KLM Seat Selection | How do I choose My Flight?

If a passenger has a reservation on a KLM flight and wants to choose a seat, they should check out the imposed policies on it. Below are the KLM seat selection policy listed:
  • Passengers are allowed to choose their preferred seat on their KLM flight till the boarding time. 
  • The seat will be assigned to the passengers as per the availability.
  • Standard seat selection on a KLM flight is free of charge.
  • One must pay the additional charges at KLM to reserve a preferred seat. 
  • You cannot choose some seats on KLM flights assigned for emergency purposes.
  • Random seats will be assigned on KLM flights if a passenger skips the seat selection before printing their boarding pass.

How much does KLM Charge for Seat Selection? 

Choosing a standard seat on a KLM flight does not cost you extra, but if you like to reserve an extra comfortable seat for your flight journey, KLM will charge you around 21 USD. You can assign an advanced seat by paying the KLM seat selection fee. 

How to Choose seats on KLM? 

You can choose a seat on KLM while booking your flight ticket. If you have made your booking then would like to get a seat of your choice, then you can adhere to the given instructions of the seat selection process:
  • Head to the KLM website on your desktop or phone,
  • Select the “My Trip” slide on the homepage,
  • Put the booking code and last name of the KLM flight,
  • Click the Search button and obtain your booking details on the screen,
  • Now select the option of “Seat Selection” provided on the page,
  • A seat map will pop up on the page,
  • Choose a seat on the map you prefer,
  • Pay the charges if you have selected a comfortable seat on your KLM flight,
  • Then the seat you choose will be assigned to you at KLM.

KLM seat Types 

KLM has different seating types available on their flight, which are listed down below: 
  • Standard Seats
  • Economy Comfort
  • Seat with extra legroom
  • Preferred Seat

Final Words

If you want to fly on a seat of your choice and are concerned about your comfort, take advantage of the KLM seat selection. Above, you will find the policies required for selecting a seat, the online procedure, and the seat types available on KLM flights. Choose which seat will be more comfortable for you and check out the cost mentioned earlier. Grab all the information and fly to your destination with the comfort of your preferable seating on the KLM flight.

When can I choose my seat at KLM? 

You can choose a seat while booking your flight tickets online, with the help of the “My Trip” option after booking and at the time of online check-in or Kiosk check-in at KLM. 

Are KLM economy comfort seats worth it? 

Yes, KLM economy comfort seats are worth your money as they provide the seat with extra legroom and long recliners. Passengers with long hauls should opt for comfortable seats at the time of seat selection so they can relax on their long journey.
If you have a short haul with a KLM flight, you can skip the comfort seats, go for the standard seat on your KLM flight, and save yourself from paying extra charges. 

What is the preferred seating on KLM?

The preferred seats on KLM are the seats that are just behind the Economy Comfort seats. The whole first row is designated as the preferred seating, and these seats are closer to the exit gates. You should keep in mind that the preferred seat does not provide extra leg rooms or long recliners. These seats are only preferable when a passenger likes a quick arrival or exit. So choose your KLM seat as per your suitability.
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