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How to change reservation date on southwest airlines

Change Flight Date Easily and at Minimum Price with Southwest Airlines

Sometimes many situations take place when you book your flights and due to some important reasons you would not able to attend your flight. In these conditions, you have an option of changing the date of your booked flights which are provided by lots of airlines carrier including the Southwest airlines. But there are many passengers who didn’t have any idea about these things.

How to Change Flight Date on Southwest Airlines?

Have you made your reservation on Southwest Airlines recently? But you are not able to board to your flight due to some important work? Then you can simply change your flight date on Southwest airlines. But you can only do that according to the Southwest airlines date change policy which is necessary to follow by everyone.

Steps to Change Flight Date on Southwest:

  • Go to the official Southwest Airlines website and then click on Manage booking section.
  • Type your booking number and last name into the given field.
  • Click on the Continue tab.
  • Choose a flight for that, you wish to change the date and then follow the on-screen instructions to change your flight date.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Flight Date on Southwest?

Flight date change always depends on your fare type or route as per the flight availability. Sometimes Southwest doesn’t charge for a flight date change but in some manner, you have to pay Southwest airlines change date fee as per the airline's rules and restrictions which are given below:

  • Southwest airlines charge $50 to $100 for the domestic flight's date change.
  • For the international flights date change, $150 to $200 is charged that also vary as per your ticket type.

In case you have any other queries related to flight date change or fee, then contact the customer service team of Southwest airlines and avail the instant help on flight change and its related queries.

Change Reservation Date on Southwest Airlines: Date Change

If you want to change reservation on Southwest Airlines then go to page.

Here you have to enter your reservation info. 3 fields to be entered are Confirmation Number, Passenger First Name and Passenger Last Name. After that click “Continue”. Follow the instruction and change your reservation.    

How to Cancel a Ticket on Southwest Airlines?

You can cancel your ticket on Southwest Airlines. Follow the below steps:

  • On the home page, you see “Flights” menu. Under this, you see “Manage Reservation” submenu. You have to click this.
  • You will see the “Cancel Reservation”.
  • Cancel Air Reservation page allows you to retrieve a Southwest Airlines Reservations prior to canceling it. Not that you cannot cancel tickets online if you purchased a ticket through Southwest vacations, Southwest Groups, and Southwest counters.
  • Enter your reservation info. Three fields are here: Confirmation number, Passengers first name and passenger last name. After entering these you need to click “Continue”. Follow the instruction to cancel your Southwest ticket online.

Get More Info on... Southwest Cancellation Policy

How to Get a Refund on Southwest Ticket?

Unused, fully refundable tickets, that do not carry restrictions, may be applied toward future travel or refunded within one year from the date of issue.

No show policy:

If you are not going to travel on any portion of your Itinerary then you can cancel or change your reservation minimum 10 minutes before scheduled departure. In case of canceling under No show policy 10 minutes before all funds from the “No Show” reservation will be forfeited and may not be used or applied toward future ticket purchases.

International Travel:

In this case, No show policy will not apply to an itinerary that includes international flights. If you do not make your flight, the amount of your original purchase will be refunded to you in the form of reusable travel funds. 

Lost tickets:

In case you lose your ticket or a portion of it you will be required to buy another ticket at appropriate fare. There is no refund for lost tickets.

Get Connected with Southwest Airlines Customer Service Number

Please call Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number  1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-888-286-3422) if you require assistance with Southwest Airlines.

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