Westjet Flight Cancellation and Refund Policy

Get the Information about WestJet Airlines flight cancellation and refund policy?    

Are you aware about the flight cancellation policy defined by WestJet Airlines as well as the refund rules they provide for it? Yes, it is quite possible for passengers to cancel a booking with WestJet Airlines in certain conditions when they cannot travel as per the plan. WestJet Airlines gives the permission to cancel a booked flight in an emergency and the passenger also gets back a refund for the amount they have already paid for it. Therefore, you can collect the right information about the WestJet cancellation policy and the refund policy as well as pre-determined by the airline by going through the data given below.

Know the cancellation policy of WestJet Airlines?

As mentioned that WestJet Airlines allows the passenger to cancel a booking in an emergency according to a pre-determined set of rules. Hence, the details for WestJet cancellation policy are precisely explained below:

  • According to the WestJet cancellation policy, a passenger is permitted to cancel a flight up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure
  • Moreover, when a WestJet passenger cancels a flight within 24 hours of buying then no extra fee is applicable unless the scheduled departure is less than 7 days
  • On the other hand, when a WestJet passenger cancels a flight after crossing the 24-hour time limit then a certain amount of extra fee is applicable as penalty even if the scheduled departure is 7 days later
  • The cancellation fee charged by WestJet Airlines according to the policy is $135 plus taxes

Know the refund policy of WestJet Airlines?

Moreover, WestJet Airlines has also defined the rules for receiving back a refund after canceling a flight in an emergency. Therefore, if you are willing to understand the WestJet Refund Policy, kindly read the points enlisted below:

  • According to the refund policy of WestJet, all the passengers are eligible to get a refund after canceling a flight in emergency
  • WestJet passengers require to submit a refund request as soon as they cancel a flight
  • Moreover, as per the refund rules of WestJet, a passenger is eligible to get a refund for a canceled flight in original payment mode
  • On the other hand, when a passenger cancels a WestJet flight in the same day of scheduled departure then a refund is credited by the airline in their travel bank

So the most adequate details about the cancellation policy of WestJet Airlines as well as the refund policy they have maintained are defined above. Apart from this, when a WestJet passenger requires additional support they can directly contact the customer service center of the airline to get assisted by a live agent available there.

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