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How to Change Flight on Westjet Airlines

All about WestJet Airlines:

Westjet Airlines, a Canadian Airline was founded in 1996. With its start as a low-cost alternative to the country, it then started competing with the major airlines. Scheduled and chartered air services are being provided by these airlines to 100+ destinations in the United States, Central America, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Clive Beddoe, the founder and a team of like-minded partners believe that just because you paid less for your flight, does not mean you should get less.

Armed with this philosophy, three aircraft, five destinations, and 220 friendly westjetters – our journey has begun. It helped us to become a company of more than 12000 passionate westjetters, flying our fleet of Boeing 737 next-generation aircraft to at least 100 destinations across our network.

The untiring efforts towards the responsible rise regard as our impact on the environment, to the people we reach and to the communities where we fly on the daily basis. It is actually growing its network from coast to coast.

What is the flight change policy of Westjet Airlines?

The question that arises in my mind is what to do if I want to change my flight of Westjet Airline. So, if you are worried about Westjet Airlines flight change, you don’t have to worry as this task is not so hectic. Airlines, nowadays just offer customer flexibility by making the flight change process simple and easy. According to the website of Westjet, your flights can be changed up to two hours before your flight time. You just have to gather the current flight information which can easily be found on your itinerary and also on your credit. Then decide the destination, time and the day you would like to change your flight to. The next step is calling the Sales Super Centre at (888) WESTJET. You have to just elucidate the customer service representative about changing your Westjet flight and demand to get scheduled your new flight with your preferred destination, time and day. You also have to provide the information on your credit card to the customer service representative in case you need to pay an additional amount. If you are making a request of your flight change within 24 hours of the time you originally booked your flight, then no extra amount will be charged. Otherwise, a fee of $50 plus tax per person will be charged as Westjet flight change fee. You need to pay the price difference if your new flight is higher priced than your original one.

On which number we have to call to change the Westjet flight?

Now that you have decided to change the flight as it is not suiting you, so you have to contact at a particular number for assistance. We would recommend you to make a request of your flight change within 24 hours of the time you originally booked your flight as making a request later will charge a fee of $50 plus tax per person. Also, you will not be able to change your trips online. You only have to contact us at 1-888-WESTJET (1-888-937-8538) for any aid as this is the Westjet airlines phone number, on the condition that your booking was purchased with cash or Westjet dollars

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