When is the Best Time(Week/Day) to Book a Hotel Room?

Finding a hotel can be stressful at times, but what can be more difficult is finding the best time to book one. Besides, it is also unavoidable to find a hotel that offers all kinds of basic amenities, safety, and everything that is on your essential list. However, guests usually prefer to find the best timings for making their hotel reservations to get cheaper fares and better services. If you are also looking for some helpful tips to find the right timing to book hotels for you, then here’s what you should know.

When is the best time (days) to book a Hotel

So if you are looking for hotel rooms at a cheaper rate, then you should book before 3 to 4 weeks. Talking about days then obviously it is understood that booking hotel rooms on weekends (Sunday-Saturday) will cost you more, so try to book between Monday to Friday.

Find Best Hotel Room: Top Hacks

  • First Select Your Location
  • Look Out For Holiday Pricing
  • Best Time To Book Hotels


First Select Your Location

Begin with searching for the best hotel rooms in your desired location. Then, narrow the search list to hotels that offer all kinds of basic and premium services.

Look Out For Holiday Pricing

Once you have made your hotel room selections, it is time to find the Holiday Pricing of these hotels. In other words, Holiday Pricing is something when hotels increase their prices for popular holidays. Hence, it is important to stick your eyes to such price hikes. Additional tip: You can plan to book your hotel rooms right before or after the holidays are over. 

Also, many hotels increase their room fares for the weekends, however, you can either make your bookings within a month before the weekend or if your schedule is flexible enough to allow you making check-in within 24-48 hours which is also one of the best time to book a hotel room. This will also help you in grabbing great deals and offers on your bookings. 

Best Time To Book Hotels 

Booking a hotel between 3-4 weeks before your planned vacation date is among the best times. It helps you to monitor pricing trends and compare then ensure getting the right price. 

Moreover, it is also suggested to keep tracking multiple hotels and trends as that'll help you to determine the best time to book a hotel room and deals. Moreover, you can also consult with the hotel experts for the best deals & offers.

Do hotel prices go down closer to the date?

If you are all set for your next trip and want to book hotels then maybe you should not wait for the eleventh hour. Generally, it is a thumb rule that the prices of hotels tend to rise up as the check-in date comes closer and closer. But this thumb rule is highly tentative. It depends completely on the airline your taking aid of or the travel agency. Though experts state something contrary –

  • According to them, the price of hotels goes up as the check-in dates come closer,
  • And also the prices go up as they charge you extra for booking at the last moment.

How far in advance do hotels release rooms?

A trend that is generally traced out is that hotels allow you to book a room a month before your scheduled trip. But there are some other hotels that also allows you to book with them around 350 days before your planned trip. But the general rule that you need to keep a point of is that –

  • Most of the hotels will not allow you to book with them 21 days prior to your trip.
  • Always try to book at least 2 months before as you will get handsome discounts.

Best time to book a hotel in Europe

If wondering “Best time to book a hotel in Europe”, because soon you will be traveling or maybe a month later, then following are the points you need to remember –

  • It is generally seen that most European hotels will give you a discount if you book at least 45 days before your planned trip.
  • If you make your hotel reservations and you end up booking your tickets a week or two ago then you will be charged extra for your booking.
  • If you are in no such hurry and you are willing to get a cheap hotel then you can also hunt around once you reach Europe. You will surely find a cheap hotel or dorm.

Is it better to book a hotel in advance or last minute?

If you are traveling after a long time to some holiday destination and wondering how “How far in advance to book hotel?”, then here is what you need to know –

  • Do not and never wait until the last minute to book a hotel for your trip. By this time almost all the rooms are been booked and or getting your reservations, you might have to pay a very handsome amount.
  • Also by booking and planning early, you can get some pretty good discounts on your booking prices.

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