Which Airlines allow pregnant woman to fly?

Pregnancy tends to be a beautiful phase of your life, where you tend to have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Travel never stops even when you are pregnant, prevailing the restrictions that may be set by specific airlines. Almost all airlines allow you to fly with them even when pregnant. They try to make the journey to be seamless for you. Thus, if you would like to know airlines that allow pregnant women to fly; the listicle for the same is given here, along with the policy for pregnant lady travel about them. Read on to get an idea of the same and decide which would be the best airline to fly. 

List of airlines that allow you to fly when pregnant:

Many airlines allow you to fly with them even during pregnancy when you follow through with the policies that have been underlined with them. 

1. American Airlines:

  • American Airlines has given the provision to the travellers to make the flight journey with them, but for the same, they need to adhere to the requirements specified:

  • American Airlines allows you to fly up to 7 days before the traveller's expected delivery date, given that you do not have any major health complications. 

  • If the due date is within four weeks of the scheduled flight, the airline requires that you submit a doctor's certificate validating that you are fit to fly after a recent examination. 

  • The airline will not allow you to fly with them for all domestic flights with a duration of 5 hours, given that the due date is within 7 days of the flight. 

  • If you need to travel on domestic flights within the last seven days, your doctor must complete the passenger medical form deeming you fit to fly. The special assistance coordinator's approval is also needed in this scenario. 

2. Air France:

There are certain policies to be governed under Air France travel during pregnancy, which are given here in detail for you to look over:
  • Air France does not require you to provide a doctor's certification for your travel with the airline during your pregnancy. 

  • The airline recommends that you do not travel with them from 37 weeks of pregnancy until 7 days after childbirth. 

  • Air France doesn't restrict you from travelling during your entire pregnancy until and unless there has been a serious health complication that prevents you from travelling on the flight. 

3. British Airways:

British Airways is quite travel-friendly when you want to travel during pregnancy. The pointers for the same are:
  • British Airways does not allow you to fly with them by the end of the 36th week of your pregnancy if you are due with one baby. 

  • The airlines prohibit pregnant women with more than one baby from traveling with them after the 32nd week of pregnancy. 

  • A confirmation letter from the doctor or midwife needs to be obtained so that boarding will be allowed for you. The letter should contain details of the pregnancy, the expected due date, and information on specific complications, if any.

4. Delta Airlines:

The various information outlined as part of the Delta Airlines pregnancy policy is laid out here for you to refer to:
  • Delta Airlines allows you to fly with them during your entire pregnancy with no restrictions.

  • The airline does not require that you submit a letter from the doctor stating that you are fit to fly with the airline as per its norms. 

  • After 31 weeks of pregnancy, it would be advisable to check in with your doctor and get approval for travel so that you are not restricted from travelling. 

5. Air China:

As part of the travel plans you make with Air China,  it is best to stick to the policy for travel during pregnancy that is given here to check through:
  • The airline doesn't allow you to travel once your 35th week of pregnancy is completed due to the higher risks associated with taking the flight. 

  • Air China prohibits you from travelling in case the date of delivery is within four weeks or in case there have been pregnancy complications that you are suffering from. Even in conditions of complicated pregnancy you are prohibited from the travel. 

  • In case there is a situation of multiple pregnancies, the airline doesn't allow the pregnant traveller to fly when the date of delivery is approaching, as it can be life-threatening for both the mother and the baby onboard. 

6. Emirates:

Emirates, counted among one of the top premier airlines to fly, always has given the flexibility to fly with them during pregnancy. There are some particulars for the same as stated:

  • In the case of a single pregnancy, Emirates does not allow you to travel once the 37th week of pregnancy starts. Even to travel during the 36th week of pregnancy, medical certification is required for validation and safe boarding on the flight. 
  • Under conditions that there are multiple pregnancies, the airline prohibits you from traveling after the 33rd week of pregnancy. Also, a medical letter from your authorised doctor needs to be submitted in case of pregnancy between the 29th week and 32 weeks, which deems you fit to fly. 

  • In case of complicated pregnancies, you need to apply for medical clearance with the submission of the medical information form.It needs to be submitted within 48 hours before the flight's scheduled departure. 

  • The medical certificate submitted in case of single or multiple pregnancy needs to have the details of the pregnancy, the approximate date of delivery, fitness condition, no additional health complication and a valid reason allowing you from not flying. 

Concluding statement:

Now, as per the descriptive details provided here, you will better understand the best airlines to fly while pregnant. Accordingly, find a suitable airline, book, and have a memorable travel experience during pregnancy. 

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