What to Do if a Hotel Cancels your Booking

What You Can Do if Hotels Cancel your Confirmed Reservation

Many times it has been noticed that the hotel sometimes cancels the booking of a room due to unavailable space; overbook their rooms or when they are unable to fulfill the conditions of the travelers. Cancellation of the hotel booking usually depends upon the terms and conditions of the hotel you are staying with. Here find your rights that you can use in case the hotel cancels your reservation.

Learn all the Rights in case hotels cancel your Booking

These are the basic rights that you must know in case hotels cancel your reservation to prevent any loss of the amount you spend.

Ask them to arrange alternate accommodation 

If the hotel knows the problem in advance, you can be protected by arranging alternate rooms at some other hotel at the same price. You can ask them to provide a taxi fare or request them to arrange a taxi for you to the next hotel.

Seek compensation

In case the cancellation is made by the hotel, you have the right to ask them to compensate or reimbursement of the full amount for your hotel reservations so that you can make the next booking for the accommodation.

Get a refund to the same account

In case your reservation of hotel does not get confirmed, you will not be charge anything on your card and the hotel will release the whole amount if any that was held on it immediately. The process may take 2 to 4 weeks to process the refund.

If you are looking for further assistance, you can call directly to their support number to get an immediate answer or feedback. Generally, you can discuss all these things with the manager to get a clear picture of the guidelines or policies or the hidden charges to the existing booking.

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