Air New Zealand Cancellation Policy

What are the Flight Cancellation and Refund Policies of Air New Zealand

New Zealand has always been one of the favorite destinations for people traveling. And in recent years, there has been an increase in the people visiting this beautiful country. For traveling, a lot of people prefer booking flights in Air New Zealand. And if you also have to cancel your flight then with the help of the Air New Zealand cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight. For more information, tap below.

Flight Cancellation Policy of Air New Zealand  

  • If you cancel your flight of Air New Zealand within 24 hours of booking then you won’t have to pay any fare.
  • For all the cancellations made after 24 hours will be subjected to charges depending upon the type of care
  • In case of flight canceled by the airline because of weather or default, you might be readjusted to some other flight.

Flight Cancellation Fee of Air New Zealand

  • Air New Zealand allows cancellation of flights free of cost for the first 24 hours.
  • Once this time period expires then the charges will depend on how soon you cancel flights and which type of flight ticket is it.

Air New Zealand Refund Policy Info

After canceling your flight, the first thing that you should do is to apply for the refund. You can refund your flight ticket online or by calling on the reservation helpline number. But there is an Air New Zealand refund policy that you can follow for cancelling the flight.

  • For the 24 hours cancellation policy, the airline will refund its entire flight cost without any deduction.
  • Similarly, if your flight gets canceled by the airline, you will either be refunded the unused flight fare or shifted to another flight.
  • In case of missing the flight, the airline will not be accountable for any kind of refund on having failed to inform the airline.

And that’s how your flight could be canceled without any difficulty and at the same time you can even apply for a refund. And if you have any doubt then reach out to the customer service team.

Air New Zealand Economy and Premium Economy Cancellation: Terms & Conditions

Air New Zealand has always known to provide the best services to its passengers. With the sudden change in plans, the passengers have to apply for the cancelation of the ticket. Still, they should be aware of the cancelation policy that differ for economy and premium economy class.

Let us see the Air New Zealand economy cancellation policy first. You can go through the below pointers to get an understanding of it. The customer care executives will also help you out in this.

Cancellation Policy of Economy Class:

  • The passengers will get a refundable less USD 300 cancellation fee per child and adult. The airline will fully refund the fares of infants.
  • The fare will not be refundable once travel has commenced. The passenger can use this as credit towards another Air New Zealand that will have an equal or higher value.
  • For no show, the ticket's value is forfeited that you cannot use towards future travel.

Cancellation Policy of Premium Economy Class:

  • For cancelation of the ticket, the passengers will be charged $300 for adults and children. They will not be charged for infants.
  • The airline will not refund the amount of the ticket. It may be used for future travel.
  • If there is no-show from the passengers' side, they will be charged $150.

One thing is the same for both the categories and that is the passengers can cancel the ticket for free within 24 hours of booking and if they have made the booking at least seven days. We hope that you will now be aware of the Air New Zealand premium economy cancellation policy. For more support, you can easily contact the customer support.

What is the Air New Zealand name change policy?

As defined in the policies, Air New Zealand does not offer any provision of the name change. However, it is suggested that if one wishes to opt for Air New Zealand name correction, they need to cancel the complete booking and rebook their flight ticket with updated info. Besides, for more information regarding the same, one can reach out to the airline directly.

What is the flight date change policy of Air New Zealand?

As change is inevitable, if one needs to modify their booked reservations, they are offered with the provision to change the date of their booked flight ticket. Further, as per the fare rules, here is the date change policy of Air New Zealand.

  • As per this policy, the passenger is charged with USD $150 fee per adult and child. However, infant reservations can be changed for free.
  • Also, an additional payment of the fare difference is required to be made.
  • Moreover, the flight change fee is waived off if the flight ticket is changed to a premium economy, business premier fares.
  • The service charges might apply.
  • Further, the changed flight ticket cannot be transferred.

How does Flexi fare works?

A Flexi fare is an option offered by Air New Zealand that offers flexibility to the customers to make unlimited changes to the booked reservation. However, before opting for this service, the passenger needs to keep the Air New Zealand Flexi date rules in mind that include:

  • These fares may be changed for other Air New Zealand domestic fares before and after the scheduled departure by reaching out to the airline.
  • However, the additional payment will be applied when the reservation is changed via contact center or at the airport, then a service fee of NZD $30 will be applied per person and one-way journey.
  • When a higher-priced reservation needs to be purchased then, the passenger is required to pay the fare difference.
  • Further, no service fee will apply if the flight changes at the airport on the actual day of departure or when changed to an earlier or later flight.

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