Is it Cheaper to Book Hotels Online, Walk-in, or in Person?

Is it cheaper to book hotels online, walk-in, or in person?

Yes and No! Well, it depends on your choice of where you make a reservation. Not clear? Let's make it simple. When you choose online booking over at the hotel, you need to make sure you use the best online portal that offers low-cost reservations.

In this digital world, it is much easier to make a booking online as compared to in person. There are various of reasons to support my answer. Even o the day of stay you can get a very hotel at a very cheap rate without hassle. Read the below guidelines to know about this

  • Consumer is the priority- Due to cut-throat competition in the online world, online hotel offer rooms at a very low price plus customer also has all the information on their fingertips. Plus hotels also have to compete with each other in terms of quality as well as price.
  • Online reviews are important-  For the hotel, it is very crucial to have good reviews to attract more customers. Plus many people book hotels according to the review provided by other fellow travelers. So to maintain a nice score and review hotel provides many facilities.
  • Online travelers get more discount- There are any sites which help the traveller to get the discount or coupon code. So make sure to apply that before checking into any hotel. Some hotels also provide more discounts if you leave a nice review for them online. It is also advised to search for the same hotel in 2-3 places so that you get the different price range and book where you are getting the cheapest price.

Booking Hotels Online or Walk-In? Best Ways to Book

So the fact is that, If you book a hotel room online directly by the brand, there may be a slight fare difference in comparison to walk-in guest booking, because you can get a chance to apply some offers on online hotel booking. But yes few hotels also provide the benefits of Walk-in hotel booking. So it totally depends on the hotel brands that how they are full filling the customers demand.

Important things to Keep in mind

  • Avoid booking in advance for 3 months- Most of the hotel keep the price higher before 3 months similar to the airline. The principle is the same is that they know that clients who book really early are not too price-conscious, so it is always considered better to book it until they know they have so many rooms left to deliver discounts.
  • Search the official site for chain hotels- Online travel agents almost always offer the best offers for accommodations and individual hotels, but the big chains such as Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons, and so on have kept the good prices on their own websites, particularly over the last few years. It makes sense for hotels to save the fee so they book the passenger with the help of direct bookings, close to what airlines so most of the times. Also, it is worth mentioning that hotel chains are a bit expensive as compared to small hotels.

In a nutshell, you should opt for a reliable hotel reservation website. Also, don't miss their reviews and feedback from customers; better services always get a better response. So, make a phone call and book your hotels instantly without much of a stretch.

Do you get a better room if you book direct with the hotel?

Confused whether to book your preferred hotel rooms through OTAs or directly from the hotel. Well, this is quite common among travelers. However, there is indeed a bright side of booking your hotel rooms directly from the hotel website. Here’s why. 

Why Book Hotel Room Directly from the Hotel Website?

Better Use Of Loyalty Program Points

Many OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) or 3rd party websites do not qualify for certain hotels’ loyalty program points. Hence, you might not be able to use them for booking your preferred hotel rooms and save some good bucks. 

More Benefits Of Free Wi-Fi & Amenities

Many hotels offer their free Wi-Fi services, complimentary services, bars, lounges, and other several perks for as long as you stay in their rooms. On the contrary, there might be higher chances that you won’t be able to enjoy these amenities unless you pay some good money along with your booking amount.

Flexibility On Room Preferences

Since OTAs are usually exhausted mostly with preferred bookings and room types, you might not fetch your hotel room itinerary as per your desire. That's why you can opt for the hotel’s official website to get more direct info on the empty rooms and who knows that you might get lucky with your preferences. 

Most Importantly – Customer Service

In the event, if anything goes south during your trip/stay, you’ll get direct customer service guidance on your queries/issues. Why? Because hotels give utmost priority to reservations made directly through them, and they won’t charge for their assistance. However, that might not be the case with various OTAs where you might be asked to pay the hotel-OTA liaison fee.

These were all the information about the online booking, if still there is any issue about Online hotel booking, then contact the particular hotel reservations team, they will help you provide all the information and details in a very simple and easy manner. Travelers can even reach out via Email address.

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