KLM Travel Voucher Rules & Request- How to Redeem?

After making your reservation with KLM, and if your trip didn't go as planned, then the Airline provides you with a refund in the form of a KLM voucher. If you have a refundable flight, you will get a refund; but the Airline will not provide a refund for non-refundable flights. Instead, you will get a Voucher, which you can utilize while booking your next scheduled flight with KLM.
To update yourself about the terms and conditions of the KLM voucher, look at the points cited beneath and gain the information regarding your flight vouchers provided to you by the Airline, and then utilize them accordingly, as no agent employee or representative of KLM has the permission to change or alter any of these given terms and conditions.
  • You will get the same refundable amount in your respective bank account as stated on the Voucher, as the refundable vouchers are valid for a direct refund. 
  • You can not make in-flight purchases with the vouchers, whether your Voucher is refundable or non-refundable.
  • The owner can only use the vouchers, or the Voucher can be redeemed if you are traveling with the actual voucher owner.
  • The Voucher can not be traded or sold as it is not endorsable.
  • If the Airline issues these vouchers, KLM will only be considered to perform as an Airline agent.

Terms and conditions for non-refundable vouchers

When you agree to receive a non-refundable voucher from KLM to get a piece of knowledge about them, please go through the terms and conditions below and read them out thoroughly to understand the process. You can also speak with the Airline customer support regarding your non-refundable voucher queries.
  • The non-refundable vouchers can be used to purchase a KLM flight ticket, but they are useful for 1 year from the issue date, which means the passenger has only one year to use their Voucher for a new flight.
  • You can use your non-refundable vouchers towards the pre-purchases of services offered on KLM-operated and marketed flights.
  • The total value of the unused tickets, including taxes, can be issued through non-refundable vouchers.
  • The non-refundable Voucher will be issued in the passenger's name as on the ticket; even if the passengers are booked on the same reservation as others, each passenger will get a voucher in their respective name.
  • Only the passenger is liable for their vouchers; if the Voucher has been used by anyone other than the passenger, then KLM is not responsible.

How do I use my KLM voucher?

You can use your KLM voucher while making your flight reservation as Airline provides you with the KLM voucher redeem process. You can apply for the Voucher through the website of the Airline, as it is the most convenient process through which you can learn the method help of. You can proceed with this process cited below, follow the noted steps and lead with the mode.
  • Open the official website of KLM Airlines.
  • Select the option of a one-way/ multi-city flight, as per your preference.
  • Type your departure and arrival destination in the space.
  • Mention the date for your flight departure and arrival.
  • Pen down the number of passengers traveling.
  • And fill up all the other required details.
  • Then you will see the payment section.
  • Click on the apply voucher option.
  • Use your Voucher provided by the Airline.
  • Then later, you will receive a confirmation message for your flight in your respective email.

How do I check my KLM voucher?

The Airline provides you with the Voucher; according to your flight status; there are two types of vouchers where one is refundable and the other is non-refundable; you know about your Voucher you can check on the website or the mobile application, and then you can use it for booking your next scheduled flight, follow the steps as mentioned below to understand the method through which you can check your KLM vouchers.
  • Open the official website of KLM or the mobile application.
  • Sign in to your account and proceed.
  • Click on the account option.
  • Tap on the "my voucher/ coupon option.
  • Then go to check my Voucher and wait.
  • Then you locate all the details about your vouchers.
  • The expiry date and the benefits will be noted.

Can a KLM voucher be used for Delta?

Yes, KLM's non-refundable voucher can be used for its codshare airlines like delta airlines, air france or virgin Atlantic.  

How long are KLM vouchers valid for?

You can opt for the voucher at KLM if you are flying to your dream destination. These vouchers will reduce the price of your flight ticket. However, the  KLM Voucher is valid for one year from the issuing date. When you switch to the payment portal, the coupon is applied during the booking procedure. During payment, you must put the voucher inside the voucher section, which will automatically give a discount. Then, you can quickly grab a convenient flight ticket. 

What airlines can I use KLM vouchers on?

You can use KLM vouchers on KLM, Delta, Air France, or Virgin Atlantic. These are some airlines on which you can have convenient flight tickets by applying for vouchers. It will be flexible for you to grab a flight according to your budget. 

Can I use Delta vouchers on KLM? 

Yes, of course. You can use Delta Vouchers on KLM and receive the best-rated flights. Vouchers are available for frequent fliers who have canceled their flights and claimed a refund. The airline will process your refund, and then the authority will provide the money back to you at the registered details associated with your vouchers. 

Can I use an Air France voucher on KLM? 

Yes, an Air France voucher on KLM is used to book flights on KLM. The voucher is nonrefundable and nontransferable. You can contact the KLM customer service team at the toll-free number 1 (800) 618-0104 for voucher information. 

What airlines accept KLM Vouchers?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, a renowned carrier, offers vouchers as a flexible and convenient way to manage travel expenses. KLM voucher is typically specific to KLM and its partner airlines within the SkyTeam alliance. While you cannot use them for all airlines, you can redeem them for KLM flights, flights operated by SkyTeam partners like Delta Airlines, Air France, or Virgin Atlantic, and services offered by KLM.

What can KLM Voucher be used For?

KLM vouchers are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes related to air travel, including:

  • Flight Bookings: You can use your KLM voucher to purchase flight tickets operated by KLM or SkyTeam partners.
  • Seat Upgrades: Vouchers can be applied to upgrade your seat to a higher class of service for added comfort.
  • Extra Baggage: If a passenger needs to bring additional baggage, KLM vouchers can cover the cost of excess luggage.

How to get a refund for KLM Voucher?

Obtaining a refund for a KLM voucher depends on the terms and conditions associated with the voucher. If your voucher is refundable, you may be eligible for a refund under certain circumstances, such as if your flight was canceled or significantly delayed. To request a refund for your KLM voucher, follow these steps:

  • Contact KLM's customer service or visit their website for instructions on the refund process.
  • Provide the required information, including your booking details and voucher information.
  • KLM will review your request and process the refund accordingly.
  • It's important to note that non-refundable vouchers are often given as compensation or goodwill gestures.

How do I exchange my KLM voucher for cash?

Exchanging KLM vouchers for cash can be more challenging. Typically, airlines issue vouchers to provide a credit that can be used for future travel or related services. Converting them to cash is usually not an option directly through the airline. However, you may explore alternative options:

  • Reselling: Some third-party platforms or individuals may be willing to buy your KLM voucher at a discounted rate, effectively providing you with cash in exchange. Be cautious when using this method and ensure the transaction is safe and legitimate.
  • Travel Agencies: Some travel agencies may offer services to help you convert your voucher into a more usable form, such as travel packages or prepaid cards.

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