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EasyJet Flight Compensation and Reimbursement Rules:

Get Detailed Info about EasyJet Airlines Compensation Policy

EasyJet being a low-cost airline, facilitates its passengers with all the services at reasonable fares. Along with low-fares, many other facilities are also offered to the passengers. One such facility is compensation, in which you can claim compensation for any kind of delay, cancellation, etc. For the convenience of passengers, the airline has introduced the compensation policy, and all the compensations are processed according to this policy only.

What is EasyJet Flight compensation?

If you have booked a flight ticket with EasyJet and due to some technical reason, you were unable to complete your journey, then the airline will compensate you for the same. The EasyJet compensations will only be offered if you were unable to board due to airline issues. If you got late or didn't board the flight, the airline will not provide compensation in that situation. You can get the updated status of the flights through flight tracker. 

Different Types of Compensation in EasyJet Airlines

You can claim compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled, or you were not allowed to board, as it is from the airlines' end. The common reasons for delay and cancellation are weather, a technical issue. Few reasons such as traffic restrictions or any other uncontrollable reasons are not entitled to compensation. There are different types of EasyJet compensations offered by the airlines to facilitate their passengers:

  • Delayed flight- If your flight is delayed due to some technical issues or the airline is involved in the delay, you can claim compensation.
  • Flight cancelled- If the flight got cancelled due to airline issues, you can claim compensation but if it was due to some unforeseen conditions, there will be no compensation.
  • Denied boarding- In case, the airline denied you boarding, you can claim compensation for the missed flight.
  • Voluntarily offloaded- If you have voluntarily unboarded the flight, even then you can claim compensation.

Know About the Compensations

Here are the details about the different kinds of EasyJet compensations:

  • Cancelled flight- In case your flight got cancelled, you will either be offered another flight for free or you can have the travel voucher, which can be redeemed later.
  • Delayed flight- The cabin crew will offer you vouchers for refreshments if the delay is more than 2 hours and the journey is up to 1500km.
  • Diverted flights- If your flight is diverted, the airline will assist you for the next available flight. If the airline is unable to arrange, they will reimburse you.

Amount of EasyJet Reimbursement

The amount of EasyJet reimbursement claim varies according to the different types of compensations. There is no predefined amount which is compensated for delays and compensation but it is according to the fare rules of the airline. The total reimbursement may vary according to the type of ticket purchased and the total distance of the flight.

How to Fill the Compensation Form?

If you wish to claim the compensation, you need to to fill out the EasyJet compensation claim form, which requires the following info:

  • Details of delayed, cancelled or denied boarding.
  • Contact details of the claimant
  • Details of payment
  • Details of passengers
  • Final confirmation.

This is all about the compensation in EasyJet airlines. If you want to have further info, you can contact the representatives of the airline. The contact details to reach them is easily available on EasyJet airlines.

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