Southwest Flight Change: Name Change Fees & Other Info

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy Guide

Southwest Airlines is one of the world’s largest air carriers and this is also one of the largest low fare carriers. Southwest Airlines is a US-based airline company and the airline is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Southwest Airlines Company was established in 1967 and since its establishment, this airline company has grown quite big. Today Southwest Airlines has more than 3900 departures every day in the peak season. You can also book a flight ticket to your favorite travel destination easily. You can book it online through the website or the mobile app of the airline.

No Matter Which Way You Book: Just Understand the Flight Change Policy

No matter which way you book you should always read about the flight change policy of the airline before you book your flight. There is always the advantage of booking directly from the airline especially when there is a case of making changes in your flight detail like name, adding passenger, date and so on. If you booked without reading the Southwest Flight Change Policy then, later on, you may be highly disappointed when you have to actually make a change.

How to Change Flight on Southwest Airlines: Change Your Flight

So, how to change a flight on Southwest airlines? Well, if you have booked your flight ticket with Southwest and now you want to change your flight for some reason then, in that case, you can go to change reservation page change flight on the official website of Southwest Airline.

  • On the website, you can enter the required information as you will be asked there in the fields with different labels as Confirmation, First Name, and Last Name and after that, you can click on the Continue button.
  • Now you can follow further on the screen as you can see with instruction to change or cancel a Southwest flight ticket.
  • In case you have booked your flight ticket from a travel agent on an online booking agent then you can call him and ask to change or cancel your flight ticket.

Southwest No Change Fee Policy

How Much Does It Cost To Change a Flight On Southwest Airlines 

Ever wondered how much you’ll have to pay while changing your Southwest flight? Well, NOTHING! Yes, that’s right; Southwest Airlines does not charge you with even a single penny on its flight cancellation or flight change. However, you might have to pay for the fare difference if the price of your next flight is higher than the previous one but you won’t be payable for the change flight fee.

Why so? Well, the airline already is known for its low-cost carrier services and in some ways, the airlines manage to ensure that passengers do not have to face any inconvenience while cancelling or changing flight reservations.

Furthermore, there are various other questions that arise in the minds of passengers before or after they book flight reservations with Southwest Airlines. Hence, have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions or FAQs regarding no change fees on Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Name and Date Change Policy Guide

How to Change the Ticket Name on Southwest Airlines

passenger will usually charge a change fee which involves, and these fees may range from the modest to ridiculous. But some airline does not allow any name change, even if you are carrying a document like a marriage certificate. Passenger are required to obtain doc which matches the name on the  flight ticket for the southwest same day change

  • First, move to the official website of southwest airlines. 
  • Choose manage booking.
  • Now type the booking confirmation number and the last name of the passenger.
  • Following, you bring all the booking details back on the screen.
  • Modify it by changing the name.
  • Once the modifications are complete, you will get a confirmation mail of the changes made.

How much does it cost to change the name on Southwest ticket

  • Southwest Airlines allows one number of free corrections in the name change, so if you are looking to change the name just contact the live representative of the airline to give you a quick answer.
  • Generally, the cost to change or cancel a flight depends upon the airline's policy, which varies with the airline or it usually depends on the route.

How to change the ticket date on the Southwest flight

  • First, you are required to head to the“ My trips”.
  • Following the above, click on the southwest account.
  • Share the reference number of booking
  • Give the last name of the traveling passenger.
  • Now you become able to find your booking
  • Now change the date of the flight.
  • Complete changes and receive a mail.

Southwest Same day change and standby policy

  • If the passenger wants to fly standby, then you can raise the request for it at the airport ticket counter. Or in case if the passenger has already checked in, then they can ask it at the gate.
  • Southwest will not charge any fees, so instead of flying standby, passengers can try to change their Southwest ticket to some other flight with a fixed seat on the aircraft.
  • If you have any queries then you can contact the team via phone at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792 and get in touch with the Southwest customer service agent.

Southwest Flight Changes between Fare Classes

  • If you have made any changes between fare classes, there are few exceptions to keep in mind. For example, if you originally made the reservation refundable Anytime Fare and are converted to the Business Select fare, the original dollar amount paid for the Anytime Fare will be then easily reusable travel funds and the difference in fare will also be refundable if any additional changes or cancellations are made in near future.
  • If the passenger need to choose or change the itinerary on the day of travel, note that passenger will have to pay the applicable departure taxes as well as fees linked with the new international itinerary without any hassle.

Southwest Irregular Operations and Changes

  • If in case the international flight itinerary has been impacted by a situation and that will be beyond the Southwest’s control (weather, etc), then the passenger can easily change the travel date/time at no additional cost, but for that passenger will have to contact Customer Service through the phone in order to do so.
  • Also keep in mind that in case calls from the U.S., contact Customer Service at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) easily, they will try to provide you all the solution immediately.

How late can I change my Southwest flight?

Southwest Airlines allows the passengers to make changes to their pre-booked flight upto 10 minutes before the actual scheduled departure. So, if there is a last minute change in your travel plan and you have a booking with Southwest Airlines, then you can simply make changes to your flight without any difficulty.

Why won't Southwest let me change my flight?

If you have booked a roundtrip with Southwest Airlines and you wish to change just one leg of the trip, then it will be a bit difficult for you to do that. So if you wish to make changes to your round trip booking with Southwest Airlines, then you need to contact the customer service of Southwest Airlines or cancel the whole itinerary and book your flight again with Southwest Airlines.

How many times can you change Southwest flight?

Southwest Airlines allows you to change your flight with them as many times you want to and that too without paying any change fee for your flight change. You just need to make the payment of the fare difference, if you are going for an expensive option for a change with Southwest Airlines. So, there is no limit on number of times you make a change to your Southwest flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Southwest Airlines charge anything on changing its flights?

No, Southwest Airlines do not charge anything on its flight change.

2. For what amount will be passengers are payable when changing flights on Southwest?

Passengers will have to only pay the fare difference while they change their Southwest Airlines flight.

3. How change fee is different from fare difference on Southwest Airlines?

In simple terms, the fare difference will be referred to as the difference in the amount between your original flight ticket and the next flight. Whereas, the change fee means the penalty amount that you will have to pay to change your flight ticket.

Moreover, the Southwest no change fee policy is also applicable on international flights. Contact customer service to get more information on the same.

4. What are the charges of other airlines in terms of flight change fees?

Some of the major airlines charge $150 approximately. It varies on the basis of the ticket you purchase.

5. What are the changes fees for Southwest operated international flights?

  • If you want to change an itinerary which includes Southwest operated international flights then you need to follow the process which will be similar to the domestic flight change process. but in this case, no change fees would be applied.
  • If you booked a refundable ticket and looking to change it to Southwest business select fare, then you will get the refundable amount if any extra changes are made in the future.
  • The same thing applies(as given in 2nd point) if you purchased a business select ticket.

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