Which is the best American Airlines or Alaska Airlines?

American Airlines is the largest and busiest airline in the world. It is one of the foremost airlines known for providing the best services to passengers. With its partner and affiliated airlines, it flies to more than 350 destinations and 45 countries, with at least 6,800 daily flights, including domestic and international flights. American Airlines was founded on 15 April 1926 and commenced on 25 June 1936. The airline introduced the AAdvantage program for frequent flyers to make passengers' journeys more suitable. Contact the customer service representative when booking a flight ticket if you need help. The executives are very dedicated to providing the best support. 
Alaska Airlines is one of North America's largest and fifth most significant airlines. With its religion and affiliated airlines, it flies to more than 100 destinations. The airline was founded on 14 April 1932 and commenced on 6 June 1944. It is an ideal choice for those looking for an affordable airline because, when booking, it provides the best deals and offers to the passengers. For the frequent flyer, they introduced a program called Mileage Plan. Considering passenger safety, the airline continuously checks and services its aircraft. 

On what basis can we compare American Airlines and Alaska Airlines?

When a traveler plans a trip, they first look for an airline that will provide all the facilities at a reasonable price. If you are confused about American Airlines vs. Alaska Airlines, renowned airlines offer outstanding service to their passengers, making their travelling experience more unique. In that situation, you can make a reservation with any airline by looking at what amenities they provide, flight fares, ratings, classes, and more. To make it easy, we have mentioned some details about Alaska Airlines and American Airlines in the read below.

American Airlines:

  • Travel Classes: American Airlines provides three travel classes: Economy, First, and Premium Economy Class. In these classes, you will get different services and amenities. The seats are also different; you can select the class depending on your requirements. 

  • Economy Class: In economy class, the size of the seats is 16.2–18.1 inches wide and 31–32 inches of pitch. A small screen lets you enjoy your favourite shows in front of the seat. While making the reservation in Economy Class, you can add the services.

  • Business Class: The seats are recliners in business class, and you will get extra legroom space. These seats can be turned into beds. You will get welcome drinks while boarding the flight. 

  • Premium Economy Class: In Premium Economy Class, you will receive a welcome kit containing vegan products suitable for all skin types. You can also choose a meal. A separate HD screen will let you enjoy your favourite web shows and movies. The seats are 18.5–19 inches wide and can be turned into beds. You will also get a pillow and bedsheet for a peaceful sleep, which is best for the long-haul journey.

  • AAdvantage Program: This program is for frequent flyers or passengers who are premium members of American Airlines. It offers numerous benefits, including miles points, additional services, coupons, priority boarding or check-in, and more. 

Alaska Airlines:

  • Travel Classes:  Alaska Airlines offers Economy, First, and Premium Economy Class classes. Each class provides numerous different services. To get the proper information, read the paragraph below.
  • Economy Class: The seats are approximately 17 inches wide and 31 to 32 inches of pitch. You can buy food on the flight and also get complimentary snacks and beverages. The airline allows you to carry a full-size carry-on bag for free.
  • Business Class: You will get extra legroom in the Alaska Airlines business class. In business class, you will get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Before boarding the flight, the passenger can also access the lounge service. 
  • Premium Economy Class: In this class, you will get a welcome drink along with complimentary snacks, a special amenity kit, bedsheets, pillows, and in-flight entertainment, in which you can watch shows, web series, and movies. You will also get Wi-Fi service. 
  • Mileage Plan: This program is perfect for you if you are an Alaska Airlines frequent flyer. You can earn miles, which can be used to get numerous services for free. As part of the Mileage Plan, you will get priority boarding, check-in, and an additional baggage allowance. 


  1. American Airlines: American Airlines is one of the most reliable airlines in the world. It rarely happens when a flight is canceled or delayed. According to the survey, 1.68 per cent of flights are cancelled, and 0.87 per cent are delayed. They also never mishandled the luggage of the passenger. The airline's uncompromising commitment to the passenger's safety makes it the safest airline to travel to. 

  2. Alaska Airlines: Alaska Airlines maintains a record of on-time flights. According to the record, the cancellation percentage is 1.56, and the percentage of delayed flights is 0.97. Alaska Airlines is a dedicated and steadfast travel option for those desiring a cost-effective, safe flying venture.

Baggage Fees:

  • ​​​​​​​American Airlines: The baggage fees in American Airlines depend upon the class in which you have made a reservation. However, passengers can carry one extra bag for free in premium economy and business class. Economy class students must pay at least 20 to 30 dollars for additional luggage. 

  • Alaska Airlines: According to Alaska Airlines baggage allowance guidelines, passengers can carry one additional bag in economy class. They must pay approximately 25 to 35 dollars if they need to add extra luggage. 


The main concern while travelling is which airline will be best for the journey: American Airlines or Alaska Airlines. You can compare both the airlines by reading the paragraph noted above. Both the airlines are the best in their own ways. You will be served with the most satisfactory service on the journey. You can also reach out to the airline's customer service agent to seek guidance for the issues. Both the airlines are the safest airlines to travel, and you will also get great offers and deals on the booking. American Airlines and Alaska Airlines are well-known airlines. Before making the reservation, you can compare these airlines for booking.

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