With?

Travelling by air transport needs to be clarified nowadays. This is because a number of airlines operate over a selected route. Further, when you have narrowed down your search to Lufthansa vs Etihad but are getting ahead to recognize the superior one, In this case, you get to examine your requirements because preferred ones are those that act as per your needs. Moreover, you can develop an idea for doing that by going through these topics. 

Points to consider while choosing Lufthansa or Etihad Airways

1. Reviews and ratings

An aspect of identifying better air transport between the two is to check their reviews and ratings. Further, you can get a hold of those by going to the SkyTrax website. So, if you are looking for a suitable one between Lufthansa and Etihad, this parameter could not be sufficient because they stand in the same position by holding four-star ratings. 

2. Inflight services

A comfortable traveling experience from the airline can be achieved by securing better inflight services. So, you can get hot beverages, meals, and instant coffee with inflight entertainment on Lufthansa. Further, over Etihad, you can also administer healthy and fresh meals, snacks, special meals for children, and a comfortable space with a screen attached to the front seat. 

3. Upgrade 

A more comfortable option after making a reservation is using its upgraded facilities. Further, there might be different criteria for Lufthansa and Etihad, but you can enjoy these benefits when matching them to that. In Lufthansa, you can seek an upgrade with a fixed price and place a bid, along with use miles, and this can be secured over long, short, and medium-haul flights. Moreover, in Etihad, an upgrade request could be placed using the guest miles, bidding, and instant airport requests. 

4. Add-on services

The extra services offered by Etihad and Lufthansa aid in determining a better one. So, the facilities you can have while traveling with the Lufthansa are to reserve additional bags, add neighbor-free seats, Pre-order delicacies, sleeper rows, medical help, and so on. However, at Etihad, you can administer complimentary snacks, wifi, special packages for children, medical assistance, etc. 

5. Seat

One of the important ingredients for having a pleasant journey from Etihad and Lufthansa is knowing the seats' features. So, at the Etihad, you can get a seat with characteristics like extra legroom, head with footrest, neighbor-free, in-power seats, and many more. Moreover, at Lufthansa, you can get up to 40 cm of seat width and other features such as an adjustable headrest, adequate legroom, etc.

Which is the most safer, Etihad or Lufthansa? 

Flying with safety is one of the important components, which is why responsibility lies in the hands of aviation for maintaining those standards. However, every airline is positioned accordingly. So, picking a travel partner between “Etihad and Lufthansa” could be trouble-free by identifying the safest one. 

Skytrax rating

Skytrax provides rates and reviews to the world's airlines. Further, these include all the on-ground and inflight assessments. So, with the help of this benchmark, you can find a suitable travel partner between Etihad and Lufthansa. However, according to them, both Etihad and Lufthansa have four-star ratings. As per these scenarios, they stand equally. 

Alliance and partner airline

An associate or allay could also state the standard of the carrier. Further, there are three major alliances in the airlines: Star Alliance, Sky Team, and Oneworld, but code share air transport numerous. So, if you compare “Lufthansa or Etihad,” then a positive indicator could tilted towards Lufthansa because they are the partner of Star Alliance, but Etihad is a member of none. But “Ethihad” has a codeshare flight with major airlines such as American Airlines, Air France, ANA, Air Canada, etc.

IOSA Programme

One of the major elements through which you can procure information about airline safety is the IOSA Programme. The global trade group, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), runs this. So, getting certification from this is mandatory, including IATA. Further, Lufthansa also has this proof, but Etihad regularly holds the highest safety standard with zero faults. So, if you compare it with this program, Etihad could outstand Lufthansa.

Lufthansa vs Etihad Business Class 

Travelling in the business cabin of Lufthansa or Etihad could be a way to acquire privilege throughout the transaction. However, the services you can administer amongst Lufthansa vs Etihad business class could be different, which can be identified from the bottom. 
  1. Lufthansa:- You can administer comfort and privacy while travelling with the Lufthansa business class. In addition to that, you can find it over short, medium, and long-haul flights. Hence, the services you can gain here include lounges, priority boarding, gourmet meals, and many more. 

  2. Etihad:- A trip could be highlighted over a business class of airways. There, you can get a private cabin with full-flat seats. Besides this, the facilities that can be rendered from here are amenities, dine-in, entertainment, wifi, and so on.

Lufthansa vs Etihad inflight entertainment 

Escape from the monotonous journey of travelling by air transport could be possible by using the benefits of inflight entertainment. So, you can read out underneath titles when you are looking to compare Lufthansa and Etihad and find a better one.
  • Lufthansa:- An onboard entertainment over Lufthansa is reading e-journals and watching TV programs, movies, services, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. 
  • Etihad:- The Etihad inflight entertainment differs because of their in-demand e-box. There, you can find hours of movies, series, videos, and songs, along with the screen attached to the back of the front seat. 

Lufthansa vs Etihad Baggage Handlings

A luggage allowance on both airlines, Lufthansa and Ethihad, could be different so that their handling criteria. Further, you can identify those facts by going through the following points.
  • Lufthansa:- While taking bags, you may get stuck into a condition of delay, damage, or lost bags. If you get involved in any of those conditions, you can report, which can be handled in 21 days. 
  • Etihad:- A case of bags-related issues on the Etihad can be resolved over online and online methods. Further, the time that can be taken forth could be 48 hours to 20 business days.
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